Microbiome and the influence of sex

A collection of papers that explore the influence of sex on differences in the microbiome.

Sex as a biological variable in irritable bowel syndrome (review) – Michael Camilleri – Neurogastroenterology & Motility – January 2020

Sex Differences in Gut Microbiota – Yong Sung Kim et al. – World J Mens Health – January 2020

How and Why Men and Women Differ in Their Microbiomes: Medical Ecology and Network Analyses of the Microgenderome – Zhanshan (Sam) Ma and Wendy Li – Advanced Science – October 2019

Sex Differences in the Gut Microbiota as Potential Determinants of Gender Predisposition to Disease – Jose A. Santos-Marcos et al. – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research – January 2019

Gender Differences in the Gut Microbiome and How These Affect Cardiovascular Diseases (book chapter) – Adriana Cabal – Gender Differences in the Pathogenesis and Management of Heart Disease – March 2018

Gender-based differences in host behavior and gut microbiota composition in response to high fat diet and stress in a mouse model – Laura C. Bridgewater – Scientific Reports – September 2017