April 7, 2016

Biases and challenges with microbiome data, metabolic syndrome, stem cell transplants, ammonia-eating bacteria in fish gills, and a distinct pilus in the gut microbiome.


Webinar: Cancer and the Oral Microbiome: A Metagenomics Approach – Scott Kelley, April 25

General microbiome

Good read about biases: Commentary: Challenges for Case-Control Studies with Microbiome Data – J. Paul Brooks – Annals of Epidemiology

Review: The importance of the microbiome in epidemiologic research – Blake M. Hanson – Annals of Epidemiology

Perspective: Microbiome and Anticancer Immunosurveillance – Laurence Zitvogel – Cell

Human oral microbiome

Effects of triclosan on host response and microbial biomarkers during experimental gingivitis – Brooke A. Pancer – Journal of Clinical Periodontology

Human skin microbiome

Review: New insights into acne pathogenesis: Exploring the role of acne-associated microbial populations – Bipul Kumar – Dermatologica Sinica

Human respiratory microbiome

Respiratory syncytial virus and rhinovirus severe bronchiolitis are associated with distinct nasopharyngeal microbiota – Jonathan M. Mansbach – Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Review: The respiratory microbiome: An underappreciated player in the human response to inhaled pollutants? – Sara D. Adar – Annals of Epidemiology

Human gut microbiome

The effect of heritability and host genetics on the gut microbiota and metabolic syndrome – Mi Young Lim – Gut

Functional changes in gut microbiota during haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for severe combined immunodeficiency – Jonathan P. Lane – Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

Interplay between bile acid metabolism and microbiota in irritable bowel syndrome – M. Dior – Neurogastroenterology & Motility

Review: The Intestinal Microbiota in Metabolic Disease – Anni Woting – MDPI Nutrients

Animal models

The absence of microbiota delays the inflammatory response to Cryptococcus gattii – Marliete Carvalho Costa – International Journal of Medical Microbiology

Brain injury induces specific changes in the caecal microbiota of mice via altered autonomic activity and mucoprotein production – A. Houlden – Brain, Behavior, and Immunity

Animal microbiome

Branchial nitrogen cycle symbionts can remove ammonia in fish gills – Maartje A.H.J. van Kessel – Environmental Microbiology Reports

Bovine teat microbiome analysis revealed reduced alpha diversity and significant changes in taxonomic profiles in quarters with a history of mastitis – Helene Falentin – Frontiers in Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Could The Martian science heck work? Evolution of soil on Mars – Shannon Bohle – Astronomy & Geophysics

Enhanced Degradation of Diesel in the Rhizosphere of Lupinus luteus after Inoculation with Diesel-Degrading and Plant Growth-Promoting Bacterial Strains – María Balseiro-Romero – Journal of Environmental Quality

Amplicon-based metabarcoding reveals temporal response of soil microbial community to fumigation-derived products – Feng Wei – Applied Soil Ecology

Water microbiome

Identification of bacterial communities in sediments of Poyang Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China – Wenbo Kou – SpringerPlus

Influence of selected environmental factors on the abundance of aerobic anoxygenic phototrophs in peat-bog lakes – Sylwia Lew – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Other microbiology

From Bacteroidia: A Distinct Type of Pilus from the Human Microbiome – Qingping Xu – Cell

Identification of new drug candidates against Borrelia burgdorferi using high-throughput screening – Venkata Raveendra Pothineni – Drug Design, Development and Therapy

Microbes and art

Another report on this beautiful art: Microbiome Art by Joana Ricou – Alex Alexiev – MicroBEnet

Students paint bacteria in cross campus learning Science Meets Art is a part of the SciCom initiative which is intended to help science students communicate their work and research – Connie Beltran – Texas Christian University

Microbes in the news

“Evolution of Soil on Mars”… where fiction becomes fact – David Coil – MicroBEnet

Gut Microbiota Altered in First-Episode Schizophrenia – Liam Davenport – Medscape

Gut Microbiome May Play Role in Myelination Disorders Including Multiple Sclerosis – interview with John Cryan – Medical Research

New type of symbiosis: Bacteria eat ammonia in fish gills – Science Daily

Elucidating the Microbiome of Acne Pathogenesis – Clincical Microbiomics

Biofilm oscillations: Excellent Paper on Metabolism dynamics + a video – Ben Libberton – NPJ Biofilms Community

California Strains of Lyme Bacteria May Survive Antibiotic Treatment According to Study – PR NewsWire


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