January 14, 2021

Greetings from Pittsburgh!

Today’s digest contains lots of microbial ecology articles focused on everything from the impacts of sleep on dental biofilm to the response of soil microbiota to high petroleum pollution. Also included are two articles focused on insect-plant interactions, with the first focusing on gall induction in insects and the second on the intestinal microbiota of the pine defoliator C. chuxiongica.

General microbiome

Novel cyanotoxin-producing Synechococcus in tropical lakes – Yew-Hoong et al. – Water Research

Multi-site human microbiome

Impacts of sleep on the characteristics of dental biofilm – Sotozono et al. – Scientific Reports

Animal experiments

Dysbiosis of rat vagina is efficiently rescued by the vaginal microbiota transplantation or probiotic combination: Vaginal microbiota transplantation rescues dysbiosis in rat vagina – Chen et al. – International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents

Are bacterial symbionts associated with gall induction in insects? – Hammer et al. – Arthropod-Plant Interactions

The diversity and function of intestinal microorganisms in four geographic Cephalcia chuxiongica (a pine defoliator) populations – Yu et al. – Journal of Applied Entomology

Animal microbiome

Linking bacterial communities associated with the environment and the ecosystem engineer Orchestia gammarellus at contrasting salt marsh elevations – Hernández et al. – Microbial Ecology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Response of bacterial and fungal communities to high petroleum pollution in different soils – Galitskaya et al. – Scientific Reports

Enzyme additives influence bacterial communities of Medicago sativa silage as determined by Illumina sequencing – Hu et al. – AMB Express

First reported quantitative microbiota in different livestock manures used as organic fertilizers in the Northeast of Thailand – Wongsaroj et al. – Scientific Reports

Water and extremophile microbiome

Coastal bacterial community response to glacier melting in the Western Antarctic Peninsula – Alcamán-Arias et al. – Microorganisms

Microbial necromass formation, enzyme activities and community structure in two alpine elevation gradients with different bedrock types – Bhople et al. – Geoderma

Exploring the taxonomical and functional profile of As Burgas hot spring focusing on thermostable β-galactosidases – DeCastro et al. – Scientific Reports

The effect of an adsorbent matrix on recovery of microorganisms from hydrocarbon-contaminated groundwater – Taylor et al. – Microorganisms

Built environment

Electrochemical performance and response of bacterial community during phenanthrene degradation in single-chamber air-cathode microbial fuel cells – Hua et al. – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Food microbiology

Combination of Flos Sophorae and chili pepper as a nitrite alternative improves the antioxidant, microbial communities and quality traits in Chinese sausages – Tang et al. – Food Research International

December 31, 2020

General microbiome

Review: Brain-gut axis: From the conditioned reflex to the microbiota-gut-brain communication system – Klara Gyires – Integrative Physiology

Human skin microbiome

Microbiological profile of diabetic foot ulcers in Kuwait – Asma Alhubail – PLOS ONE

Human respiratory microbiome

The airways microbiome of individuals with asthma treated with high and low doses of inhaled corticosteroids – Matthew J Martin – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

The beneficial or detrimental fluoride to gut microbiota depends on its dosages – Guijie Chen – Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Review: Synthetic Gut Microbiome: Advances and Challenges – Humphrey A. Mabwi – Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal

Review: Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis as a Regulator of Reward Process – Rubén García-Cabrerizo – Journal of Neurochemistry

Review: Modulatory effects of gut microbiome in cancer immunotherapy: A novel paradigm for blockade of immune checkpoint inhibitors – Sama Rezasoltani – Cancer Medicine

Animal experiments

Effects of heat-killed Enterococcus faecalis T-110 supplementation on gut immunity, gut flora, and intestinal infection in naturally aged hamsters – Takio Inatomi – PLOS ONE

Nasal Tissue Extraction Is Essential for Characterization of the Murine Upper Respiratory Tract Microbiota – L Patrick Schenck – mSphere

Animal microbiome

Review: Gut microbiota of animals living in polluted environments are a potential resource of anticancer molecules – Morhanavallee Soopramanien – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Metabarcoding on both environmental DNA and RNA highlights differences between fungal communities sampled in different habitats  – Martino Adamo – PLOS ONE

