September 28, 2016

Twins, body fat, and bacteria, dietary zinc and C. diff infections, honey inhibits biofilm formation, microbial life in a Great Lake sinkhole.

Pregnancy and early life

Review: The Eukaryotic Microbiome: Origins and Implications for Fetal and Neonatal Life -William B. Miller Jr. – Frontiers in Pediatrics

Human gut microbiome

Heritable components of the human fecal microbiome are associated with visceral fat – Michelle Beaumont – Genome Biology

Press: Body fat link to bacteria in faeces – BBC
How Gut Bacteria May Predict Belly Fat – Alice Park – Time

Characterisation of the faecal microbiota in Japanese patients with paediatric-onset primary sclerosing cholangitis – Kentaro Iwasawa – Gut

Commentary: Thinking with your stomach? Gut feelings on microbiome modulation of brain structure and function (Commentary on Luczynski et al.) – Anthony J. Hannan – European Journal of Neuroscience

Dietary zinc alters the microbiota and decreases resistance to Clostridium difficile infection – Joseph P Zackular – Nature Medicine

Editorial: Devil in the detail: A closer look at childhood obesity and the gut microbiota – Michael W. Taylor – Environmental Microbiology

News and viewsCulturing: Looking it up in our gut – Clarisse Marotz – Nature Microbiology

Animal microbiome

Spatial Heterogeneity of Gut Microbial Composition along the Gastrointestinal Tract in Natural Populations of House Mice – Taichi A. Suzuki – PLOS ONE

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Using a Control to Better Understand Phyllosphere Microbiota – Andrea R. Ottesen – PLOS ONE

Caves: Microbial contributions to subterranean methane sinks – J. T. Lennon – Geobiology

Diatom blooms and associated vegetation shifts in a subarctic peatland: responses to distant volcanic eruptions? – U. Kokfelt – Journal of Quaternary Science

The Green Tetrahymena utriculariae n. sp. (Ciliophora, Oligohymenophorea) with Its Endosymbiotic Algae (Micractinium sp.), Living in Traps of a Carnivorous Aquatic Plant – Gianna Pitsch – The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology

Differential Communications between Fungi and Host Plants Revealed by Secretome Analysis of Phylogenetically Related Endophytic and Pathogenic Fungi – Xihui Xu – PLOS ONE

Fungal Endophytes as a Metabolic Fine-Tuning Regulator for Wine Grape – Ming-Zhi Yang – PLOS ONE

Water and extremophile microbiome

Groundwater shapes sediment biogeochemistry and microbial diversity in a submerged Great Lake sinkhole – L. E. Kinsman-Costello – Geobiology

Nutrient enrichment induces dormancy and decreases diversity of active bacteria in salt marsh sediments – Patrick J. Kearns – Nature Communications

Adaptive radiation by waves of gene transfer leads to fine-scale resource partitioning in marine microbes – Jan-Hendrik Hehemann – Nature Communications


The impact of sequence database choice on metaproteomic results in gut microbiota studies – Alessandro Tanca – Microbiome

More microbiology

Diluted honey inhibits biofilm formation: potential application in urinary catheter management? – Somadina Emineke – Journal of Clinical Pathology

Press: Manuka honey may help prevent life-threatening urinary infections – Simon Hendel – The Conversation
Honey May Be a Natural Way to Beat Bacteria – Alexandra Sifferlin – Time

Personalized therapeutic cocktail of wild environmental phages rescues mice from A. baumannii wound infections – James M. Regeimbal – Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Press: A Cocktail Of Wild Viruses Treats Bacterial Wound Infections In Mice – Alex Berezow – American Council on Science and Health

Microbes in the news

Chicago Shedd Aquarium Studies Microbes’ Effect on Sea Life – Illumina

The 3 Robs: NIH Funds Research to See if Gut Microbiomes of Hispanics/Latinos Influence Their Diabetes Risk – Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Antibiotic resistance can occur naturally in soil bacteria – Science Daily

Science, publishing, and career / Peer review

Author affiliation can bias peer review: Single-blind vs Double-blind Peer Review in the Setting of Author Prestige – Kanu Okike – JAMA

September 27, 2016

Pediatric multiple sclerosis,  Hydra as a microbiome model, species from bat feces, textile wastewater, and sample preparation for metabolomics.


