December 4, 2017

Today we have many interesting articles,  Marangoni A. evaluates  antifungal properties of Spirulina platensis against  Candida species; J. de Gunzburg  reports on gut microbiome  protection from antibiotics; E. Uhlig writes about removal of Escherichia coli from “ready‐to‐eat” salads .. while in my personal non microbiological pics you can read the study from A.Carter about women’s visibility in academic seminars. Apparently women ask fewer questions than men. Enjoy your winter read.

Events and jobs

Microbiology Professor, College of the Sequoias, San Jose

Postdoctoral Fellow, EMBL,Hinxton, United Kingdom

General microbiome

Review: Multidrug resistant (or antimicrobial-resistant) pathogens – alternatives to new antibiotics? – Anne-Sophie Brunel – Swiss Medical Weekly

Petri dish versus Winogradsky column: a longue durée perspective on purity and diversity in microbiology, 1880s-1980s – Grote M – History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences

Pregnancy and early life

32-week premature rupture of membranes caused by oropharyngeal microbiota – Alberto Hidalgo-Chicharro – Microbiology Society

Bacteriological and Immunological Profiling of Meconium and Fecal Samples from Preterm Infants: A Two-Year Follow-Up Study – Marta Gómez – Nutrients

Human respiratory microbiome

IL-17 and TNF-α Are Key Mediators of Moraxella catarrhalis Triggered Exacerbation of Allergic Airway Inflammation – Safa Alnahas – Frontiers in Immunology

Oral microbiome

Gingivitis and plaque prevention using three commercially available dentifrices: A comparative clinical and microbiological randomized control parallel study – Ramprasad Reddy – International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation

Human vaginal microbiome

In vitro activity of Spirulina platensis water extract against different Candida species isolated from vulvo-vaginal candidiasis cases – Antonella Marangoni – PLOS One

Characterization of a New Ezakiella Isolated From the Human Vagina: Genome Sequence and Description of Ezakiella Massiliensis Sp. Nov – K Diop – Current Microbiology

Newly Isolated Lactobacilli Strains From Algerian Human Vaginal Microbiota: Lactobacillus Fermentum Strains Relevant Probiotic’s Candidates – Liza Ouarabi – Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins

Human nearly-sterile sites

A comprehensive analysis of breast cancer microbiota and host gene expression – Kevin J. Thompson – PLOS One

Human gut microbiome

Aging Gut Microbiota at the Cross-Road between Nutrition, Physical Frailty, and Sarcopenia: Is There a Gut–Muscle Axis? – Andrea Ticinesi – Nutrients

Adipose Tissue Metabolism and Cancer Progression: Novel Insights from Gut Microbiota? – Benedicte F. Jordan – Current Pathobiology Reports

Protection of the human gut microbiome from antibiotics – Jean de Gunzburg – The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Gut microbiota and colorectal cancer: insights into pathogenesis for novel therapeutic strategies – Yongbo Kang – Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie

Genomic Analysis of a Pathogenic Bacterium, Paeniclostridium sordellii CBA7122 Containing the Highest Number of rRNA Operons, Isolated from a Human Stool Sample – Joon Yong Kim – Frontiers in Pharmacology

Cellular senescence in gastrointestinal diseases: from pathogenesis to therapeutics – Frey N – Nature Reviews Gastroenterology

Gut Symbiont Bacteroides fragilis Secretes a Eukaryotic-Like Ubiquitin Protein That Mediates Intraspecies Antagonism – Chatzidaki-Livanis M – mBio

Reduction in Gut Microbial Diversity as a Mechanism of Action of Exclusive Enteral Nutrition – Kaakoush NO – The American Journal of Gastroenterology

Adipose Tissue Metabolism and Cancer Progression: Novel Insights from Gut Microbiota? – Jordan BF – Current Pathobiology Reports

Review: A review of metabolic potential of human gut microbiome in human nutrition – Yadav M – Archives of Microbiology

Animal experiments 

Colonization with Escherichia coli EC 25 protects neonatal rats from necrotizing enterocolitis – Debi M. Thomas – PLOS One

Animal microbiome

Bamboo Specialists From Two Mammalian Orders (Primates, Carnivora) Share a High Number of Low-Abundance Gut Microbe – EA McKenney – Microbial Ecology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Organic Amendments in a Long-Term Field Trial-Consequences for the Bulk Soil Bacterial Community as Revealed by Network Analysis – CAO Schmid – Microbial Ecology

Distinctive Soil Archaeal Communities in Different Variants of Tropical Equatorial Forest – D Kerfahi – Microbial Ecology

Water and extremophile microbiome 

Comparative Analyses of Methanogenic and Methanotrophic Communities Between Two Different Water Regimes in Controlled Wetlands on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, China – Hongpeng Cui – Current Microbiology

Built environment

Microbial Insight into a Pilot-Scale Enhanced Two-Stage High-Solid Anaerobic Digestion System Treating Waste Activated Sludge – Jing Wu – International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Food microbiology