Changes in microbial communities at different soil depths through the first rainy season following severe wildfire in North China artificial Pinus tabulaeformis forest – Qianqian Qin – Journal of Environment Management

Shifts in a Phenanthrene-Degrading Microbial Community are Driven by Carbohydrate Metabolism Selection in a Ryegrass Rhizosphere – Longfei Jiang – ACS

Forest gaps mediate the structure and function of the soil microbial community in a Castanopsis kawakamii forest – Xuelin Wang – Ecological Indicators

Review: Herbicide bioremediation: from strains to bacterial communities – Marcos Pileggi – Heliyon

Spatial scale structure soil bacterial communities across an Arctic landscape – Lucie A Malard – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Metagenomic Analysis of Rhizosphere Bacteria in Desert Plant Calotropis procera – Ahmed M Ramadan

Water and extremophile microbiome

Archaeal communities of low and high microbial abundance sponges inhabiting the remote western Indian Ocean island of Mayotte – Ana Rita Moura Polónia – Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Preprint: Novel integrative elements and genomic plasticity in ocean ecosystems – Thomas Hackl – bioRxiv

Food microbiology

The diversity of microbial communities in Chinese milk fan and their effects on volatile organic compound profiles – Chen Chen – Journal of Dairy Science

Characterizing Relationship of Microbial Community in Xiaoqu and Volatiles of Light-aroma-type Xiaoqu Baijiu – Zhe Wang – Food Science and Technology Research

Virus and phages

Acquisition, prevalence and clearance of type-specific human papillomavirus infections in young sexually active Indian women: A community-based multicentric cohort study – Richard Muwonge – PLOS ONE


Informed sequential pooling approach to detect SARS-CoV-2 infection – Renato Millioni – PLOS ONE

Thesis: Statistical Methods for Longitudinal Data Analysis and Reproducible Feature Selection in – Lingjing Jiang – UC San Diego Electronic Theses and Dissertations

MicroGMT: A Mutation Tracker for SARS-CoV-2 and Other Microbial Genome Sequences – Yue Xing – Frontiers in Microbiology

Microbes and evolution

Long-term experimental evolution of HIV-1 reveals effects of environment and mutational history – Eva Brons – PLOS BIOLOGY

The role of Ulva fasciata in the evolution of the microbial community and antibiotic resistance genes in maricultural sediments – Yuqin Luo – Marine Pollution Bulletin

Preprint: The Diversity and Evolution of Microbial Dissimilatory Phosphite Oxidation – Sophia D Ewens – bioRxiv

Microbes in the news

Synthetic Biologics Inc. (SYN) Soars 5.43% on December 25 – equities.com

The Brain, Gut and Consciousness: Microbiology of Our Mind – Inquiries Journal

Non-microbiology pick

Preprint: National Institutes of Health Institute and Center Award Rates and Funding Disparities – Michael S Lauer – bioRxiv

Communicating risk in human-wildlife interactions: How stories and images move minds – Sarah K Guenther – PLOS ONE

December 30, 2020

Have a good day! Greetings from Santiago, Chile.  Today, in this Digest: a set of papers about the microbiome-gut-brain axis, as well as a couple of studies about vaginal microbiota. We have also some articles about the microbiome of dogs and turtles, as well as a study about the relationship between microplastic and shrimp microbiota. Finally, we have also some articles about new tools for microbiome analysis, and best practices for developing microbiomics methods.

P.S.: As a member of the MD Team, I want to wish Dr. Bik and all the other members of the Team, a Happy New Year, hoping this 2021 could be much better than this challenging 2020. 

And, of course, thanks to everyone who visits us and share our posts! Happy New Year!

