January 24, 2020

Have a nice weekend! Today in this Digest, we have several papers about different interventions, microbes, and compounds with positive properties. And, of course, more papers. Enjoy.


Human and General Microbiome

Review: The microbiota and the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenocortical (HPA) axis, implications for anxiety and stress disorders – Linoy Mia Frankiensztajn – Current Opinion in Neurobiology

Review: The Role of Meat Protein in Generation of Oxidative Stress and Pathophysiology of Metabolic Syndromes – Muhammad Ijaz Ahmad – Food Science of Animal Resources

Identifying determinants of bacterial fitness in a model of human gut microbial succession – Lihui Feng – PNAS

Reduced environmental bacterial load during early development and gut colonisation has detrimental health consequences in Japanese quail. – Ngare Wilkinson  – Heliyon

Review: Immunological Role of the Maternal Uterine Microbiome in Pregnancy: Pregnancies Pathologies and Alterated Microbiota – Jonah Bardos – Frontiers in Immunology

Association between the faecal short-chain fatty acid propionate and infant sleep – Anne-Louise M. Heath – European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Prenatal dietary supplements influence the infant airway microbiota in a randomized factorial clinical trial – Mathis H. Hjelmsø – Nature Communications 

Physical fitness in community-dwelling older adults is linked to dietary intake, gut microbiota, and metabolomic signatures – Josué L. Castro‐Mejía – Aging Cell

Temporal Gut Microbial Changes Predict Recurrent Clostridiodes Difficile Infection in Patients With and Without Ulcerative Colitis – Allen A Lee – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Impacts of the Plateau Environment on the Gut Microbiota and Blood Clinical Indexes in Han and Tibetan Individuals – Zhilong Jia – mSystems

Intestinal microbes influence development of thymic lymphocytes in early life – Maria Ennamorati – PNAS

The cervicovaginal mucus barrier to HIV-1 is diminished in bacterial vaginosis – Thuy Hoang – PLoS Pathogens

Establishing high-accuracy biomarkers for colorectal cancer by comparing fecal microbiomes in patients with healthy families – Jian Yang – Beneficial Microbes

Characteristic gut microbiota and predicted metabolic functions in women with PCOS – Ling Zhou – Endocrine Connections 

Obese adolescents with PCOS have altered biodiversity and relative abundance in gastrointestinal microbiota – Beza Jobira – The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism

Association between blood omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and the gut microbiota among breast cancer survivors – A. Horigome – Beneficial Microbes

Editorial: Processed food affects the gut microbiota: The revolution has started – Michael A Kamm – Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Commentary: mSphere of Influence: the Mycobiota in Human Health and Disease – Soo Chan Lee – mSphere


Animal Microbiota and Animal Model experiments

Letter: TCF-1 deficiency influences the composition of intestinal microbiota and enhances susceptibility to colonic inflammation – Guotao Yu – Protein & Cell 

Single-cell genomics of uncultured bacteria reveals dietary fiber responders in the mouse gut microbiota – Rieka Chijiiwa – Microbiome

Antidepressant treatment with fluoxetine during pregnancy and lactation modulates the gut microbiome and metabolome in a rat model relevant to depression – Anouschka S Ramsteijn – Gut Microbes


Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Review: Fecal microbiota transplantation in disease therapy – Hanna Antushevich – Clinica Chimica Acta

Review: Microbiota and alcohol use disorder: are psychobiotics a novel therapeutic strategy? – Alicia Rodriguez-Gonzalez – Current Pharmaceutical Design

Mining possible associations of faecal A. muciniphila colonisation patterns with host adiposity and cardiometabolic markers in an adult population – E.K. Mitsou – Beneficial Microbes

Probiotics maintain intestinal secretory immunoglobulin A levels in healthy formula-fed infants: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study – L. Xiao – Beneficial Microbes

Effect of rice bran fermented with Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus plantarum on gut microbiome of mice fed high-sucrose diet – J. Shibayama – Beneficial Microbes

Inulin with different degrees of polymerization protects against diet-induced endotoxemia and inflammation in association with gut microbiota regulation in mice – Li-Li Li – Scientific Reports