Effects of household washing on bacterial load and removal of Escherichia coli from lettuce and “ready-to-eat” salads – Elisabeth Uhlig – Food Science & Nutrition

Organic food and the impact on human health – Hurtado-Barroso S – Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Probiotics / prebiotics

Probiotics Ingestion Does Not Directly Affect Thyroid Hormonal Parameters in Hypothyroid Patients on Levothyroxine Treatment – Giorgia Spaggiari – Frontiers in Endocronology

Characterization of probiotic potential of Bacillus species isolated from a traditional brine pickle – Ragul K – Journal of Food Science and Technology



Microbiome Datasets Are Compositional: And This Is Not Optional – Gregory B. Gloor – Frontiers in Microbiology

A meta-proteomics approach to study the interspecies interactions affecting microbial biofilm development in a model community – Herschend J – Scientific Reports

A 16S rRNA gene sequencing and analysis protocol for the Illumina MiniSeq platform – Monica Pichler – bioRxiv


Exploration of Microbial Communities Using the Thermo Scientific Varioskan LUX Multimode Reader and the Invitrogen EVOS FL Cell Imaging System – Anna Hiltunen – BioTechniques

Application of hierarchical oligonucleotide primer extension (HOPE) to assess relative abundances of ammonia- and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria – Giantommaso Scarascia – BMC Microbiology

Microbes in the news

Microorganisms on your scalp, ears and elbows can be turned into music

Microbes on the market

With $1M in funding, Phase Genomics looks to crack genetic codes and discover unknown bacteria

Tina’s non microbiological pics

Women’s visibility in academic seminars: women ask fewer questions than men



December 2, 2017

Events and jobs
PhD Student – Developing and validating a computational model of the gut microbiota–mucosa interactions to replace and reduce animal experiments – Birmingham, UK

Assistant/Associate Professor, Microbiology and Immunology – SUNY Upstate Medical University – Syracuse, NY

Microbiology Manager – Cranleigh Scientific – Kent, England

Adjunct Anatomy and Physiology and Microbiology Instructor – City College – Altamonte Springs, FL

Program Manager – Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Assistant Professor, Statistics and Microbiology – The University of Manitoba – Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Human respiratory microbiome
Making It Last: Storage Time and Temperature Have Differential Impacts on Metabolite Profiles of Airway Samples from Cystic Fibrosis Patients – Stephen Wandro – MSystems

Human skin microbiome
Effects of cosmetics on the skin microbiome of facial cheeks with different hydration levels. – Silvia Esmeralda Pérez-Topete – Microbiology Open

Propionibacterium acnes induces autophagy in keratinocytes: involvement of multiple mechanisms. – Klára Megyeri – The Journal Of Investigative Dermatology

Human oral microbiome
A comparative study of the oral microbiome compositions of healthy postmenopausal, premenopausal, and prepubertal Nigerian females, using 16s rrna metagenomics methods. – K C Anukam – Nigerian Journal Of Clinical Practice

Oral Microbiome Composition Reflects Prospective Risk for Esophageal Cancers – Brandilyn A. Peters – Cancer Research

Microbial colonization of the periodontal pocket and its significance for periodontal therapy. – Andrea Mombelli – Periodontology 2000

Review: Resilience of the Oral Microbiota in Health: Mechanisms That Prevent Dysbiosis. – B T Rosier – Journal Of Dental Research

Human gut microbiome
Specific substrate-driven changes in human faecal microbiota composition contrast with functional redundancy in short-chain fatty acid production. – Nicole Reichardt – The Isme Journal

A novel Ruminococcus gnavus clade enriched in inflammatory bowel disease patients – Andrew Brantley Hall – Genome Medicine

Characteristics of Fecal Microbiota in Pediatric Crohn’s Disease and Their Dynamic Changes During Infliximab Therapy. – Yizhong Wang – Journal Of Crohn’S & Colitis

Antibiotic Resistome in a large-scale healthy human gut microbiota deciphered by metagenomic and network analyses. – Jie Feng – Environmental Microbiology

Involvement of shared mucosal-associated microbiota in the duodenum and rectum in diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome. – Gangping Li – Journal Of Gastroenterology And Hepatology

Review: Are the decrease in circulating anti-α1,3-Gal IgG and the lower content of galactosyl transferase A1 in the microbiota of patients with multiple sclerosis a novel environmental risk factor for the disease? – Emmanuel Montassier – Molecular Immunology

Review: Combined therapies to treat complex diseases: The role of the gut microbiota in multiple sclerosis. – Laura Calvo-Barreiro – Autoimmunity Reviews

Review: Computational profiling of the gut–brain axis: microflora dysbiosis insights to neurological disorders – Nikolas Dovrolis – Briefings in Bioinformatics

Animal experiments
IL-17 is a protection effector against the adherent-invasive Escherichia coli in murine colitis. – Hai-Jia Zhang – Molecular Immunology

Changes in gut microbiota during development of compulsive checking and locomotor sensitization induced by chronic treatment with the dopamine agonist quinpirole. – Tony D Jung – Behavioural Pharmacology

