Synthetic microbial communities

A list of scientific papers on synthetic microbial communities, created in July 2016. Updated in August 2016. Inspired by, but better than this paywalled article ($38 for a list of links).

A Combinatorial Algorithm for Microbial Consortia Synthetic Design – Alice Julien-Laferrière – Scientific Reports – July 2016

Web Alert: Synthetic microbial communities: An annotated selection of World Wide Web sites relevant to the topics in environmental microbiology – Lawrence P. Wackett – Environmental Microbiology – June 2016

Review: Principles for designing synthetic microbial communities – Nathan I Johns – Current Opinion in Microbiology – June 2016

Perspective: A Synthetic Ecology Perspective: How Well Does Behavior of Model Organisms in the Laboratory Predict Microbial Activities in Natural Habitats? – Zheng Yu – Frontiers in Microbiology – June 2016

Review: Design, analysis and application of synthetic microbial consortia – Xiaoqiang Jia – Synthetic and Systems Biotechnology – June 2016

Quorum Sensing Communication Modules for Microbial Consortia – Spencer R. Scott – ACS Synthetic Biology – May 2016

Review: Synthetic Ecology of Microbes: Mathematical Models and Applications – Ali R. Zomorrodi – Journal of Molecular Biology – February 2016

Reorganization of a synthetic microbial consortium for one-step vitamin C fermentation – En-Xu Wang – Microbial Cell Factories – January 2016

Review: Better together: engineering and application of microbial symbioses – Stephanie G Hays – Current Opinion in Biotechnology – December 2015

Unraveling interactions in microbial communities – from co-cultures to microbiomes – Justin Tan – Journal of Microbiology – May 2015

Review: Ecological perspectives on synthetic biology: insights from microbial population biology – Ana E. Escalante – Frontiers in Microbiology – February 2015

Design of synthetic microbial communities for biotechnological production processes – Nina Jagmann – Journal of Biotechnology – August 2014

Emergent Biosynthetic Capacity in Simple Microbial Communities – Hsuan-Chao Chiu – PLOS Computational Biology – July 2014

Review: Synthetic microbial consortia: from systematic analysis to construction and applications – Hao Song – Chemical Society Reviews – July 2014

Protocol: Constructing Synthetic Microbial Communities to Explore the Ecology and Evolution of Symbiosis – Adam James Waite – Engineering and Analyzing Multicellular Systems – April 2014

Review: Synthetic microbial communities – Tobias Großkopf – Current Opinion in Microbiology – April 2014

Syntrophic exchange in synthetic microbial communities – Michael T. Mee – PNAS – April 2014

Review: Synthetic microbial ecosystems: an exciting tool to understand and apply microbial communities – Karen De Roy – Environmental Microbiology – December 2013

Review: Nitric oxide and nitrous oxide turnover in natural and engineered microbial communities: biological pathways, chemical reactions, and novel technologies – Frank Schreiber – Frontiers in Microbiology – October 2012

Review: Microbial Communities as Experimental Units – Mitch D. Day – BioScience – May 2011

Environments that Induce Synthetic Microbial Ecosystems – Niels Klitgord – PLOS Computational Biology – November 2010

Complex function by design using spatially pre-structured synthetic microbial communities: degradation of pentachlorophenol in the presence of Hg(II) – Hyun Jung Kim – Integrative Biology – August 2010