Understanding the Scope of Do-It-Yourself Fecal Microbiota Transplant – Chiazotam Ekekezie – The American Journal of Gastroenterology

Milk Fermented by Lactobacillus paracasei NCC 2461 (ST11) Modulates the Immune Response and Microbiota to Exert its Protective Effects Against Salmonella typhimurium Infection in Mice – Leonardo Borges Acurcio – Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins 

Recovery of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) from faeces of healthy Singapore adults after intake of fermented milk – W.W.T. Khine – Beneficial Microbes

Seabuckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides) Freeze-Dried Powder Protects against High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity, Lipid Metabolism Disorders by Modulating the Gut Microbiota of Mice – Caixia Guo – Nutrients

Chitooligosaccharides Modulate Glucose-Lipid Metabolism by Suppressing SMYD3 Pathways and Regulating Gut Microflora – Qiutong Wang – Marine Drugs

Lactobacillus and Pediococcus ameliorate progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through modulation of the gut microbiome – Na Young Lee – Gut Microbes

Review: Antimicrobials for food and feed; a bacteriocin perspective – Paula M O’Connor – Current Opinion in Biotechnology



Transfer index, NetUniFrac and some useful shortest path-based distances for community analysis in sequence similarity networks – Henry Xing – Bioinformatics

MICOM: Metagenome-Scale Modeling To Infer Metabolic Interactions in the Gut Microbiota – Christian Diener – mSystems

January 20, 2020

Have a nice monday! Today, in this Digest we have a good amount of papers about different beneficial interventions based on the microbiome such as probiotics, synbiotics and others. We have also papers about the microbiome in brain disorders, new evidence about microbiota changes in IBS, the impact of early antibiotic use on infant microbiota and the relation between mycobiome and childhood caries. Enjoy!

Human and General Microbiome

Review: The Reproductive Microbiome: An Emerging Driver of Sexual Selection, Sexual Conflict, Mating Systems, and Reproductive Isolation – Melissah Rowe – Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Systematic Review: Gut microbial changes of patients with psychotic and affective disorders: A systematic review – Nina Vindegaard – Schizophrenia Research

Review: The progress of gut microbiome research related to brain disorders – Sibo Zhu – Journal of Neuroinflammation

Review: Unraveling How Candida albicans Forms Sexual Biofilms – Austin M. Perry – Journal of Fungi

In Brief: Host-microbiome interactions lost during flight – Ashley York – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Evidence of altered mucosa-associated and fecal microbiota composition in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Johanna Sundin – Scientific Reports

Antibiotics in early life associate with specific gut microbiota signatures in a prospective longitudinal infant cohort – Katri Korpela – Pediatric Research 

Activated Drp1-mediated mitochondrial ROS influence the gut microbiome and intestinal barrier after hemorrhagic shock – Chenyang Duan – Aging

Virulent coliphages in 1-year-old children fecal samples are fewer, but more infectious than temperate coliphages – Aurélie Mathieu – Nature Communications

Impact of commonly used drugs on the composition and metabolic function of the gut microbiota – Arnau Vich Vila – Nature Communications

Site-specific profiling of the dental mycobiome reveals strong taxonomic shifts during progression of early childhood caries – Lauren M. O’Connell – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Influence of gastrectomy for gastric cancer treatment on faecal microbiome and metabolome profiles – Pande Putu Erawijantari – Gut (BMJ)

Dysbiosis Signatures of Fecal Microbiota in South African Infants with Respiratory, Gastrointestinal, and Other Diseases – Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy – The Journal of Pediatrics

Cervicovaginal Microbiome and Urine Metabolome Paired Analysis Reveals Niche Partitioning of the Microbiota in Patients with Human Papilloma Virus Infections – Nataliya Chorna – Metabolites (MDPI)

Animal Microbiomes and Animal Model Experiments

The mitochondrial negative regulator MCJ modulates the interplay between microbiota and the host during ulcerative colitis – Miguel Angel Pascual-Itoiz – Scientific Reports

Effects of peptidoglycan on the development of steatohepatitis – Meiling Jin – Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids

Phylosymbiosis across deeply diverging lineages in omnivorous cockroaches – Kara A. Tinker – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Metagenomic shotgun analyses reveal complex patterns of intra- and interspecific variation in the intestinal microbiomes of codfishes – Even Sannes Riiser – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Review: Effects of probiotics on type II diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis – Yun-Wen Tao – Journal of Translational Medicine

Opinion: Improving Risk-Benefit in Faecal Transplantation through Microbiome Screening – Lito E. Papanicolas – Trends in Microbiology

Akkermansia muciniphila Prevents Fatty Liver, Decreases Serum Triglycerides, and Maintains Gut Homeostasis – Sejeong Kim – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Lactobacillus Protects Against S. Typhimurium-Induced Intestinal Inflammation by Determining the Fate of Epithelial Proliferation and Differentiation – Xiaoxi Lu – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Probiotics Prevent Dysbiosis and the Raise in Blood Pressure in Genetic Hypertension: Role of Short-chain Fatty Acids – Iñaki Robles‐Vera – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Tuna Bone Powder Alleviates Glucocorticoid-Induced Osteoporosis Via Coregulation of the NF-κB and Wnt/β-Catenin Signaling Pathways and Modulation of Gut Microbiota Composition and Metabolism – Chenyang Lu – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

A 2-strain mixture of Lactobacillus acidophilus in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome: A placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial – Stéphane Sadrin – Digestive and Liver Disease

Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938 and Magnesium Oxide in Children with Functional Chronic Constipation: A Double-Blind and Randomized Clinical Trial – Megumi Kubota – Nutrients

Chemical Profile, Antioxidative, and Gut Microbiota Modulatory Properties of Ganpu Tea: A Derivative of Pu-erh Tea – Yuying Zheng – Nutrients

Effects of Synbiotic Supplement on Human Gut Microbiota, Body Composition and Weight Loss in Obesity – Igor N. Sergeev – Nutrients

Antidiabetic Effect of Casein Glycomacropeptide Hydrolysates on High-Fat Diet and STZ-Induced Diabetic Mice via Regulating Insulin Signaling in Skeletal Muscle and Modulating Gut Microbiota – Qichen Yuan – Nutrients

December 31, 2019

This is the last Microbiome Digest post from 2019! As part of the MD team, I want to say: Thank you very much for follow this blog. Have a great 2020, better than the 2019. The best for you! 

Cheers as well to Dr. Elies Bik (the MD founder) and all the other member of the MD team. -JPC


Human and General Microbiome

Review: Microbiota impacts on chronic inflammation and metabolic syndrome – related cognitive dysfunction – María Arnoriaga-Rodríguez – Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders

Review: A Review of the Brain-Gut-Microbiome Axis and the Potential Role of Microbiota in Alzheimer’s Disease –  Sun, Miao – Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease

Meta-Analysis: The lacking effects of prebiotic products on decreasing adiposity parameters in overweight and obese individuals: a systematic review and meta-analysis – Hua Qu – Current Medicinal Chemistry

Review: Autoimmune Hepatitis-Immunologically Triggered Liver Pathogenesis-Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies – Elisabeth Suche – Journal of Immunology Research

Review: A Comprehensive Review and Update on the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Qingdong Guan – Journal of Immunology Research

Review: Advances in Gut Microbiota of Viral Hepatitis Cirrhosis – Yixuan Wang – BioMed Research International

Review: Mechanisms of gastrointestinal microflora on drug metabolism in clinical practice – Chaonan Sun – Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal

Review: Gut microbiome and response to checkpoint inhibitors in non-small cell lung cancer-A review – Misako Nagasaka – Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology

Comparison of Japanese and Indian intestinal microbiota shows diet-dependent interaction between bacteria and fungi – Siddhika Pareek – npj Biofilms and Microbiomes 

Faecal Microbiota Transplantation for Recurrent Clostridioides difficile Infection: Experience with Lyophilized Oral Capsules – E. Reigadas – Journal of Hospital Infection

Vaginal microbiome diversity and preterm birth: results of a nested case-control study in Peru – Freida Blostein – Annals of Epidemiology