Potential Impact of Metabolic and Gut Microbial Response to Pregnancy and Lactation in Lean and Diet-Induced Obese Rats on Offspring Obesity Risk. – Heather A Paul – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Clostridium butyricum exerts a neuroprotective effect in a mouse model of traumatic brain injury via the gut-brain axis. – H Li – Neurogastroenterology And Motility : The Official Journal Of The European Gastrointestinal Motility Society

Impacts of diarrhea on the immune system, intestinal environment, and expression of PGRPs in New Zealand rabbits – Yang Chen – PeerJ

Animal microbiome
Multi-level comparisons of cloacal, skin, feather and nest-associated microbiota suggest considerable influence of horizontal acquisition on the microbiota assembly of sympatric woodlarks and skylarks. – H Pieter J van Veelen – Microbiome

Microbiota and environmental stress: how pollution affects microbial communities in Manila clams – M. Milan – Aquatic Toxicology

Production and biotechnological potentialities of extracellular polymeric substances from sponge-associated Antarctic bacteria – Consolazione Caruso – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Review: Wild gut microbiota protect from disease. – Francesca S Gazzaniga – Cell Research

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
Symbionts protect aphids from parasitic wasps by attenuating herbivore-induced plant volatiles. – Enric Frago – Nature Communications

Microbial decomposition is highly sensitive to leaf litter emersion in a permanent temperate stream. – Juanita Mora-Gómez – The Science Of The Total Environment

Influence of fertilizers and rice cultivation methods on the abundance and diversity of phyllosphere microbiome. – Shobit Thapa – Journal Of Basic Microbiology

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the guts of insects feeding on plants: prospects for discovering plant-derived antibiotics. – Katarzyna Ignasiak – Bmc Microbiology

Bacterial endosymbionts influence host sexuality and reveal reproductive genes of early divergent fungi – Stephen J. Mondo – Nature Communications

Organic amendments shift the phosphorus-correlated microbial co-occurrence pattern in the peanut rhizosphere network during long-term fertilization regimes – Yan Chen – Applied Soil Ecology

The interactive effects of arbuscular mycorrhiza and plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria synergistically enhance host plant defences against pathogens – Alejandro Pérez-de-Luque – Scientific Reports

The impact of post-fire salvage logging on microbial nitrogen cyclers in Mediterranean forest soil – Lily Pereg – Science of the Total Environment

Review: Yeast population of the Kindo Peninsula lichens – A. V. Kachalkin – Microbiology

Review: Bacterial Endophyte Colonization and Distribution within Plants – Shyam L. Kandel – Microorganisms

Review: Emerging Microbial Biocontrol Strategies for Plant Pathogens – Sharifah Farhana Syed Ab Rahman – Plant Science

Water and extremophile microbiome
Microbial life on a sand grain: from bulk sediment to single grains. – David Probandt – The Isme Journal

Tracking active groundwater microbes with D2 O labeling to understand their ecosystem function. – Martin Taubert – Environmental Microbiology

Variability of the composition of the microbial community of the deep subsurface thermal aquifer in Western Siberia – V. V. Kadnikov – Microbiology

Cyanobacterial community structure in hot water springs of Indian North-Western Himalayas: A morphological, molecular and ecological approach – Yadvinder Singh – Algal Research

Built environment
Polar solar panels: Arctic and Antarctic microbiomes display similar taxonomic profiles. – Kristie Tanner – Environmental Microbiology Reports

Microorganisms of low-temperature heavy oil reservoirs (Russia) and their possible application for enhanced oil recovery – T. N. Nazina – Microbiology

Food microbiology
Review: Cereal fiber, fruit fiber, and type 2 diabetes: Explaining the paradox. – Karen M Davison – Journal Of Diabetes And Its Complications

Probiotics / prebiotics
Exploring the Impact of Food on the Gut Ecosystem Based on the Combination of Machine Learning and Network Visualization. – Hideaki Shima – Nutrients

Translational Development of Microbiome-Based Therapeutics: Kinetics of E. coli Nissle and Engineered Strains in Humans and Nonhuman Primates. – Caroline Kurtz – Clinical And Translational Science

Phages and viruses
Distribution and Inferred Evolutionary Characteristics of a Chimeric ssDNA Virus Associated with Intertidal Marine Isopods – Kalia S. I. Bistolas – Viruses

Microbial Ecology
Recipient-Biased Competition for an Intracellularly Generated Cross-Fed Nutrient Is Required for Coexistence of Microbial Mutualists – Alexandra L. McCully – mBio

Review: Cell-cell recognition and social networking in bacteria. – Vera Troselj – Environmental Microbiology

Functional sequencing read annotation for high precision microbiome analysis. – Chengsheng Zhu – Nucleic Acids Research

Reader reaction on the fast small-sample kernel independence test for microbiome community-level association analysis. – Bin Guo – Biometrics