HIV Microbiome Workshop 2016, November 17-18, 2016, NIH Campus, Bethesda, MD. Here is the program

Pregnancy and early life

Association of Chorioamnionitis with Aberrant Neonatal Gut Colonization and Adverse Clinical Outcomes – Kriti Puri – PLOS ONE

Human respiratory microbiome

Translational Aspects of the Human Respiratory Virome – Alicia B Mitchell – American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Human skin and gut microbiome

The role of skin and gut microbiota in the development of atopic eczema – T. Marrs – British Journal of Dermatology

Associations between the gut microbiota and host immune markers in pediatric multiple sclerosis and controls – Helen Tremlett – BMC Neurology

Intestinal Dysbiosis and Yeast Isolation in Stool of Subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorders – Maria Rosaria Iovene – Mycopathologia

Interactions between Obesity Status and Dietary Intake of Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Oils on Human Gut Microbiome Profiles in the Canola Oil Multicenter Intervention Trial (COMIT) – Shuaihua Pu – Frontiers in Microbiology

Review: Diet Influence on the Gut Microbiota and Dysbiosis related to Nutritional Disorders – Maryam Tidjani Alou – Human Microbiome Journal

Review: Role of the Intestinal Microbiota in Host Responses to Stressor Exposure – A.R. Mackos – International Review of Neurobiology

Review: Exploring relationships between host genome and microbiome: new insights from genome-wide association studies – Muslihudeen A. Abdul-Aziz – Frontiers in Microbiology

Animal models

Vitamin D and allergic airway disease shape the murine lung microbiome in a sex-specific manner – Michael Roggenbuck – Respiratory Research

Perspective: Transitioning from microbiome composition to microbial community interactions: the potential of the metaorganism Hydra as an experimental model – Peter Deines – Frontiers in Microbiology

Animal microbiome

BatsSpecies From Feces: Order-Wide Identification of Chiroptera From Guano and Other Non-Invasive Genetic Samples – Faith M. Walker – PLOS ONE

Symbionts modify interactions between insects and natural enemies in the field – Jan Hrček – Journal of Animal Ecology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Cultivated Sub-Populations of Soil Microbiomes Retain Early Flowering Plant Trait – Kevin Panke-Buisse – Microbial Ecology

Effects of Artificial Soil Aeration Volume and Frequency on Soil Enzyme Activity and Microbial Abundance when Cultivating Greenhouse Tomato – Yuan Li – Soil Science Society of America Journal

Water and pollution microbiome

Degradation of crude oil in a contaminated tidal flat area and the resilience of bacterial community – Jaejin Lee – Marine Pollution Bulletin

Assessing the composition of microbial communities in textile wastewater treatment plants in comparison with municipal wastewater treatment plants – Ken Meerbergen – MicrobiologyOpen


Sample preparation procedures utilized in microbial metabolomics: an overview – Małgorzata Patejko – Journal of Chromatography B

More microbiology

The quest for the minimal bacterial genome – Esteban Martínez-García – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Microbes in the news

Inaugural lecture will explore some microbes’ invisible war on humans – University of Kansas


September 26, 2016

Bifidobacteria, pathogens in oysters, root exudate cocktails.

Human mouth microbiome

Novel strategy to detect and locate periodontal pathogens: The PNA-FISH technique – Luzia Mendes – Microbiological Research

Human gut microbiome

Bifidobacteria—Insight into clinical outcomes and mechanisms of its probiotic action – Amrita Sarkar – Microbiological Research

Animal experiments

Response of germ-free mice to colonization with O. formigenes and altered Schaedler flora – Xingsheng Li – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Animal microbiome

The contribution of marine aggregate-associated bacteria to the accumulation of pathogenic bacteria in oysters: an agent-based model – Andrew M. Kramer – Ecology and Evolution

The Relative Abundance and Transcriptional Activity of Marine Sponge-Associated Microorganisms Emphasizing Groups Involved in Sulfur Cycle – Sigmund Jensen – Microbial Ecology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Root exudate cocktails: the link between plant diversity and soil microorganisms? – Katja Steinauer – Ecology and Evolution