Disordered cutaneous microbiota in systemic lupus erythematosus – Cancan Huang – Journal of Autoimmunity

Transfer of skin microbiota between two dissimilar autologous microenvironments: A pilot study – Benji Perin  – PLoS ONE


Animal Microbiome

Alleviating chronic kidney disease progression through modulating the critical genus of gut microbiota in a cisplatin-induced Lanyu pig model – Ya-Jane Lee – Journal of Food and Drug Analysis

Microbiota changes in a pediatric acute lymphocytic leukemia mouse model – Yajing Song – MicrobiologyOpen

Impact of chronic exposure to trichlorfon on intestinal barrier, oxidative stress, inflammatory response and intestinal microbiome in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) – Xulu Changa – Environmental Pollution

Glucocorticoid and dietary effects on mucosal microbiota in canine inflammatory bowel disease – Todd Atherly – PLoS ONE

Effect of endometriosis on the fecal bacteriota composition of mice during the acute phase of lesion formation – Josefine Hantschel – PLoS ONE

Involvement of the gut microbiota and barrier function in glucocorticoid induced osteoporosis – Jonathan D Schepper – ASBMR


Food Microbiome

Exploring functional core bacteria in fermentation of a traditional Chinese food, Aspergillus-type douchi – Huilin Yang – PLoS ONE

High Throughput Sequencing Technologies as a New Toolbox for Deep Analysis, Characterization and Potentially Authentication of Protection Designation of Origin Cheeses? – Elena Kamilari – International Journal of Food Science 


Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Blueberry Attenuates Liver Fibrosis, Protects Intestinal Epithelial Barrier, and Maintains Gut Microbiota Homeostasis – Zhiqiang Yan – Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Cortex Phellodendri extract’s anti-diarrhea effect in mice related to its modification of gut microbiota – Baoyang Xu – Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy


Environmental and Water Microbiome

Tossed ‘good luck’ coins as vectors for anthropogenic pollution into aquatic environment – Alejandro Martínez – Environmental Pollution

Single molecule sequencing reveals response of manganese-oxidizing microbiome to different biofilter media in drinking water systems – Xin Zhao – Water Research

Enterococci Isolated from Trout in the Bukovec Water Reservoir and Čierny Váh River in Slovakia and Their Safety Aspect – Andrea Lauková – BioMed Research International


Bioinformatics / Databases

Microbial genomes from non-human primate gut metagenomes expand the primate-associated bacterial tree of life with over 1000 novel species – Serena Manara – Genome Biology

Sufficient dimension reduction for compositional data – Diego Tomassi – Biostatistics

Cultivated Escherichia coli diversity in intestinal microbiota of Crohn’s disease patients and healthy individuals: Whole genome data – Maria Siniagina – Data in Brief


December 29, 2019

Have a nice sunday!  Today we have papers about the microbiome in martial arts athletes, more research about Fusobacterium and colorectal cancer, the effect of light in atopic dermatitis and the effect of alcohol binge in a mouse model, among other papers.  

Human and General Microbiome

Review: The Gut-Liver-Kidney axis: novel regulator of fatty liver associated chronic kidney disease – Desh Raj – Pharmacological Research

Characteristics of the gut microbiota in professional martial arts athletes: A comparison between different competition levels – Ru Liang – PLoS One

The balance between breast cancer and the immune system: challenges for prognosis and clinical benefit from immunotherapies – Constantin N. Baxevanis – Seminars in Cancer Biology

Review: Host- and Microbiota-Derived Extracellular Vesicles, Immune Function, and Disease Development – Laurence Macia – International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Recent advances in understanding the natural history of the otitis media microbiome and its response to environmental pressures – Robyn L. Marsh – International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Association of autophagy status with amount of Fusobacterium nucleatum in colorectal cancer – Koichiro Haruki – The Journal of Pathology

Effects of 308 nm excimer light treatment on the skin microbiome of atopic dermatitis patients – Yuko Kurosaki – Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine

Rapid Multiplex Real-Time PCR Method for the Detection and Quantification of Selected Cariogenic and Periodontal Bacteria – Jan Lochman – Diagnostics