Optimizing and evaluating the reconstruction of Metagenome-assembled microbial genomes – Bhavya Papudeshi – BMC Genomics

Resources and tools for the high-throughput, multi-omic study of intestinal microbiota – Aitor Blanco-Míguez – Briefings in Bioinformatics

Identifying metabolites by integrating metabolome databases with mass spectrometry cheminformatics – Zijuan Lai – Nature Methods

Brief guide to the analysis, interpretation and presentation of microbiota data. – Stefan Zalewski – Archives Of Disease In Childhood. Education And Practice Edition

Optimized fluorescent proteins for the rhizosphere-associated bacterium Bacillus mycoides with endophytic and biocontrol agent potential. – Yanglei Yi – Environmental Microbiology Reports

Genome Announcements
Complete Genome Sequence of Bacillus altitudinis P-10, a Potential Bioprotectant against Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae, Isolated from Rice Rhizosphere in Java, Indonesia. – Anto Budiharjo – Genome Announcements

Mrakia arctica sp. nov., a new psychrophilic yeast isolated from an ice island in the Canadian High Arctic – Masaharu Tsuji – Mycoscience

Microbes in the news
New research provides insights into the skin microbiome – EurekAlert

Lab notes: The vaginal microbiome can predict whether a woman is going to have a premature baby –
Paper link: First-trimester vaginal microbiome diversity: A potential indicator of preterm delivery risk  (posted Nov 27, 2017)

How Bacteria Help Regulate Blood Pressure – Veronique Greenwood – Quanta Magazine

Gut Bacteria Predict Responses, Survival Time to PD-1 Cancer Immunotherapy – Bryant Furlow – Modern Medicine Network

Synthetic Glycolipids As A New Class Of Antimicrobials To Down-Regulate Cell Wall Functions – Narayanaswamy Jayaraman – Science Trends

The microbiological art of making a better sausage – Phys.Org

Will microbial protein replace meat on the table? – Digital Journal – Tim Sandle

New 3-D printed materials harness the power of bacteria – Maria Temming – Science News

Scientists Have Expanded the Genetic Code in Bacteria – Brad Jones – Futurism

Microbes on the market
Qiagen Joins French Biotech to Build the Next Generation of Microbiome Technology – Alex Dale – European Biotech News

DuPont and Ireland’s APC venture forward in microbiome-inspired pact – Will Chu – Nutra Ingredients

Rebiotix Announces Expansion of Phase 1 Trial of the Company’s Oral Capsule Microbiota Product, RBX7455, Following Successful Completion of Initial Study Arms – Markets Insider

Science, publishing, and career
Five ways to fix statistics – Jeff Leek – Nature

Tiffany’s non-microbiology picks
An Open Letter to the Senate Concerning H.R.1 and the Graduate Student Tax Provision – Alana Van Dervort
# A letter (that you can sign) against one part of the bill that passed this morning

December 1, 2017

Happy December! Today’s digest features research articles on prion like domains in phages, effect of high salt challenge on gut microbiota and immune system. Enjoy!

Events and jobs

Assistant Professor, Statistics and Microbiology – The University of Manitoba

Program Manager, Microbiology – RWJ-Pathology-PISC

General microbiome

Review: Experimental design and quantitative analysis of microbial community multiomics – Himel Mallick – Genome Biology

Pregnancy and early life

Low Microbial Diversity and Abnormal Microbial Succession Is Associated with Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Preterm Infants – Priscila T. Dobbler – Frontiers in Microbiology

Human respiratory microbiome

Colonic Bacteroides are positively associated with trabecular bone structure and programmed by maternal vitamin D in male but not female offspring in an obesogenic environment – C R Villa – International Journal of Obesity

Human skin microbiome

Diversity of bacterial communities on the facial skin of different age-group Thai males – Alisa Wilantho – PeerJ

Human oral microbiome

Oral Health and the Oral Microbiome in Pancreatic Cancer: An Overview of Epidemiological Studies – Paige M Bracci – The Cancer Journal

Bacterial alterations in salivary microbiota and their association in oral cancer – Wei-Hsiang Lee – Scientific Reports

Human vaginal microbiome

Review : Is bacterial vaginosis a disease? – Gregor Reid – Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Human gut microbiome

The gut mycobiome of the Human Microbiome Project healthy cohort – Andrea K. Nash – Microbiome

Analyses of gut microbiota and plasma bile acids enable stratification of patients for antidiabetic treatment – Yanyun Gu – Nature Communications

*Salt-responsive gut commensal modulates TH17 axis and disease – Nicola Wilck – Nature

Interactions between diet and the intestinal microbiota alter intestinal permeability and colitis severity in mice – Sean R.Llewellyn – Gastroenterology

Psychobiotics: A new approach for treating mental illness? – Snigdha Misra – Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth: Should Screening Be Included in the Pre-fecal Microbiota Transplantation Evaluation? – Jessica R. Allegretti – Digestive Diseases and Sciences