Human and General Microbiome

Review: The intervention of unique plant polysaccharides – Dietary fiber on depression from the gut-brain axis – Ying Sun  – International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Review: Effects of Metformin on the Gut Microbiota in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus –  Zhang and Hu – Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy 

Review: Microbiota-Gut-Brain Axis as a Regulator of Reward Processes – Rubén García‐Cabrerizo – Journal of Neurochemistry

Review: Gut microbiota and systemic immunity in health and disease – Bernard C Lo – International Immunology

The alteration and potential relationship of vaginal microbiota and chemokines for unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion – Fan, Tao MM – Medicine

Oral microbiota and atherothrombotic carotid plaque vulnerability in periodontitis patients. A cross-sectional study – Adrian Brun – Journal of Periodontal Research

Comparison of the vaginal microbiota in postmenopausal Black and White women – Patricia L Hudson – The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Effect of storage, temperature, and extraction kit on the phylogenetic composition detected in the human milk microbiota – Katriona E. Lyons – MicrobiologyOpen

Gut Microbiome Profile After Pancreatectomy in Infants With Congenital Hyperinsulinism – Mary Ellen  Vajravelu – Pancreas 

The beneficial or detrimental fluoride to gut microbiota depends on its dosages – Guijie Chen – Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

A cross-species interaction with a symbiotic commensal enables cell-density-dependent growth and in vivo virulence of an oral pathogen – Anilei Hoare – The ISME Journal 

Model and non-model animal microbiome

Neutrophil elastase inhibitor (MPH-966) improves intestinal mucosal damage and gut microbiota in a mouse model of 5-fluorouracil-induced intestinal mucositis – Kung-Ju Chen – Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy

Graded Dietary Resistant Starch Concentrations on Apparent Total Tract Macronutrient Digestibility and Fecal Fermentative End-Products and Microbial Populations of Healthy Adult Dogs – Alison N Beloshapka – Journal of Animal Science

Consistent patterns in 16S and 18S microbial diversity from the shells of the common and widespread red-eared slider turtle (Trachemys scripta) – Matthew Parks – PLoS One

A preliminary study of the association between colonization of microorganism on microplastics and intestinal microbiota in shrimp under natural conditions – Muting Yan –  Journal of Hazardous Materials

Into the sea: Antimicrobial resistance determinants in the microbiota of little penguins (Eudyptula minor) – Ida C. Lundbäck – Infection, Genetics and Evolution 

Other Microbiome studies

Microbiome Yarns: bacterial predators, tissue tropism and molecular decoys – Kenneth Timmis – Microbial Biotechnology

Microbiota succession during aerobic stability of maize silage inoculated with Lentilactobacillus buchneri NCIMB 40788 and Lentilactobacillus hilgardii CNCM-I-4785 – Pascal Drouin – MicrobiologyOpen

Temporal and spatial interactions modulate the soybean microbiome – Itumeleng Moroenyane – FEMS Microbiology Ecology (Itumeleng is a past member of the MD Team)

Bioinformatics and Microbiome Analysis

Measuring the microbiome: Best practices for developing and benchmarking microbiomics methods – Nicholas A.Bokulich – Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 

Metage2Metabo, microbiota-scale metabolic complementarity for the identication of key species – Arnaud Belcour – eLife

Compositional zero-inflated network estimation for microbiome data – Min Jin Ha – BMC Bioinformatics

December 18, 2020

Greetings from cold and snowy Pittsburgh!

As I type this, my housemate (who is an essential healthcare worker) should be getting the first dose of her COVID-19 vaccine! Although I’m not sure what the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines is expected to look like, today’s digest includes an article mapping routine measles vaccination coverage in low- and middle- income countries. I’ve also highlighted a few interesting environmental microbiology preprints, including one on the role of ecosystem engineers in shaping arid soil bacterial communities.

Happy holidays and happy reading!

Events and jobs

Danone North America Gut Microbiome, Yogurt and Probiotics Fellowship Grant – Applications for the 2020-2021 grant are currently open and are due on February 24, 2021.

