Microbiome Blogs, Tweeps, and Books

People who write, blog, or tweet about the microbiome. Feel free to suggest others by leaving a comment. Created August 2016.

Microbiome Books I have read and liked:

 I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life – Ed Yong – August 2016

The Good Gut: Taking Control of Your Weight, Your Mood, and Your Long-term Health – Justin and Erica Sonnenburg – May 2016

Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues – Martin J Blaser

Other microbiome books I have not read

The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health – David R. Montgomery and Anne Biklé

Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World – B. Brett Finlay and Marie-Claire Arrieta

I, Superorganism: Learning to love your inner ecosystem (UK) –  Jon Turney – 2015

Follow Your Gut: The Enormous Impact of Tiny Microbes – Rob Knight and Brendan Buhler (TED books) 2015

Human Microbiome Handbook – Jason Tetro and Emma Allen-Vercoe

The Germ Files -The Surprising Ways Microbes Can Improve Your Health and Life (and How to Protect Yourself from the Bad Ones) Jason Tetro


Microbiome Tweeps


  • @a2binny: Vincent Young. ID doc/microbiologist, lucky dad & husband, PI and wannabe musician. St. Louis, MO.
  • @accarmichael: Alexandra Carmichael: I direct product and community at the amazing @ubiome! Also sold two startups and love to dance and be a mommy
  • @AlexForScience: Alex Alexiev. Grad student at CU Boulder in the McKenzie lab, interested in host-microbiome-pathogen interactions.
  • @ArrietaLab: Marie-Claire Arrieta. Assistant prof at U Calgary, mom of 2, wife, microbiome science addict. Vancouver, British Columbia
  • @BioMickWatson: Mick Watson. Edinburgh. Genomics, bioinformatics, some politics.
  • @davidacoil: David Coil. Project scientist in the Eisen (@phylogenomics) lab (microbial ecology/genomics) ; outreach and undergraduate education.
  • @dig2grow: D. Montgomery & A. Biklé. The Hidden Half of Nature – we share the untold story of farming, medicine, microbes, and organic matter in our new book.
  • @DrBonnie360: Bonnie Feldman. Helping companies and entrepreneurs conquer the autoimmune epidemic
  • @DrJCThrash: Cameron Thrash, Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University, usually one of the first to tweet about an exciting new paper
  • @DrNJFawcett: Nicki Fawcet. Clinical Research Fellow looking at antibiotics and the gut microbiome, Med Reg and tutor. Oxford, England.
  • @fjlapointe: François-J. Lapointe. bio/art/science/performance /experimentation /microbiome/evolution/dataviz
  • @gilbertjacka: Jack A. Gilbert. Microbial ecologist: hospitals (http://www.hospitalmicrobiome.com ), Earth (http://www.earthmicrobiome.org ), & guts (http://www.americangut.org ).Argonne-UChicago-MBL
  • @Gut_Goddess. Dr. Grace. PharmD. Rx effect of ancestral food on Homosapiens functional microbiota medicine
  • @hollybik: Holly Bik. Microbial eukaryotes & marine genomics – sequencing the ocean one handful of mud at a time. Assistant Professor @UCRiverside & blog at http://deepseanews.com. Not related to Elisabeth Bik (as far as we know!)
  • @hollyhganz: Holly Ganz. Studies animal microbiomes and the built environment in the @phylogenomics lab, cat and dog lover, long distance runner, A’s fan
  • @jennifergardy. Jennifer Gardy. Vancouver, BC
  • @jfcryan: John F. Cryan. Prof & Chair, Dept. Anatomy & Neuroscience, University College Cork-Brain & Behaviour, Stress, Microbiome-TEDMED talk
  • @JoeBMcPhee: Joe McPhee: @RyersonU assistant professor, microbiologist, beer-lover, general nerd. Toronto, Canada
  • @joeyzacks: Joe Zackular. Postdoc in @EricSkaar lab at Vanderbilt. Interested in metals, the gut microbiome, C. diff, colon cancer, and all Boston sports. Nashville
  • @JulieMarieWolf: Julie Wolf. Communications for ASM, here for microbiology and science news. Fan of citizen science, infographics, podcasts, data, sciart. New York.
  • @Kevbonham: Kevin Bonham. Immunology, food microbiology and infectious disease. Fermentation and microbes