Gut microbiota-mediated generation of saturated fatty acids elicits inflammation in the liver in murine high-fat diet-induced steatohepatitis – Shoji Yamada – BMC Gastroenterology

Animal experiments

Vertical vs. horizontal transmission of the microbiome in akey disease vector, Ixodes pacificus – Jessica Y. Kwan – Molecular Ecology

Gut Microbiome-induced Shift of Acetate to Butyrate Positively Manages Dysbiosis in High Fat Diet – Xu Si – Molecular Nutrition and Food Research

Increased cortical neuronal responses to NMDA and improved attentional set-shifting performance in rats following prebiotic (B-GOS®) ingestion – Benjamin Gronier – European Neuropsychopharmacology

Effects of Lactobacillus acidophilus on gut microbiota composition in broilers challenged with Clostridium perfringens – Zhui Li – Plos One

Doxycycline induces dysbiosis in female C57BL/6NCrl mice – Felicia D. Duke Boynton – BMC Research Notes

Animal microbiome

The effect of dietary energy and protein levels on body weight, size, and microflora of ostrich chicks – Tahereh Nikravesh-Masouleh – Tropical Animal Health and Production

Gene and genome-centric analyses of koala and wombat fecal microbiomes point to metabolic specialization for Eucalyptus digestion – Miriam E. Shiffman – PeerJ

The microbiomes of blowflies and houseflies as bacterial transmission reservoirs – Ana Carolina M. Junqueira – Scientific Reports

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

The Patterns and Drivers of Bacterial and Fungal β-Diversity in a Typical Dryland Ecosystem of Northwest China – Jianming Wang – Frontiers in Microbiology

Water and extremophile microbiome

Highlighting patterns of fungal diversity and composition shaped by ocean currents using the East China Sea as a model – Wei Li – Molecular Ecology

Microbial Reduction of Fe(III) and SO42− and Associated Microbial Communities in the Alluvial Aquifer Groundwater and Sediments – Ji-Hoon Lee – Microbial Ecology

The influence of complex fermentation broth on denitrification of saline sewage in constructed wetlands by heterotrophic nitrifying/aerobic denitrifying bacterial communities – Guiping Fu – Bioresource Technology

Amplicon-Metagenomic Analysis of Fungi from Antarctic Terrestrial Habitats – Marcelo Baeza – Frontiers in Microbiology

Microbial Community Structure and Arsenic Biogeochemistry in Two Arsenic-Impacted Aquifers in Bangladesh – Edwin T. Gnanaprakasam – mBio

Probiotics / prebiotics

Short communication: Does early-life administration of a Megasphaera elsdenii probiotic affect long-term establishment of the organism in the rumen and alter rumen metabolism in the dairy calf? – T.T.Yohe – Journal of Dairy Science

Review: Effect of Probiotic Supplementation on CD4 Cell Count in HIV-Infected Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis – Asma Kazemi – Journal of Dietary Supplements

Phages and viruses

*Prion-Like Domains in Phagobiota – George Tetz – Frontiers in Microbiology

Bacteriophage Distributions and Temporal Variability in the Ocean’s Interior – Elaine Luo – mBio

Anitha’s non-microbiology picks

Hubble in a bubble: Scallop eyes act just like tiny telescopes

Jackpot of fossilized pterosaur eggs unearthed in China

Sorry, Grumpy Cat: Study finds dogs are brainier than cats

November 30, 2017

A wide variety of interesting articles: Antibiotics administrated during labour impact  infant gut microbiome development, altered gut microbiome is related to liver function in individuals with Hep B, specific pathogens can alter social signaling in drosophila, a comphrensive study of the impact of diet on the lemur gut microbiome, a survey of antibiotic resistence genes in the drinking water across multiple continents, the impact of the hospital microbiome on the gut microbiome of preterm infants, the first evidence of a gut archeae impact on the host immune system, and two popular news articles refuting yesterday’s report of possible alien bacteria on the international space station.

Events and jobs

Web Developer, Microbiome Core – Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Account Manager – Microbiology –  South East England


General microbiome

  • Health Economics and Regulations 

Faecal microbiota transplantation: a regulatory hurdle? – Frederick Verbeke – BMC Gastroenterology

Cost-effectiveness analysis of fecal microbiota transplantation for inflammatory bowel disease – Ting Zhang – Oncotarget

Pregnancy and early life

*Intrapartum antibiotics for GBS prophylaxis alter colonization patterns in the early infant gut microbiome of low risk infants – Jennifer C. Stearns – Scientific Reports

Human skin microbiome

Skin Immune Landscape: Inside and Outside the Organism – Florence Abdallah – Mediators of Inflammation

Human gut microbiome
*Gut Microbial Dysbiosis Is Associated with Altered Hepatic Functions and Serum Metabolites in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients – Jing Wang – Frontiers in Microbiology

Faecal bacterial microbiota in patients with cirrhosis and the effect of lactulose administration – Aditya Narayan Sarangi – BMC Gastroenterology

Delivered Fecal Microbiota Transplantation on Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection – Dina Kao – JAMA