General microbiome

Mapping routine measles vaccination in low- and middle-income countries – Local Burden of Disease Vaccine Coverage Collaborators – Nature

The functional proteome landscape of Escherichia coli – Mateus et al. – Nature

Preprint: Niche and local geography shape the pangenome of wastewater- and livestock-associated Enterobacteriaceae – Shaw et al. – bioRxiv

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Preprint: The role of ecosystem engineers in shaping the diversity and function of arid soil bacterial communities – Baubin et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: Environmental interactions with amoebae as drivers of bacterial-fungal endosymbiosis and pathogenicity – Itabangi et al. – bioRxiv

December 15, 2020

Hi all! We’ve only got a handful of articles for you today. Rather than focus on any one paper, I wanted to highlight the two faculty position postings linked below.

The first is a position to study host-associated microbiomes in a ‘wild’ context at the University of Calgary. The successful applicant would be joining an incredible group of microbiome researchers at the University of Calgary and would be well positioned to leverage the newly created ‘International Microbiome Centre’ (https://imc.ucalgary.ca/).

The second position is a tenure-track position for research on plant-microbe interactions. Again, seems like a good chance to join a great community of researchers in state-of-the-art facilities.

University of Calgary: Canada Research Chair (Tier II) in Wild Microbiome Research, Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Cumming School of Medicine – Deadline: Jan 15th 2021

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam: Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Microbe Interactions – Deadline: Jan 8th 2021

Animal experiments
Recovery of gut microbiota in mice exposed to tetracycline hydrochloride and their correlation with host metabolism – Zhao et al. – Ecotoxicology

Spatial and temporal organization of jejunal microbiota in goats during animal development process – Zhang et al. – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Animal microbiome
The effects of high-density polyethylene and polypropylene microplastics on the soil and earthworm Metaphire guillelmi gut microbiota – Cheng et al. – Chemosphere

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
The bacterial communities of surface soils from desert sites in the eastern Utah (USA) portion of the Colorado Plateau – Osman et al. – Microbiological Research

Agricultural Soil Management Practices Differentially Shape the Bacterial and Fungal Microbiome of Sorghum bicolor – Wipf et al. – Applied and Environmental Micorbiology

Arid Ecosystem Vegetation Canopy-Gap Dichotomy: Influence on Soil Microbial Composition and Nutrient Cycling Functional Potential – Kushwaha et al. – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Environmental methane emissions from seagrass wrack and evaluation of salinity effect on microbial community composition – Misson et al. – Journal of Cleaner Production

Water and extremophile microbiome
Characterization of sediment microbial communities at two sites with low hydrocarbon pollution in the southeast Gulf of Mexico – Suárez-Moo et al. – PeerJ

Taxonomic composition and seasonal dynamics of the air microbiome in West Siberia – Gusareva et al. – Scientific Reports

Built environment
Diversity and functional prediction of microbial communities involved in the first aerobic bioreactor of coking wastewater treatment system – Deng et al. – PLoS One

A novel 3D in vitro model of the human gut microbiota – Biagini et al. – Scientific Reports

December 14th, 2020

God morgon!

Good morning from Sweden.

Mondays are generally light on scientific articles, except for some preprints from Biorxiv. However, the Biorxiv server seems to be down today, so today’s digest mainly focuses on popular News from the world of microbiome.

Often people are confused between ‘probiotics’ and ‘prebiotics’ and their respective benefits. Well, say no more as there is a super nice article explaining both in details! There is an expert interview where the concept of ‘healthy gut microbiome’ is discussed. This might come as a reality check for a lot of people who hold certain beliefs about the microbiome (which aren’t true!).

Also included is an article that talks about the link between gut microbiome and depression. Talking about depression, Vitamin D deficiency is one of the major driving factors of depression. A yet another article reveals how Vit. D absorption is affected by the gut microbiome and how you can maximize your Vit. D absorption (something of utmost importance in dark winters up here!).

I hope you’ll enjoy reading today’s ‘different’ digest!

Microbiome in News

prebiotics vs. probiotics : What is difference — and how to add both to your diet to boost gut health, Broadcast Cover

Using Microbiome Explorer application to analyze amplicon sequencing data, Bioconductor

Gut bacteria linked to endocannabinoid levels and depression, New Atlas

What does a ‘healthy gut microbiome’ look like? In conversation with Danone VP scientific affairs, Dr Miguel Freitas, Food Navigator-USA

You Might Not Absorb as Much Vitamin D as You Think—Here’s How to Maximize the Process, MSN Lifestyle

December 3, 2020

A brief digest for today!! Happy reading!!