Wastewater and pollution microbiology
Bacterial community analysis of an industrial wastewater treatment plant in Colombia with screening for lipid-degrading microorganisms – Lina Marcela Silva-Bedoya – Microbiological Research

Functional characterization and unique diversity of genes and microorganisms involved in arsenite oxidation from the tailings of a realgar mine – Xian-Chun Zeng – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

More microbes

Forum: Bacteria Are Smartphones and Mobile Genes Are Apps – J. Peter W. Young – Trends in Microbiology

Microbes in the news

How the Air Force Will Attack Its Tiniest Enemy: Plane-Corroding Bacteria – Eric Tegler – Popular Mechanics

Tiny Bacteria Are Eating America’s Fighter Jets – David Tracy – Foxtrotalpha

Body fat link to bacteria in faeces – BBC

Prof Emphasizes Importance of Microbiomes in Regulating Human Health – Shruti Juneha – The Cornell Daily Sun

Does this 25 year-old hold the key to winning the war against superbugs? – Nicola Smith –

Kissing chickens is bad for your health, CDC warns – Karin Brulliard – Washington Post

September 25, 2016

Skin microbiome of captive bats, grazing copepods, Qatari Barchan sand dunes, globally abundant ocean viruses, odor production from pig slurry, stone monuments, and the best studied estuary in the world.

Human vaginal microbiome

Review: The vaginal mycobiome: a poorly understood contributor to women’s health and diseases – L. Latéy Bradford – Virulence

Human gut (and some respiratory too!) microbiome

Gut microbiota and Toll-like receptors set the stage for cytokine-mediated failure of antibacterial responses in the fibrotic liver – Christian Kuntzen – Gut

Collaborating with the American Gut Project: Integrating citizen science with online learning to ask better questions – Vineet Pandey – Arxiv
ReviewGut microbiota, 1013 new pieces in the Parkinson’s disease puzzle – Filip Scheperjans – Current Opinion in Neurology

Review: The CF gastrointestinal microbiome: Structure and clinical impact – Geraint B. Rogers – Pediatric Pulmonology

Review: Advances in the Microbiome: Applications to Clostridium difficile Infection – Eamonn P. Culligan – MDPI Journal of Clinical Medicine

Review: Colonic biogeography in health and ulcerative colitis – Aonghus Lavelle = Gut Microbes

Animal microbiome

Environment and host species shape the skin microbiome of captive neotropical bats – Virginie Lemieux-Labonté – PeerJ

West African Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes harbor a taxonomically diverse virome including new insect-specific flaviviruses, mononegaviruses, and totiviruses – Joseph R. Fauver – Virology

Metabarcoding and metabolome analysis of copepod grazing reveals feeding preference and linkage to metabolite classes in dynamic microbial plankton communities – Jessica L. Ray – Molecular Ecology

Review: Harnessing host-vector microbiome for sustainable plant disease management of phloem-limited bacteria – Pankaj Trivedi – Frontiers in Plant Science

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Microbial Characterization of Qatari Barchan Sand Dunes – Sara Abdul Majid – PLOS ONE

Elevated CO2 causes a change in microbial communities of rhizosphere and bulk soil of salt marsh system – Seung-Hoon Lee – Applied Soil Ecology

Foliar fungal communities strongly differ between habitat patches in a landscape mosaic – Thomas Fort – PeerJ Preprint

Biosignatures and microbial fossils in endolithic microbial communities colonizing Ca-sulfate crusts in the Atacama Desert – Beatríz Cámara – Chemical Geology

Lettuce and rhizosphere microbiome responses to growth promoting Pseudomonas species under field conditions – Matheus A. P. Cipriano – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Water and extremophile microbiome

Ecogenomics and potential biogeochemical impacts of globally abundant ocean viruses – Simon Roux – Nature

Viable cold-tolerant iron-reducing microorganisms in geographically-isolated subglacial environments – Sophie L. Nixon – Biogeosciences

The Colne Estuary: A Long-Term Microbial Ecology Observatory – D.B. Nedwell – Advances in Ecological Research

Water mass mixing shapes bacterial biogeography in a highly hydrodynamic region of the Southern Ocean – Víctor Hernando-Morales – Environmental Microbiology