Capsules for Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Recurrent Clostridium difficile Infection – Krishna Rao – JAMA

Review: Antibiotic therapy in neonates and impact on gut microbiota and antibiotic resistance development: a systematic review – Jon Widding Fjalstad – Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

Long-term proton pump inhibitor therapy leads to small bowel bacterial overgrowth as determined by breath hydrogen and methane excretion – Agnieszka Sieczkowska – Journal of Breath Research

Review: Impact of gut microbiota on drug metabolism: an update for safe and effective use of drugs – Keumhan Noh – Archives of Pharmacal Research

Evaluating the effect of Clostridium difficile conditioned medium on fecal microbiota community structure – Sabina Horvat – Scientific Reports


Animal experiments

Preprint: The Vibrio cholerae Type VI Secretion System Can Modulate Host Intestinal Mechanics to Displace Commensal Gut Bacteria – Savannah L Logan – bioRxiv

Genes and Gut Bacteria Involved in Luminal Butyrate Reduction Caused by Diet and Loperamide – Nakwon Hwang – Genes

Simultaneous delivery of antibiotics neomycin and ampicillin in drinking water inhibits fermentation of resistant starch in rats – Diana G. Carvajal-Aldaz – Molecular Nutrition and Food Research

Animal microbiome

*Pathogenic bacteria enhance dispersal through alteration of Drosophila social communication – Ian W. Keesey – Nature Communications

*Feeding strategy shapes gut metagenomic enrichment and functional specialization in captive lemurs – E. A. McKenney – Gut Microbes

Impact of Dietary Galacto-Oligosaccharide (GOS) on Chicken’s Gut Microbiota, Mucosal Gene Expression, and Salmonella Colonization – Rebecca-Ayme Hughes – Frontiers in Veterinary Science

Dietary energy drives the dynamic response of bovine rumen viral communities – Christopher L. Anderson – Microbiome

Effect of microalgae on intestinal inflammation triggered by soybean meal and bacterial infection in zebrafish – Karina Bravo-Tello – PLOS ONE

In vivo effects of Allium cepa L. on the selected gut microflora and intestinal histomorphology in broiler – Sajidur Rahman – Acta Histochemica

Enteric Pathogens and Their Toxin-Induced Disruption of the Intestinal Barrier through Alteration of Tight Junctions in Chickens – Wageha A. Awad – Toxins

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

The Ecological Role of Volatile and Soluble Secondary Metabolites Produced by Soil Bacteria – Olaf Tyc – Trends in Microbiology

Impact of peat mining, and restoration on methane turnover potentials and methane-cycling microorganisms in a northern bog – Max Reumer – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Burkholderia humptydooensis sp. nov., a New Species Related to Burkholderia thailandensis and the Fifth Member of the Burkholderia pseudomallei Complex – Apichai Tuanyok – Applied and Environment Microbiology

Water and extremophile microbiome
Functional Characterization of Probiotic Potential of Novel Pigmented Bacterial Strains for Aquaculture Applications – Sekar Jinendiran – Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins


Preprint: Increased usage of antiseptics is associated with reduced susceptibility in clinical isolates of S. aureus – Katherine Hardy – bioRxiv

*Catalogue of antibiotic resistome and host-tracking in drinking water deciphered by a large scale survey – Liping Ma – Microbiome

Review: Assessing the Risk of Antibiotic Resistance Transmission from the Environment to Humans: Non-Direct Proportionality between Abundance and Risk – Célia M. Manaia – Trends in Microbiology

Built environment

*Strain-resolved analysis of hospital rooms and infants reveals overlap between the human and room microbiome – Brandon Brooks – Nature Communications

Predominance and Metabolic Potential of Halanaerobium spp. in Produced Water from Hydraulically Fractured Marcellus Shale Wells – Daniel Lipus – Applied and Environment Microbiology


Microbial Ecology

Effect of Antimicrobial and Physical Treatments on Growth of Multispecies Staphylococcal Biofilms – Elizabeth J. Stewart – Applied and Environment Microbiology

More Microbes

  • Archaea

*Associated Archaeon Methanosphaera stadtmanae Is Recognized through Its RNA and Induces – Tim Vierbuchen – Frontiers in Immunology

  • Synthetic Microbes

Analysis and Implementation of a Multicellular Feedback Control Strategy in a Synthetic Bacterial Consortium – Gianfranco Fiore – ACS Synthetic Biology


Diazotroph community characterization via a high-throughput nifH amplicon sequencing and analysis pipeline – John Christian Gaby – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Direct PCR Offers a Fast and Reliable Alternative to Conventional DNA Isolation Methods for Gut Microbiomes – Elin Videvall – mSystems

Generation of bacteriophage-insensitive mutants of Streptococcus thermophilus using an antisense RNA CRISPR-Cas silencing approach – Brian McDonnell – Applied and Environmental Microbiology


Microbes in the news

*Bacteria on Space Station Likely From Germy Humans, Not Aliens – Elaina Zachos – National Geographic

*We are basically positive that the Russians did not find alien bacteria in space – Mary Beth Griggs – Popular Science

Custom Bacteria Make New Molecules On Demand – Sam Lemonick – Forbes

Toilet art sheds light on gut health – Newshub

November 29, 2017

Short digest today with many popular news articles, including an article on the bacteria found on the international space station!

