September 6, 2015

General microbiome

Recurrent antibiotic exposure may promote cancer formation – Another step in understanding the role of the human microbiota? – Ben Boursi – European Journal of Cancer

Pregnancy and birth microbiome

Clinical chorioamnionitis at term VI: acute chorioamnionitis and funisitis according to the presence or absence of microorganisms and inflammation in the amniotic cavity – Roberto Romero – Journal of Perinatal Medicine

Pregnancy-related changes in the maternal gut microbiota are dependent upon the mother’s periconceptional diet – Wajiha Gohir – Gut Microbes

Potential NICU Environmental Influences on the Neonate’s Microbiome: A Systematic Review – Hartz, Lacey E. – Advances in Neonatal Care

Human oral microbiome

Analysis of the Microbiota of Black Stain in the Primary Dentition – Yue Li – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

Furry pets modulate gut microbiota composition in infants at risk for allergic disease
Merja Nermes – The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Gut microbiome in Chronic Kidney Disease – Maria R. Wing – Experimental Physiology

Editorial: Microbial growth dynamics and human disease – Julia A. Segre – Science

Animal microbiome

Review: Heterogeneity of the gut microbiome in mice: guidelines for optimizing experimental design – Debby Laukens – FEMS Microbiology Reviews

454 Pyrosequencing-based assessment of bacterial diversity and community structure in termite guts, mounds and surrounding soils – Huxley M. Makonde – Springer Plus

Fish: Study of the microbiome of the intestine of the Comephorus dybowski korotneff, 1904 – N. L. Bel’kova – Ecology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

An analysis of Pseudomonas genomic diversity in take-all infected wheat fields reveals the lasting impact of wheat cultivars on the soil microbiota – T.H. Mauchline – Environmental Microbiology

Selection of biological indicators appropriate for European soil monitoring – D. Stone – Applied Soil Ecology

Effects of silver nanoparticles on soil microorganisms and maize biomass are linked in the rhizosphere – Wouter Sillen – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Arbuscular mycorrhiza symbiosis in viticulture: a review – Sophie Trouvelot – Agronomy for Sustainable Development

Soil particle size fractions harbour distinct microbial communities and differ in potential for microbial mineralisation of organic pollutants – Michael Hemkemeyer – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Differential responses of total and active soil microbial communities to long-term experimental N deposition – Zachary B. Freedman – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Environmental changes affect the assembly of soil bacterial community primarily by mediating stochastic processes – Ximei Zhang – Global Change

Built environment microbiome

Thesis: The building science of office surfaces: implications for microbial community succession – Mahnaz Zare – University of Toronto

Microbial Ecology

Dynamics of an experimental microbial invasion – Francisco Acosta – PNAS


metaModules identifies key functional subnetworks in microbiome-related disease – Ali May – Bioinformatics

ISMapper: identifying transposase insertion sites in bacterial genomes from short read sequence data – Jane Hawkey – BMC Genomics

WiseScaffolder: an algorithm for the semi-automatic scaffolding of Next Generation Sequencing data – Gregory K. Farrant – BMC Bioinformatics

Inferring microbial interaction network from microbiome data using RMN algorithm
Kun-Nan Tsai – BMC Systems Biology


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