Bioreactor microbiology

Effect of Storage Period on the Changes of Odorous Compound Concentrations and Bacterial Ecology for Identifying the Cause of Odor Production from Pig Slurry – Ok Hwa Hwang – PLOS ONE

The type of carbohydrates specifically selects microbial community structures and fermentation patterns – Lucile Chatellard – Bioresource Technology

Built environment microbiome

Distribution and Diversity of Bacteria and Fungi Colonization in Stone Monuments Analyzed by High-Throughput Sequencing – Qiang Li – PLOS ONE


Towards quantitative mass spectrometry-based metabolomics in microbial and mammalian systems – Rahul Vijay Kapoore – Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A

Bioinformatics and metagenomics

IMNGS: A comprehensive open resource of processed 16S rRNA microbial profiles for ecology and diversity studies – Ilias Lagkouvardos – Scientific Reports

Microbes in the news

“I can’t eat that” or how our microbiome influences our dietary restrictions – Monika Buczek – ASM

Could ants be the solution to antibiotic crisis? – Robin McKie – The Guardian

End of Superbug? Researchers Discover Star-Shaped Molecule That Could Kill Superbug – A. Vila – Nature World News

Science, publishing, and career

Wrap up from Gender Bias Under the Microscope #rfusymposium – Jonathan Eisen – The Tree of Life

September 24, 2016

Eye microbiome, malnutrition and rotavirus, edible insects, vineyard management, and drones.

Human eye / skin microbiome

Impact of Microbiota on Resistance to Ocular Pseudomonas aeruginosa-Induced Keratitis – Abirami Kugadas – PLOS Pathogens

Press (scroll to halfway the page to read this item): Lab chat: Eye bacteria and contact lenses  – Megan Thielking – STAT News

Human gut microbiome

Malnutrition Is Associated with Protection from Rotavirus Diarrhea: Evidence from a Longitudinal Birth Cohort Study in Bangladesh – Hans Verkerke – Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Animal models

Immunosuppression, peripheral inflammation and invasive infection from endogenous gut microbiota activate retinal microglia in mouse models – Victoria Maneu – Microbiology and Immunology

Animal microbiome

Phenological asynchrony between host plant and gypsy moth reduces insect gut microbiota and susceptibility to Bacillus thuringiensis – Vyacheslav V. Martemyanov – Ecology and Evolution

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Vineyard soil bacterial diversity and composition revealed by 16S rRNA genes: Differentiation by vineyard management – Kayla N. Burns – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Fungal community composition in soils subjected to long-term chemical fertilization is most influenced by the type of organic matter – Ruibo Sun – Environmental Microbiology

Change in soil fungal community structure driven by a decline in ectomycorrhizal fungi following a mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) outbreak – Gregory J. Pec – New Phytologist

Water microbiome

Dense water plumes modulate richness and productivity of deep sea microbes – Gian Marco Luna – Environmental Microbiology

Food microbiology

The microbiota of marketed processed edible insects as revealed by high-throughput sequencing – Cristiana Garofalo – Food Microbiology

Metagenomics reveals flavour metabolic network of cereal vinegar microbiota – Linhuan Wu – Food Microbiology


Detection of food and skin pathogen microbiota by means of an electronic nose based on metal oxide chemiresistors – Estefanía Núñez Carmona – Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical

A one-step matrix application method for MALDI mass spectrometry imaging of bacterial colony biofilms – Bin Li – Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Microbial ecology

The biogeography of kin discrimination across microbial neighbourhoods – Susanne A. Kraemer – Molecular Ecology

More microbiology

Microbes can flyDrone Transport of Microbes in Blood and Sputum Laboratory Specimens – Timothy K. Amukele – Journal of Clinical Microbiology

Microbes in the news

New CDC Report Shows One Quarter of Contact Lens-related Eye Infections Due to Improper Use, Modifiable Factors – PR Web

Extremely rare US leprosy case found in California elementary school student – Andrew Dalton – STAT News

How Can Science Benefit from Microbes on the ISS? – Jessica F – Nature World News

New Research Indicates Alzheimer’s and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases Are Contagious – PR Newswire

Deadly Viruses and Bacteria Mistakenly Shipped 21 Times – R. Jeffrey Smith – The Daily Beast

Science, publishing, and career

Meet the world’s top peer reviewer: Jonas Ranstam – Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus – STAT News

September 23, 2016

Microbial dysbiosis in familial Crohn’s Disease, probiotic treatment of captive Colorado Toads, microbiome forecasting in the ocean, a new r package for phylogenetic trees, and MacArthur winner Dianne Newman.

