January 25, 2018

Female sexual and reproductive microbiome: A Bayesian network of the relationship between the vaginal microbiome, habits, demographics and infection risk in reproductive age women, a new mouse model of HIV co-infection demonstrates increased viral shedding in the vagina after gonorrhoeae bacterial infection, and the impacts of diet-induced obesity during pregnancy on the maternal metabolome and gene expression in the placenta in mice.

Water microbiome: How urbanization impact coastal microbiomes, as well as novel organisms from Baltic Sea sediment, and deep-sea hydrothermal vents.

Events and jobs

Clinical Lab Technical Asst Sr – Scripps Health – San Diego CA

Postdoctoral Associate in Soil Health and Water Quality – Stroud Water Research Center – Southeast Pennsylvania


Human oral microbiome

Review: Salivary biomarkers for oral cancer and pre-cancer screening: a review – J Kaur – Clinical Oral Investigations

Review: In Sickness and in Health—What Does the Oral Microbiome Mean to Us? An Ecological Perspective – P.D. Marsh – Advanced in Dental Research

Therapeutic Strategies Targeting Cariogenic Biofilm Microenvironment – Y. Liu – Advanced in Dental Reserach

Human vaginal microbiome

Review: Probiotics in the Prevention and Treatment of Postmenopausal Vaginal Infections: Review Article – Jun-Mo Kim – Journal of Menopausal Medicine

*Associations between sexual habits, menstrual hygiene practices, demographics and the vaginal microbiome as revealed by Bayesian network analysis – Noelle Noyes – PLOSone

Human gut microbiome

Review: Microbiota-Regulated Outcomes of Human Cancer Immunotherapy via the PD-1/PD-L1 Axis – Jaymin Patel – Biochemistry

Review: Microbiome: Gut microbiota sways response to cancer immunotherapy – Ashley York – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Review: Bacterial Signaling at the Intestinal Epithelial Interface in Inflammation and Cancer – Olivia I. Coleman

Characterization of Fusobacterium varium Fv113-g1 isolated from a patient with ulcerative colitis based on complete genome sequence and transcriptome analysis – Tsuyoshi Sekizuka – PLOSone


Animal experiments

*Diet-induced obesity alters the maternal metabolome and early placenta transcriptome and decreases placenta vascularity in the mouse – Tami J Stuart – Biology of Reproduction

Gastrointestinal Tract Pathology in a BALB/c Niemann–Pick Disease Type C1 Null Mouse Model – Antony Cougnoux – Digestive Diseases and Sciences

Probiotic/prebiotic correction for adverse effects of iron fortification on intestinal resistance to Salmonella infection in weaning mice  – Feifei Lin – Food and Function

Beneficial effects of consumption of acerola, cashew or guava processing by-products on intestinal health and lipid metabolism in dyslipidaemic female Wistar rats – Kamila Sabino Batista – British Journal of Nutrition

*Neisseria gonorrhoeae co-infection exacerbates vaginal HIV shedding without affecting systemic viral loads in human CD34+ engrafted mice – Stacey X. Xu – PLOSone

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Interspecific plant interactions reflected in soil bacterial community structure and nitrogen cycling in primary succession – Joseph E. Knelman – Frontiers in Microbiology

Analysis of the succession of structure of the bacteria community in soil from long-term continuous cotton cropping in Xinjiang using high-throughput sequencing – Zhang Wei – Archives of Microbiology

Rhizosphere competence and biocontrol effect of Pseudomonas sp. RU47 independent from plant species and soil type at the field scale – Susanne Schreiter – Frontiers in Microbiology

Estimation of throughfall and stemflow bacterial flux in a subtropical oak-cedar forest – Thais B. Bittar – Geophysical Research Letters

NGS of virus-derived small RNAs as a diagnostic method used to determine viromes of Hungarian vineyards – Nikoletta Czotter – Frontiers in Microbiology