Review: Biomarkers of a Healthy Nordic Diet-From Dietary Exposure Biomarkers to Microbiota Signatures in the Metabolome – Rikard Landberg – Nutrients


Animal Microbiome

Gut microbiota of provisioned and wild rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) living in a limestone forest in southwest Guangxi, China – Ting Chen – MicrobiologyOpen

The Diversity of the Endobiotic Bacterial Communities in the Four Jellyfish Species – Qing Liu – Polish Journal of Microbiology

Switching to a Healthy Diet Prevents the Detrimental Effects of Western Diet in a Colitis-Associated Colorectal Cancer Model – Charlotte Gröschel – Nutrients

The Effect of Thermal Stress on the Bacterial Microbiome of Exaiptasia diaphana – Leon M. Hartman – Microorganisms

Pretreatment with Yeast-Derived Complex Dietary Polysaccharides Suppresses Gut Inflammation, Alters the Microbiota Composition, and Increases Immune Regulatory Short-Chain Fatty Acid Production in C57BL/6 Mice – Radhika Gudi – The Journal of Nutrition

Long-lasting microbial dysbiosis and altered enteric neurotransmitters in adult rats following adolescent binge ethanol exposure – Ryan P. Vetreno – Addiction Biology


Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Minireview: Use of Synbiotics for Ulcerative Colitis Treatment – Marianna Roselli –  Current Clinical Pharmacology

The Structure Features and Improving Effects of Polysaccharide from Astragalus membranaceus on Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea – Shanshan Ll – Antibiotics

Deep-Fried Atractylodis Rhizoma Protects against Spleen Deficiency-Induced Diarrhea through Regulating Intestinal Inflammatory Response and Gut Microbiota – Kun Shi – International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Hafnia alvei HA4597 Strain Reduces Food Intake and Body Weight Gain and Improves Body Composition, Glucose, and Lipid Metabolism in a Mouse Model of Hyperphagic Obesity – Nicolas Lucas – Microorganisms


Wastewater Microbiome

Microbiome changes and oxidative capability of an anaerobic PCB dechlorinating enrichment culture after oxygen exposure – Bruna Matturro – New Biotechnology


Plant Microbiome

Tomato RNA-seq Data Mining Reveals the Taxonomic and Functional Diversity of Root-Associated Microbiota – Bruna Matturro – Microorganisms

Metagenome sequencing of fingermillet-associated microbial consortia provides insights into structural and functional diversity of endophytes – M. K. Prasannakumari – 3 Biotech 

Resilience to multiple stressors in an aquatic plant and its microbiome – Anna M. O’Brien – American Journal of Botany



Scalable and cost-effective ribonuclease-based rRNA depletion for transcriptomics – Yiming Huang – Nucleic Acids Research

November 30, 2019

Have a nice weekend! In this Digest, we have a set of reviews about the gut-brain axis, covering associations between microbiota and neurological diseases, as well as a set of reviews about the connection between the microbiome and the immune system. We have also a paper about the microbiome from people living in high-altitude environments, and of course, several papers more. 


Human and General Microbiome

Gut microbiota composition in Himalayan and Andean populations and its relationship with diet, lifestyle and adaptation to the high-altitude environment – Andrea Quagliariello – Journal of Anthropological Sciences

Microbiological evidences for gastric cardiac microflora dysbiosis inducing the progression of inflammation – Ruijing Yan – Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Review: Targeting the gut microbiota for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome – Charles C. Herndon – The Kaohsiung Journal of Medical Sciences

Review: The Gut Microbiome and Treatment-Resistance in Schizophrenia – Mary V. Seeman – Psychiatric Quarterly

Review: The Role of the Gut Microbiota in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson’s Disease – Dongming Yang – Frontiers in Neurology

Editorial: Interactions of the microbiota with the mucosal immune system – Calum C. Bain – Immunology

Review: Understanding immune-microbiota interactions in the intestine – Philip P. Ahern – Immunology

Review: The interaction of intestinal microbiota and innate lymphoid cells in health and disease throughout life – Stephanie C. Ganal‐Vonarburg – Immunology

Review: Immunological mechanisms underpinning faecal microbiota transplantation for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease – M. N. Quraishi – Clinical and Experimental Immunology