General microbiome

Classic Spotlight: 16S rRNA Redefines Microbiology – Igor B. Zhulin – Journal of Bacteriology

Human vaginal microbiome

Microbiome Composition and Function Drives Wound-Healing Impairment in the Female Genital Tract – Alexander S. Zevin – PLOS Pathogens

Human respiratory microbiome

Clinical implications of microbial biofilms in chronic rhinosinusitis and orbital cellulitis – Niranjan Nayak – BMC Ophthalmology

Human gut microbiome

Bacteriome and Mycobiome Interactions Underscore Microbial Dysbiosis in Familial Crohn’s Disease – G. Hoarau – mBio

Prebiotic Effects of Xylooligosaccharides on the Improvement of Microbiota Balance in Human Subjects – Shyh-Hsiang Lin – Gastroenterology Research and Practice

Metformin and the Gut Microbiome in Diabetes – Sridevi Devaraj – Clinical Chemistry

Classic Spotlight: Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, Starch Utilization, and the Birth of the Microbiome Era – George A. O’Toole – Journal of Bacteriology

Review: The human microbiome and juvenile idiopathic arthritis – Anouk Verwoerd – Pediatric Rheumatology

Animal experiments

A secreted bacterial peptidoglycan hydrolase enhances tolerance to enteric pathogens – Kavita J. Rangan – Science

Animal microbiome

Probiotic treatment restores protection against lethal fungal infection lost during amphibian captivity – Jordan G. Kueneman – Proceedings of the Royal Society B

Press: Probiotic treatment protects endangered Colorado toads from lethal fungal infection – University of Colorado Boulder

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Microbial nitrification in throughfall of a Japanese cedar associated with archaea from the tree canopy – Keiji Watanabe – Springer Plus

Spatial heterogeneity of physicochemical properties explains differences in microbial composition in arid soils from Cuatro Cienegas, Mexico – Silvia Pajares – PeerJ

Taxonomic resolution is a determinant of biodiversity effects in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities – Haishui Yang – Journal of Ecology

Water microbiome

Integrating biogeochemistry with multiomic sequence information in a model oxygen minimum zone – Stilianos Louca – PNAS

New model could point way to microbiome forecasting in the ocean – Science Daily

Built environment microbiome

Buzz Off! An Evaluation of Ultrasonic Acoustic Vibration for the Disruption of Marine Microorganisms on Sensor Housing Materials – Jonathan S. McQuillan – Letters in Applied Microbiology

Bioinformatics and metagenomics

MetaMLST: multi-locus strain-level bacterial typing from metagenomic samples – Moreno Zolfo – Nucleic Acids Resarch

ggtree: an r package for visualization and annotation of phylogenetic trees with their covariates and other associated data – Guangchuang Yu – Methods in Ecology and Evolution


This article is not about primer barcodes, but compares 16S rRNA V6 PCR/454 sequencing to V4 PCR/Illumina sequencing:
Choice of molecular barcode will affect species prevalence but not bacterial community composition – Karen Lebret – Marine Genomics

Webinar | Combating the “garbage-in-garbage-out” paradigm: The importance of library prep in next-gen sequencing workflows – Maura Costello – Science

Microbes in the news

Bacteria have sculpted the world we live in, and that’s why MacArthur winner Dianne Newman studies them – Deborah Netburn – LA Times

Book Review: “Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World” provides suggestions for a microbially rich and healthy childhood – Anne Estes – Mostly Microbes

Professionally printed version of Gut Check:The Microbiome Game available for a limited time from MOBIO. See below for a chance to win a free copy! – Anne Estes – Mostly Microbes

New Research Collaboration Explores Microbiome of the Space Station – Astrobiology Magazine