General microbiome
Polyester microfiber and natural organic matter impact microbial communities, carbon-degraded enzymes, and carbon accumulation in a clayey soil – Guo et al – Journal of Hazardous Materials

Neglected effect of gas atmosphere on hydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells – Cui et al – Science of The Total Environment

Multi-site human microbiome
A Role for the Microbiota in the Immune Phenotype Alteration Associated with the Induction of Disease Tolerance and Persistent Asymptomatic Infection of Salmonella in the Chicken – Lee et al – Microorganisms

Human gut microbiome
Review: Sleep and Circadian Disruption and the Gut Microbiome-Possible Links to Dysregulated Metabolism – Withrow et al – Current Opinion in Endocrine and Metabolic Research

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
Composition and functional comparison of vetiver root endophytic microbiota originating from different geographic locations that show antagonistic activity towards Fusarium graminearum – Munakata et al – Microbiological Research

Microbiota Diversity Change as Quality Indicator of Soils Exposed to Intensive Periurban Agriculture – Raiger Iustman et al – Current Microbiology

November 26, 2020

Greetings from Pittsburgh!

Today’s digest is heavy on environmental microbiology work, especially plant, root, and soil microbiome studies. I also want to highlight a fun research paper (and paired Wired article) on the microbiome of da Vinci’s drawings.

Happy reading! And for all of those in the U.S. who are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, please be safe and follow all local COVID precautions.

Multi-site human microbiome

Mycobiome changes in the vitreous of post fever retinitis patients – Arunasri et al. – PLOS ONE

Review: Metabolomics analysis of microbiota-gut-brain axis in neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases – Konjevod et al. – Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis

Animal experiments

Cerumen microbial community shifts between healthy and otitis affected dogs – Borriello et al. – PLOS ONE

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

The difference between cellulolytic ‘culturomes’ and microbiomes inhabiting two contrasting soil types – Evdokimova et al. – PLOS ONE

Diversity of bacteria populations associated with different thallus regions of the brown alga Laminaria digitata – Ihua et al. – PLOS ONE

High nitrogen concentration alter microbial community in Allium fistulosum rhizosphere – Zhao et al. – PLOS ONE

Diversity, function and assembly of mangrove root-associated microbial communities at a continuous fine-scale – Zhuang et al. – npj Biofilms and Microbiomes

Water and extremophile microbiome

Shifts in methanogenic archaea communities and methane dynamics along a subtropical estuarine land use gradient – Euler et al. – PLOS ONE

Built environment

**The microbiome of Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings: A bio-archive of their history – Piñar et al. – Frontiers in Microbiology

Microbes in the news

**Meet the microbes living on Da Vinci’s iconic sketches – Simon – Wired

Science, publishing, and career

Postdocs under pressure: ‘Can I even do this any more?’ – Woolston – Nature

November 24, 2020

Good morning from Western New York! Today’s publication features more interesting associations of the gut microbiome with disease states including Acute Gastritis, Parkinson’s Disease and Stroke. There are 2 other links involving gut dysbiosis playing roles in the development of COPD. Finally, albeit on a bit of a tangential line, I have included an interesting article from the Journal of Cosmology on The Seeding of Life In The Solar System. Enjoy reading and have a great day!


Utilizing microbiome approaches to assist source tracking, treatment and prevention of COVID-19: Review and Assessment -M Han, et al. – Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal

Severe COVID-19, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, and Kawasaki disease: immunological mechanisms, clinical manifestations and management – J Kabeerdoss, et al. – Rheumatology International

Preprint: Universally available herbal teas based on sage and perilla elicit potent antiviral activity against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro– Vu Thuy Khanh Le-Trilling, et al. – bioRxiv


Amoebae in Chronic, Polymicrobial Endodontic Infections Are Associated with Altered Microbial Communities of Increased Virulence – G Koller, et al. – Journal of Clinical Medicine