Review: Population Genetics in the Human Microbiome – Nandita R. Garud – Trends in Genetics

Review: Gut Microbiota And The Use Of Probiotics In Constipation In Children And Adolescents: Systematic Review – Daiane Oliveira Vale San Gomes – Revista Paulista de Pediatria

Review: The gut microbiota modulates both browning of white adipose tissue and the activity of brown adipose tissue – José María Moreno-Navarrete – Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders

Decoding Microbiome Research for Clinical Psychiatry – Jane A. Foster – The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Lactobacillus iners Is Associated with Vaginal Dysbiosis in Healthy Pregnant Women: A Preliminary Study – Nengneng Zheng – BioMed Research International

Human Endometrial Microbiota at Term of Normal Pregnancies – Claudia Leoni – Genes (MDPI)

Helicobacter pylori Infection Aggravates Dysbiosis of Gut Microbiome in Children With Gastritis – Lu Yang – Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology

The Effect of Gut Microbiome Composition on Human Immune Responses: An Exploration of Interference by Helminth Infections – Ivonne Martin – Frontiers in Genetics

Metagenome-wide association study of the alterations in the intestinal microbiome composition of ankylosing spondylitis patients and the effect of traditional and herbal treatment – RunYue Huang – Journal of Medical Microbiology 

Gut Microbiota and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Hemodialysis Patients: A Pilot Study – Annabel Biruete – Topics in Clinical Nutrition

Habitual animal fat consumption in shaping gut microbiota and microbial metabolites – Yi Wan – Food and Function


Animal Microbiome and Animal Experiments

Division of labor in honey bee gut microbiota for plant polysaccharide digestion – Hao Zheng – PNAS

Exploring interactions between xenobiotics, microbiota, and neurotoxicity in zebrafish – Luísa B. Bertotto – NeuroToxicology

The Skin Microbiota of Eleutherodactylus Frogs: Effects of Host Ecology, Phylogeny, and Local Environment – Liza Garcia-Recinos – Frontiers in Microbiology

The intestinal microbiota of lake anchovy varies according to sex, body size, and local habitat in Taihu Lake, China – Min Jiang – Microbiology Open

Microbial associations and spatial proximity predict North American moose (Alces alces) gastrointestinal community composition – Nicholas M. Fountain‐Jones – Journal of Animal Ecology

Immunodeficiency Promotes Adaptive Alterations of Host Gut Microbiome: An Observational Metagenomic Study in Mice – Shuyu Zheng – Frontiers in Microbiology

Integrative analysis of the gut microbiota and metabolome in rats treated with rice straw biochar by 16S rRNA gene sequencing and LC/MS-based metabolomics – Jie Han – Scientific Reports

Wild specimens of sand fly phlebotomine Lutzomyia evansi, vector of leishmaniasis, show high abundance of Methylobacterium and natural carriage of Wolbachia and Cardinium types in the midgut microbiome – Rafael J. Vivero – Scientific Reports

Ochratoxin A induces liver inflammation: involvement of intestinal microbiota – Wence Wang – Microbiome

Toxicity, Pharmacokinetics, and Gut Microbiome of Oral Administration of Sesterterpene MHO7 Derived from a Marine Fungus – Wei Tian – Marine Drugs



AMON: annotation of metabolite origins via networks to integrate microbiome and metabolome data –  M. Shaffer – BMC Bioinformatics

Managing batch effects in microbiome data – Yiwen Wang – Briefings in Bioinformatics

Review: Microbiome Multi-Omics Network Analysis: Statistical Considerations, Limitations, and Opportunities – Duo Jiang – Frontiers in Genetics



Exploring the chemical space of the human microbiome – Lei Tang – Nature Methods



Microbiome Response to Hot Water Treatment and Potential Synergy With Biological Control on Stored Apples – Birgit Wassermann – Frontiers in Microbiology 

Year in Review: Big data and tiny proteins: shining a light on the dark corners of the gut microbiome – Suzanne Devkota – Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology 


November 26, 2019

Have a nice day! Today in this Digest, we have papers about the microbiome and colorectal carcinoma and autism spectrum disorder, as well as studies about skin microbiota. We have also a set of papers about the effect of diet or probiotics in different animal systems, as well as some studies in insects. 


