Lab Stock Photo Fails

Most laboratory stock photos are – well – not very realistic. And so occasionally I will make fun of them. Here is my collection.

Microbiome stock photo fail


Lab stock photo fails, part 2 – amazing skills

Lab stock photo fun – The Pink Tube Collaboration

Lab photo stock fun: The mysterious brown bottle

Lab Stock Photo Fun – Three is a crowd

Lab Stock Photo Caption Contest

Lab Stock Photo Fail – Mad pipetting skills

Lab Stock Photo Fun – The Scientist and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamlab

Lab Stock Photo Fail: The Inside Job

Lab Stock Photo Fail: Pipetting Sideways

Lab Stock Photo Fail: Coronavirus tubes


Fun with Lab Stock Photo Fail. Thanks to Alamy Stock photos.

“My Gel is not Well”

My Gel is Not Well

“Tip of the Iceberg” (pipetting without tips)

Tip of the iceberg