Biological approaches practised using genetically engineered microbes for a sustainable environment: A review – G Pant, et al. – Journal of Hazardous Materials


Autoimmune Gastritis and Gastric Microbiota – L Conti, et al. – Microorganisms

Preprint: Alterations and Association of Fecal Microbiota and Amino Acids in Parkinson’s Patients– Z Yan, et al. – Research Square

The Gut Ecosystem: A Critical Player in Stroke-RD Jiménez, C Benakis – NeuroMolecular Medicine


News Article: Gut-lung axis: Intestinal microbiome and metabolite changes may be linked to COPD, reveals studyFirstpost

News Article:COPD: What role does the microbiome play? Medical News Today


Perfluorooctanoic acid-induced liver injury is potentially associated with gut microbiota dysbiosis– G Wang, et al. – Chemosphere


The Life Hidden Inside Caves: Ecological and Economic Importance of Bat Guano– S Sakoui, et al. – International Journal of Ecology


Harnessing the Genetic Diversity and Metabolic Potential of Extremophilic Microorganisms through the Integration of Metagenomics and Single-Cell Genomics– D Goyal, et al. – Extremophilic Microbes and Metabolites-Diversity …


Critical Review: Propensity of Premise Plumbing Pipe Materials to Enhance or Diminish Growth of Legionella and Other Opportunistic Pathogens – AC Cullom, et al. – Pathogens


Seeding the Solar System with Life: Earth, Venus, Mars, Moon, Protoplanets – R Joseph, et al. – Journal of Cosmology


Autochthonous faecal viral transfer (FVT) impacts the murine microbiome after antibiotic perturbation– LA Draper, et al. – BMC Biology


Review: Role of the CRISPR Technique in Decoding the Principles of Quorum Sensing – M Salaria, et al. – Quorum Sensing : Microbial Rules of Life

November 15, 2020

We’ve got a short digest for you all today. In particular, I’d recommend checking out Glowacki and Martens who’ve written a nice review of the polysaccharide utilization loci observed in bacterial members of the human microbiome (with a special emphasis on Bacteroides). Mhuireach, Wilson, and Johnson’s recent paper on the urban aerobiome is a nice contribution to growing recognition that we need to begin considering our environmental microbiome, not just those microbiota residing on or within us.

General microbiome
Do seasonal microbiome changes affect infection susceptibility, contributing to seasonal disease outbreaks? – Stencel 2020 – BioEssays

Human skin microbiome
Infant skin bacterial communities vary by skin site and infant age across populations in Mexico and the United States – Manus et al. 2020 – mSystems

Human vaginal microbiome
Identification of vaginal microbial communities associated with extreme cervical shortening in pregnant women – Di Paola et a. 2020 – Journal of Clinical Medicine

Dominance network analysis of the healthy human vaginal microbiome not dominated by Lactobacillus species – Li and Ma 2020 – Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal

Adaptive response to iterative passages of five Lactobacillus species in simulated vaginal fluid – Brandt and Barrangou 2020 – BMC Microbiology

Human gut microbiome
Gut microbiota and metabolic health among overweight and obese individuals – Kim et al. 2020 – Scientific Reports

Developmental differences in the intestinal microbiota of Chinese 1-year-old infants and 4-year-old children – Guo et al. 2020 – Scientific Reports

If you eat it, or secrete it, they will grow: the expanding list of nutrients utilized by human gut bacteria – Glowacki and Martens 2020 – Journal of Bacteriology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
No apparent effect of invasive alien goldenrod on soil microbial communities or soil fauna feeding activity – Klimek et al. 2020 – Acta Oecologica

The role of secretion systems, effectors, and secondary metabolites of beneficial rhizobacteria in interactions with plants and microbes – Lucke, Correa, and Levy 2020 – Frontiers in Plant Science

Water and extremophile microbiome
Chemical profiling provides insights into the metabolic machinery of hydrocarbon-degrading deep-sea microbes – Moreno-Ulloa et al. 2020 – mSystems

Built environment
Urban aerobiomes are influenced by season, vegetation, and individual site characteristics – Mhuireach, Wilson, and Johnson 2020 – EcoHealth