Human and General Microbiome

Resistant starch: impact on the gut microbiome and health – Peter DeMartino – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Mucosal cancer-associated microbes and anastomotic leakage after resection of colorectal carcinoma – Kosuke Mima – Surgical Oncology

Mycobacterial immunomodulation and viral manipulation of neuronal copper efflux in the setting of sporadic Parkinson’s disease: A multi – hit, outside – in hypothesis of its pathogenesis – George D.Vavougios – Medical Hypotheses

Specificity of gut microbiota in children with autism spectrum disorder in Slovakia and its correlation with astrocytes activity marker and specific behavioural patterns – A.Tomova – Physiology & Behavior

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth is associated with Diarrhea-predominant irritable bowel syndrome by increasing mainly Prevotella abundance – Kang-Qi Wu – Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 

Probiotics of Diverse Origin and Their Therapeutic Applications: A Review – Monika Yadav – Journal of the American College of Nutrition 

Variation of Gut Mucosal Microbiome With Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae Antibody Status in Pediatric Crohn Disease – Shivani Kansal – Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition

Dataset of the microbiome composition in skin lesions caused by lumpy skin disease virus via 16s rRNA massive parallel sequencing – Sören Hansen – Data in Brief 

Characterization of Skin Microbiome in Tinea Pedis – Xiaoping Liu – Indian Journal of Microbiology

Human Milk Microbiota: Transferring the Antibiotic Resistome to Infants – Lahari Das –  Indian Journal of Microbiology

Vertical selection for nuclear and mitochondrial genomes shapes gut microbiota and modifies risks for complex diseases – Youjie Zhang – Physiological Genomics

The relationship of gastric microbiota and Helicobacter pylori infection in pediatrics population – Ruixue Miao – Helicobacter

The impact of vitamin B12 deficiency on infant gut microbiota – Perran Boran – European Journal of Pediatrics

Novel Therapies for Treatment of Food Allergy – Sultan Albuhairi – Immunology and Allergy Clinics

Structural and Functional Bases of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause – A. K. Pichigina – Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine

The role of bacteria and its derived metabolites in chronic pain and depression: Recent findings and research progress – Shan Li – International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology

Microbial supernatants from Mobiluncus mulieris, a bacteria strongly associated with spontaneous preterm birth, disrupts the cervical epithelial barrier through inflammatory and miRNA mediated mechanisms – Carolynn M. Dude – Anaerobe

Overview of prospects for inflammation pathways in autism spectrum disorders – H.Turbé – L’Encéphale


Animal Microbiome and Animal Experiments

The effect of nitrite and sulfide on the antioxidant capacity and microbial composition of the intestines of red swamp crayfish, Procambarus clarkii – Kun Guo – Fish & Shellfish Immunology

Feed supplementation with inulin on broiler performance and meat quality challenged with Clostridium perfringens: Infection and prebiotic impacts – Andréia Guaragni – Microbial Pathogenesis

Strain specific stress-modulating effects of candidate probiotics: a systematic screening in a mouse model of chronic restraint stress – Lotta K. Stenman – Behavioural Brain Research

Effects of the solubility of yeast cell wall preparations on their potential prebiotic properties in dogs – Stephanie de Souza Theodoro – PLoS One

The microbiota of Drosophila suzukii influences the larval development of Drosophila melanogaster – Gabrielle M. Solomon – PeerJ

Host dietary specialization and neutral assembly shape gut bacterial communities of wild dragonflies – Rittik Deb​ – PeerJ

Kestose supplementation exerts bifidogenic effect within fecal microbiota and increases fecal butyrate concentration in dogs – Kaori Ide – Journal of Veterinary Medical Science

Interactions between host and gut microbiota in domestic pigs: a review – Yadnyavalkya Patil – Gut Microbes

Absorptive transport of amino acids by the rat colon – Yuxin Chen – Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology

Video: Visualization of Candida albicans in the Murine Gastrointestinal Tract Using Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization – Jessica N. Witchley – JoVE