Events and jobs

QC Supervisor, Microbiology – Organogenesis, Canton MA, USA

Assistant/Associate Professor of Microbiology – Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NYC, New York, USA


  • Microbe physiology and metabolism

Metagenomics-guided analysis of microbial chemolithoautotrophic phosphite oxidation yields evidence of a seventh natural CO2 fixation pathway – Isreal Figueroa – PNAS

Preprint: RodZ promotes MreB polymer formation and curvature localization to determine the cylindrical uniformity of E. coli shape – Randy Morgenstein – bioRxiv

  • Human respiratory microbiome

Preprint: Modelling the effects of bacterial cell state and spatial location on tuberculosis treatment: Insights from a hybrid multiscale cellular automaton model – Ruth Bowness -bioRxiv

  • Human gut microbiome

The triune of intestinal microbiome, genetics and inflammatory status and its impact on lower gastrointestinal anastomosis healing – Jou Lee – The FEBS Journal

Review: Interindividual variability in gut microbiota and host response to dietary interventions – Genelle Healey – Nutrition Reviews

Quercetin metabolism by fecal microbiota from healthy elderly human subjects – Motoi Tamura – PLoS One


  • Animal experiments

Preservation of three-dimensional spatial structure in the gut microbiome – Yuko Hasegawa – PLoS One

  • Animal microbiome

Staphylococcus aureus (LA-MRSA) within a pig herd – Anna Irene Vedel Sorensen – PLoS One


  • Microbes in the news

Bacteria found on International Space Station may be alien in origin, says cosmonaut – Andrew Griffin – Independent

Treatment of abnormal vaginal microbiota prior to embryo transfer may improve reproductive outcomes –  Medical Life Sciences News

Changes in microbiome due to antibiotic exposure may increase risk for inflammatory bowel disease – Medical Life Sciences News

Around 30 jobs created at University of Southampton for £26 million biofilm research project – Aaron Shaw – Daily Echo

Connection between Microbiome and Tissue Contractions Critical for Healthy Bowel Functions – Anamika P – The Global Health News

Scientists Use CRISPR to Turn E.Coli Bacteria into a Microscopic Tape Recorder – Kyree Leary – Futurism

Deep ocean bacteria discovered to play large role in carbon capture – Science Daily

A patient’s legacy: Researchers work to make phage therapy less of a long shot – Eric Boodman – STAT

  • Microbes on the market

Microbiome therapeutics market insights shared in detailed report By focusing on Top Companies like LLC; Seres Therapeutics; ENTEROME Bioscience; MaaT Pharma; Rebiotix, Inc.; Ritter Pharmaceuticals; Second Genome, Inc.; and OpenBiome – medGadget

Biomillenia Leverages QIAGEN Bioinformatics in Microbiome-on-a-Chip Discovery of Unculturable Microbes – Business Wire


November 28, 2017

Identification of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria important for dark ocean carbon fixation, effects of antibiotic exposure to the maternal gut microbiota extend to offspring in mice and enhance colitis, a review on genome mining for natural products discovery.

Events and jobs

Postdoc position on biofilm-mediated co-evolution of industrial strains – Biologisk Institut, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Human skin microbiome

Measuring the microbiome of chronic wounds with use of a topical antimicrobial dressing – A feasibility study – Lindsay Kalan – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

Pre-print: Endospores and other lysis-resistant bacteria comprise a widely shared core community within the human microbiota – Sean M Kearney – bioRxiv

Opinion: Human Gut Microbiome: Function Matters – Anna Heintz-Buschart – Trends in Microbiology

Review: The gut microbiome, symptoms, and targeted interventions in children with cancer: a systematic review – Jinbing Bai – Supportive Care in Cancer

Animal experiments

Intergenerational transfer of antibiotic-perturbed microbiota enhances colitis in susceptible mice – Anjelique F Schulfer – Nature Microbiology

Canagliflozin reduces plasma uremic toxins and alters the intestinal microbiota composition in a chronic kidney disease mouse model – Eikan Mishima – American Journal of Physiology, Renal Physiology

Insect-based diet, a promising nutritional source, modulates gut microbiota composition and SCFAs production in laying hens – Luca Borrelli – Scientific Reports

Animal microbiome

Comparison of the gut microbiota composition between wild and captive sika deer (Cervus nippon hortulorum) from feces by high-throughput sequencing – Yu Guan – AMB Express

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Pre-print: The effects of host species and sexual dimorphism differ among root, leaf and flower microbiomes of wild strawberries in situ – Na Wei – bioRxiv

Water and extremophile microbiome

Major role of nitrite-oxidizing bacteria in dark ocean carbon fixation – Maria G Pachiadaki – Science