Microbial Remediation of Heavy Metals and Arsenic-Contaminated Environments in the Arid Zone of Northwest China – Xiangliang Pan – In: Luo Y., Tu C. (eds) Twenty Years of Research and Development on Soil Pollution and Remediation in China. Springer, Singapore

Review: Induction of abiotic stress tolerance in plants by endophytic microbes – Rusi Lata – Letters in Applied Microbiology

Amendment of Agricultural Soil with Metal Nanoparticles: Effects on Soil Enzyme Activity and Microbial Community Composition – Bahareh Asadishad – Environmental Science and Technology

Water and extremophile microbiome

*Labilibaculum manganireducens gen. nov., sp. nov. and Labilibaculum filiforme sp. nov., Novel Bacteroidetes Isolated from Subsurface Sediments of the Baltic Sea – Verona Vandieken – Frontiers in Microbiology

*Coastal urbanisation affects microbial communities on a dominant marine holobiont – Ezequiel M. Marzinelli – npj Biofilms and Microbiomes

Microbial Communities and Diversities in Mudflat Sediments Analyzed Using a Modified Metatranscriptomic Method – Yong-Wei Yan – Frontiers in Microbiology

*Novel hydrogenases from deep-sea hydrothermal vent metagenomes identified by a recently developed activity-based screen – Nicole Adam – The ISME Journal

The molecular ecology of Microcystis sp. blooms in the San Francisco Estuary – Timothy G. Otten – Environmental Microbiology

Built environment

Dissertation: Developing Quantitative Abundance Metrics for Microbial Communities – Gabriel Goodney – San Diego State University


Antibiotic resistance mutations induced in growing cells of Bacillus-related thermophiles – Hirokazu Suzuki – The Journal of Antibiotics

Food microbiology

A metabolomics study reveals enhanced inhibition and metabolic dysregulation in E. coli induced by Lactobacillus acidophilus fermented black tea extract – Kundi Yang – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

More Microbes

Environmental Sequencing Fills the Gap Between Parasitic Haplosporidians and Free-living Giant Amoebae – Georgia M. Ward – Eukaryotic Microbiology


Phages and viruses

Rolling-circle replication initiation protein of haloarchaeal sphaerolipovirus SNJ1 is homologous to bacterial transposases of the IS91 family insertion sequences – Yuchen Wang – Journal of General Virology

Preprint: Comparative transcriptomics reveals a conserved Bacterial Adaptive Phage Response (BAPR) to viral predation – Bob G. Blasdel – BioRxiv


Phylogeny-Based Kernels with Application to Microbiome Association Studies – Jian Xiao – New Advances in Statistics and Data Science


Advantages of meta-total RNA sequencing (MeTRS) over shotgun metagenomics and amplicon-based sequencing in the profiling of complex microbial communities – Fabien Cottier – npj Biofilms and Microbiomes

Ecological Stability Properties of Microbial Communities Assessed by Flow Cytometry – Zishu Liu – mSphere

Deconvolution models for a better understanding of natural microbial communities enumerated by flow-cytometry – Gianluca Corno – Cytometry


Microbes in the news

Bacteria could cause women to give birth prematurely, study finds – Sabrina Barr – Independent

PCOS may reduce gut bacteria diversity – EurekAlert!

Root microbiome valuable key to plants surviving drought – Elaine Smith – Phys.org

Studies in Mice Suggest How Dietary Fiber Reduces Harmful Effects of High-Fat Diet – Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Helicobacter pylori infection permanently changes gastric environment – Medical Press

Dietary Fiber Intake Protects against Diet-Induced Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome – SCI News

The Microbiome of an Oil Reservoir – UC San Diego

Mucin Cross-Feeding Shapes The Metabolic Environment In The Infant Gut – Vera Bunesova – Science Trends

An obesity-associated gut microbiome reprograms the intestinal epigenome and leads to altered colonic gene expression – Yufeng Qin – Genome Biology


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