Video: Infecting Mice with Malassezia spp. to Study the Fungus-Host Interaction – Florian Sparber – JoVE


Plant and Soil Microbiome

Assisted phytoremediation of chromium spiked soils by Sesbania Sesban in association with Bacillus xiamenensis PM14: A biochemical analysis – Bashir Ud Din – Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Exploring the genetic potential of a fosmid metagenomic library from an oil-impacted mangrove sediment for metabolism of aromatic compounds – Sanderson Tarciso Pereira de Sousa – Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

November 19, 2019

Have a nice Tuesday! Today, in this Digest we have several papers about the microbiome and respiratory health.  We have also papers about the detection of archaeal species in caries biofilm, microbiome and cancer, and microbiome changes by the use of fish oil and their effect on (TMAO)-exacerbated atherogenesis. And of course, more papers… 


Human and General Microbiome

Minireview: The Microbiome, Malignant Fungating Wounds, and Palliative Care – Mridula Vardhan – Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology

Gut microbiota: from the forgotten organ to a potential key player in the pathology of Alzheimer disease – Dong-oh Seo – The Journals of Gerontology

Presence of Archaea in dental caries biofilms – Naile Dame-Teixeira – Archives of Oral Biology

Increased Moraxella and Streptococcus following severe bronchiolitis is associated with recurrent wheezing – Jonathan M. Mansbach  – Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Composition and Diversity of Bacterial Community on the Ocular Surface of Patients With Meibomian Gland Dysfunction – Xiaojin Dong – Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 

Diversity of endocervical microbiota associated with genital Chlamydia trachomatis infection and infertility among women visiting obstetrics and gynecology clinics in Malaysia – Heng Choon Cheong – Plos One

Competition Among Gardnerella Subgroups From the Human Vaginal Microbiome – Salahuddin Khan – Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology

Review: Potential clinical utility of multiple target quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) array to detect microbial pathogens in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – Hannah E. O’Farrell – Journal of Thoracic Disease 

Review: COPD and the gut-lung axis: the therapeutic potential of fibre – Annalicia Vaughan – Journal of Thoracic Disease 

Review: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer: common pathways for pathogenesis – Brielle A. Parris – Journal of Thoracic Disease 

The Vaginal Community State Types Microbiome-Immune Network as Key Factor for Bacterial Vaginosis and Aerobic Vaginitis – Francesco De Seta – Frontiers in Microbiology

Gut Microbiota in Bipolar Depression and Its Relationship to Brain Function: An Advanced Exploration – Qiaoqiao Lu – Frontiers in Psychiatry

Fish oil is more potent than flaxseed oil in modulating gut microbiota and reducing trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO)-exacerbated atherogenesis – Zouyan He – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 

Characterization of gut microbiota in children with pulmonary tuberculosis – Weiran Li – BMC Pediatrics

Editorial: Bugs, Drugs, and Shrugs – James T. Rosenbaum – Arthritis and Rheumatology

Opinion: Harnessing the Microbiome for Pancreatic Cancer Immunotherapy – Gerardo A. Vitiello – Trends in Cancer


Animal Microbiome / Animal Experiments

Review: Maternal imprinting of the neonatal microbiota colonization in intrauterine growth restricted piglets: a review – Lili Jiang – Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology

Colonization of the gut microbiota of honey bee (Apis mellifera) workers at different developmental stages – Xiang Dong – Microbiological Research 

Effects of oral exposure to titanium dioxide nanoparticles on gut microbiota and gut-associated metabolism in vivo – Zhangjian Chen – Nanoscale

Sex, Age, and Bacteria: How the Intestinal Microbiota Is Modulated in a Protandrous Hermaphrodite Fish – M. Carla Piazzon – Frontiers in Microbiology

Dynamic Changes in the Microbiome and Mucosal Immune Microenvironment of the Lower Respiratory Tract by Influenza Virus Infection – Liming Gu – Frontiers in Microbiology

Fuzhuan brick tea attenuates high-fat diet-induced obesity and associated metabolic disorders by shaping gut microbiota – Dongmin Liu – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 


Plant Microbiome

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Other papers

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