  • @KnightLabNews: Rob Knight Lab.The Knight Lab develops and uses computational and experimental techniques to ask questions about the evolution of microbial communities. UCSD
  • @LianeGBenning: Liane G. Benning. outspoken #science geek; #biogeochemist; workaholic; prolific reader; world traveler. Extremophiles.
  • @Lis_Lowe: Elisabeth Lowe. Scientist, mum, wife of @jmarlesw. Gut microbiota and glycans, especially fungal cell wall glycans, So many glycans.
  • @markjmandel: Mark Mandel. Bacterial geneticist focused on microbe-animal communication and colonization. Assistant Professor at NUFeinbergMed.
  • @markowenmartin: Mark O. Martin. Husband, father, educator, researcher, moderate libertarian, and always a microbial supremacist!
  • @merenbey: A. Murat Eren. Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago studying the ecology of microbes using #metagenomics & #metatranscriptomics.
  • @mikroben_zirkus: Mikroben Zirkus /  Susanne Thiele. Wissenschaftsblog rund um Mikrobiologie in unserem Alltag von Susanne Thiele, Biologin, Sachbuchautorin, Germany.
  • @MostlyMicrobes: Anne Estes. Biologist #mom sharing stories of the mostly #microbe world that we live in and that lives in and on us!
  • @msmjetten:  Mike Jetten. Professor in Microbiology at Radboud University NL, anammox, anaerobes metagenomics, research strategy, strategic recruitment, gender equality, SIAM
  • @nabroderick : Nichole Broderick. Microbiologist. entomologist. immunologist.University of Connecticut
  • @Napaaqtuk: KatMM. Inupiaq, scientist interested in host-microbe interactions, mom, runner, news junkie, not necessarily in that order.Anchorage, AK.
  • @pathogenomenick: Nick Loman. Microbial (meta) genomes, sequencing, clinical applications, bioinformatics. Birmingham, UK.
  • @PatSchloss: Papa to 8 microbes, farmer, master of sucking. Opinions my own but should be yours. Actually a nice guy. University of Michigan • mothur.org
  • @phylogenomics: Jonathan Eisen. Prof. @UCDavis; Guardian of Microbial Diversity; Open Science
  • @robertpdickson: Robert Dickson. Pulmonary and Critical Care physician at the University of Michigan. Lung microbiome researcher, homebrewing enthusiast. Ann Arbor, MI
  • @surt_lab: David Baltrus. Assistant Prof at the U of Arizona interested in genomes,microbes,adaptation.
  • @Symbionticism: Scientist & Professor | Symbiosis, Microbiome, Evolution, Origin of Species, Wolbachia, Archaea, Antibiotics, Phage, Founding Director of HHMI Wolbachia Project. Vanderbilt University
  • @timsandle: Tim Sandle. Pharmaceutical microbiologist, technical writer, blogger, journalist and social activist
  • @torstenseemann: Torsten Seemann. Microbial genomics, bioinformatics, NGS. Melbourne, Australia.
  • @tjsharpton: Thomas Sharpton. Microbiome surveyor, metagenome analyzer, bioinformatics programmer, and Assistant Professor at Oregon State University.
  • @TwistedBacteria: César Sánchez, Scientific editor, microbiologist, London, UK.
  • @virome_girl Mya Breitbart. Characterizing the world’s virome – one virus at a time! Professor at the University of South Florida #ocean #phage #virus #microbiology #genomics
  • @WvSchaik: Willem van Schaik, Associate Prof. in Dept. of Medical Microbiology at UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands. Interest in microbial genomics & evolution of antibiotic resistance

Science writers

  • @edyong209 : Ed Yong, The Atlantic. Sharp and witty, he is our field’s most favorite ambassador
  • @RachelFeltman: Rachel Feltman, Washington Post. Editor of Speaking of Science. Loves to write about poop and space.
  • @carlzimmerCarl Zimmer, New York Times, STAT News. Microbiology and much more science
  • @bykriscampbell: Kristina Campbell. Freelance writer, microbiome specialist. Upcoming textbook on gut microbiota and nutrition.
  • @KHCourage: Katherine H. Courage. Science writer at Scientific American. Upcoming book about microbiome and food. Also fascinated with octopuses.
  • @JATetro : Jason Anthony Tetro. The Germ Guy. Occasionally overstates the role of the microbiome, but enthusiastic liaison between science and the general audience.

Microbiome Blogs and Lists