Swarms of magnetic bacteria could be used to deliver drugs to tumors – Science Daily

How do antibiotic-resistant bacteria get into the environment? – Suzanne Young and Valerie Harwood – The Conversation

Using bacteria to clean up oil – Anmar Frangoul – CNBC

Penn: Plant-made Antimicrobial Peptide Targets Dental Plaque and Gum Tissues – Penn News

Bacteria Hysteria

Note: little science here other than a 1997 paper, but lots of promotion for a certain manufacturer of stainless steel coffee mugs. Proceed with caution:
You should be washing your coffee mug way more than you think – Melia Robinson – Business Insider

And this one quotes a study from 1994, which looked at plant-based, not plastic sponges that were deliberately inoculated with pathogens. Proceed with caution:
Loofahs Have More Bacteria Than You Think — In Fact, You Should Probably Throw Yours Out – Lily Feinn – Bustle

Science, publishing, and career

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan announce $3 billion effort aimed at curing disease – Shayla Love – STAT News

With some of my tweets!
A future without women – no female Future Prize nominees – Carla Bleiker – Deutsche Welle

September 22, 2016

Jobs at Second Genome, endohyphal bacteria in fungi on tropical seeds and leaves, designing buildings to house our germs.

Jobs and events

Second Genome (San Francisco, CA) is hiring.

Southern California Microbiome Symposium – Connections to the Environment and Health – Sept 23, UC Irvine

Human gut microbiome

Review: Current Hypothesis for the Relationship between Dietary Rice Bran Intake, the Intestinal Microbiota and Colorectal Cancer Prevention – Winnie K. W. So – MDPI Nutrients

Animal models

Temporal Development of Gut Microbiota in Triclocarban Exposed Pregnant and Neonatal Rats – Rebekah C. Kennedy – Scientific Reports

Animal microbiome

Parasitic Infection by Pseudocapillaria tomentosa is Associated with a Longitudinal Restructuring of the Zebrafish Gut Microbiome – Christopher A Gaulke – bioRxiv

Biology, Pest Status, Microbiome and Control of Kudzu Bug (Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Plataspidae): A New Invasive Pest in the U.S. – Anirudh Dhammi – International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

A Hardy Plant Facilitates Nitrogen Removal via Microbial Communities in Subsurface Flow Constructed Wetlands in Winter – Penghe Wang – Scientific Reports

Diversity, Specificity, and Phylogenetic Relationships of Endohyphal Bacteria in Fungi That Inhabit Tropical Seeds and Leaves – Justin P. Shaffer – Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution

More microbiology

Nuclear pore-like structures in a compartmentalized bacterium – Evgeny Sagulenko – bioRxiv

Review: Molecular microbiology methods for environmental diagnosis – T. Bouchez – Environmental Chemistry Letters

Self-healing cementitious materials based on bacteria and nutrients immobilized respectively – Huaicheng Chen – Construction and Building Materials


An Enteric Micromotor Can Selectively Position and Spontaneously Propel in the Gastrointestinal Tract – Jinxing Li – ACS Nano

Microbes in the news

Black Slime Is Coating World Monuments—And That May Be Good – Michelle Z. Donahue – National Geographic

Designing Buildings to House Our Favorite Germs – Melissa Pandika – Ozy

Very cool talks: Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes #LAMG16: Day 3 – David Coil – MicroBEnet

Prairies Yield Clues for Antibiotic Resistance – AgResearch Magazine

Genetically Engineered Bacteria Can Grow Food, Forks on Mars – Jacqueline Ronson –

CosmoCrops! – The 2016 winners of the Nordic Mini-Jamboree! – Copenhagen University iGEM
UW Medical Center takes action after finding bacteria in medical devices – Coral Garnick – BizJournals

Gut bacteria explain insects’ tolerance to a toxic diet – Science Daily

A field guide to dangerous bacteria – Tabletopwhale

Science, publishing, and career

The natural selection of bad science – Paul E. Smaldino – Royal Society Open Science

Press: The Inevitable Evolution of Bad Science – Ed Yong – The Atlantic

Salaries: Reality check: A feeling that good performance is not adequately rewarded is pervading the research world – Chris Woolston – Nature Careers