September 5, 2015


The Individual Microbe: Single-cell Analysis and Agent-based Modeling – ASM conference – March 18-20, 2016, Washington DC, USA

R workshop for microbial ecology – Pat Schloss – Nov 2-4, 2015, Detroit – No link but can email Pat at:

General microbiome

Privacy-Preserving Microbiome Analysis Using Secure Computation – Justin Wagner – BioRxiv

Pregnancy and birth microbiome

Phylogenetic and Metabolic Tracking of Gut Microbiota during Perinatal Development – Federica Del Chierico – PLOS ONE

Human oral microbiome

The Effect of Fixed Orthodontic Appliances and Fluoride Mouthwash on the Oral Microbiome of Adolescents – A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial – Jessica E. Koopman – PLOS ONE

Review: Oral Paleomicrobiology: study of the ancient oral microbiome – Namrata Dagli

Human gut microbiome

The effect of dietary resistant starch type 2 on the microbiota and markers of gut inflammation in rural Malawi children – M. Isabel Ordiz – Microbiome

Gastrointestinal Microbiome Modulator Improves Glucose Tolerance in Overweight and Obese Subjects: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial – Candida J. Rebello – Journal of Diabetes and its Complications

Faecal proteomics: A tool to investigate dysbiosis and inflammation in patients with cystic fibrosis – Griet Debyser – Journal of Cystic Fibrosis

Review: Pathways and functions of gut microbiota metabolism impacting host physiology – Smitha Krishnan – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Review: Microbiome in Inflammatory Arthritis and Human Rheumatic Diseases – Jose U. Scher – Arthritis & Rheumatology

Review: The human microbiome: opportunities and challenges for clinical care – G. B. Rogers – Internal Medicine Journal

Human respiratory microbiome (see also gut microbiome above)

MRSA Colonization and the Nasal Microbiome in Adults at High Risk for Colonization and Infection – Mary T. Bessesen – Journal of Infection

Review: Cystic fibrosis lung microbiome: Opportunities to reconsider management of airway infection – Lindsay J. Caverly – Pediatric Pulmonology

Human other sites

In silico analyses of metagenomes from human atherosclerotic plaque samples – Suparna Mitra – Microbiome

Microbiome models

Distinct Shifts in Microbiota Composition during Drosophila Aging Impair Intestinal Function and Drive Mortality – Rebecca I. Clark – Cell Reports

Perspective: Metabolic labeling puts the microbiome under the microscope – Graham J Britton & Jeremiah J Faith – Nature Medicine

Animal microbiome

The composition of the zebrafish intestinal microbial community varies across development – W Zac Stephens – ISME Journal

Shifts in the Midgut/Pyloric Microbiota Composition within a Honey Bee Apiary throughout a Season – Jane Ludvigsen – Microbes and Environments

The genome of Aiptasia, a sea anemone model for coral symbiosis – Sebastian Baumgarten – PNAS

Special Issue: The Mammalian Microbiome and Its Importance in Laboratory Animal Research – André Bleich and James G. Fox – ILAR Journal

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Predicting Ecological Roles in the Rhizosphere Using Metabolome and Transportome Modeling – Peter E. Larsen – PLOS ONE

Microbiome change by symbiotic invasion in lichens – Wedin Mats – Environmental Microbiology

Plant-associated microbiomes in arid lands: diversity, ecology and biotechnological potential – Asma Soussi – Plant and Soil

Geological connectivity drives microbial community structure and connectivity in polar, terrestrial ecosystems – Belinda C. Ferrari – Environmental Microbiology

Water microbiome

Anthropogenic activities drive the microbial community and its function in urban river sediment – Xu Zhang – Journal of Soils and Sediments

Built environment microbiome

Bacterial Communities and Midgut Microbiota Associated with Mosquito Populations from Waste Tires in East-Central Illinois – Chang-Hyun Kim – Journal of Medical Entomology

Hospital’s Hidden Environmental Hazards: Probing the Microbiome – BioScience

Pyrosequencing analysis of bacterial communities in biofilms from different pipe materials in a city drinking water distribution system of East China – Hongxing Ren – Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Food microbiology

The genomics of microbial domestication in the fermented food environment
John G Gibbons – Current Opinion in Genetics & Development


Functional Basis of Microorganism Classification – Chengsheng Zhu – PLOS Computational Biology

ReproPhylo: An Environment for Reproducible Phylogenomics – Amir Szitenberg – PLOS Computational Biology

MetaBAT, an efficient tool for accurately reconstructing single genomes from complex microbial communities – Dongwan D. Kang – PeerJ

More Microbiology

Evolution of coexistence in a crowded microplate well – J. Arjan G. M. de Visser – PNAS

The rpb2 gene represents a viable alternative molecular marker for the analysis of environmental fungal communities – Tomáš Větrovský – Molecular Ecology Resources

Microbes in the news

Microbial diversity insights are often strongly biased – Suffield Times
Small advances: understanding the microbiome – Amanda Smith – ABC Australia

Science, publishing and career

When science fails a scientist – Kim Hunter-Schaedle – Science




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