Investigating the bacterial community and amoebae population in rural domestic wastewater reclamation for irrigation – Bingjian Cui – Journal of Environmental Sciences

Phages and viruses

Review: Viruses of archaea: Structural, functional, environmental and evolutionary genomics – Mart Krupovic – Virus Research


Review: Omics-based natural product discovery and the lexicon of genome mining – Henrique Machado – Current Opinion in Microbiology

More microbes

Chromosome level assembly and secondary metabolite potential of the parasitic fungus Cordyceps militaris – Glenna J Kramer – BMC Genomics

Genomic assessment in Lactobacillus plantarum links the butyrogenic pathway with glutamine metabolism – Cristian Botta – Scientific Reports

Microbes in the news

Researchers conduct novel wheat microbiome analysis under four management strategies – Phys.Org

Fertility clinics treat abnormal vaginal bacteria aiming to improve reproductive outcome – Medical Xpress

Microbe threat to Mars – Andrew Masterson – Cosmos

Flies’ Feet Can Spread Bacteria – Kerry Grens – The Scientist

Despite Their Tiny Genome, A Beetle’s Bacteria Pack A Big Punch – Julianna LeMieux – American Council on Science and Health

CRISPR Harnessed to Turn Bacteria into Microscopic Tape Recorders – Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News

Bacteria hysteria

Warning: Those lipstick samples could be loaded with poop, investigation finds – Mandy Matney – Sacramento Bee

Science, career, and publishing

Pre-print: A design framework and exemplar metrics for FAIRness – Mark D Wilkinson – bioRxiv

November 27, 2017

Short digest today – with multiple reviews and papers on animal microbiomes, as well as an interesting art project!

Pregnancy and early life
First-trimester vaginal microbiome diversity: A potential indicator of preterm delivery risk – Mohammed Monzoorul Haque – Scientific Reports

Human skin microbiome
Skin Colonization by Staphylococcus aureus Precedes the Clinical Diagnosis of Atopic Dermatitis in Infancy – Patrick Meylan – Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Human nearly-sterile sites
ReviewGut reactions: How the blood-brain barrier connects the microbiome and the brain – Aric F Logsdon – Experimental Biology and Medicine

Human gut microbiome
Analysis of Fusobacterium persistence and antibiotic response in colorectal cancer – Susan Bullman – Science

Animal experiments
Resident Microbiome Disruption with Antibiotics Enhances Virulence of a Colonizing Pathogen – Courtney A. Thomason – Scientific Reports
# Using house finches!

Structure moderation of gut microbiota in liraglutide-treated diabetic male rats – Qian Zhang – Experimental Biology and Medicine

Volatile Oil from Amomi Fructus Attenuates 5-Fluorouracil-Induced Intestinal Mucositis – Ting Zhang – Frontiers in Pharmacology

Animal microbiome
Comparison of the gut microbiota composition between wild and captive sika deer (Cervus nippon hortulorum) from feces by high-throughput sequencing – Yu Guan – AMB Express

Review: The Gastrointestinal Microbiome: A Review – P.C. Barko – Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
Metagenomic Approach to Identifying Foodborne Pathogens on Chinese cabbage – Daeho Kim – Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology

Review: Trade, Diplomacy, and Warfare: The Quest for Elite Rhizobia Inoculant Strains – Alice Checcucci – Frontiers in Microbiology

Water and extremophile microbiome
What intrinsic and extrinsic factors explain the stoichiometric diversity of aquatic heterotrophic bacteria? – Casey M Godwin – ISMEJ

Antagonistic bacteria disrupt calcium homeostasis and immobilize algal cells – Prasad Aiyar – Nature Communications

Probiotics / prebiotics / antibiotics
Review: Existing and investigational therapies for the treatment of Clostridium difficile infection: A focus on narrow spectrum, microbiota-sparing agents – H.G. Maxwell-Scott – Médecine et Maladies Infectieuses

Book chapterComputational Approaches on Stoichiometric and Kinetic Modeling for Efficient Strain Design – Mohammad Mazharul Islam – Synthetic Metabolic Pathways

Microbes in the news
Mothers’ gut bacteria could impact future health of children: new findings – Brigid O’Connell – Herald Sun
# Part of the ENvironmental Determinants of Islet Autoimmunity (ENDIA) study

NASA fires E. coli bacteria into space to see if antibiotic resistance increases in zero gravity – Patricia Grannum – Inquisitr

Mouthwash Kills Mouth Bacteria But May Increase Risk For Diabetes – Allan Adamson – Tech Times

Artist’s feces work contributes to gut-busting research – The Japan Times

Alarm on milk with high levels of bacteria – Angela Oketch – Daily Nation
# In Kenya

Potato Bugs, Weeds, and Harmful Bacteria – Terry Mejdrich – Grand Rapids MN Herald Review

Bacteria Hysteria
Here’s Why You Should Never, Ever Share Earbuds with Anyone – Brittany Gibson – Reader’s Digest
# The article itself makes sense, but the title…