Some followers will need to sign up again

Last week I migrated the blog from an independent server to a WordPress server, and it seems that a subset of my followers were not transferred during the migration. In other words, if you had signed up to get an email whenever I posted something new, you might not have received anything in the last week. I am so sorry about that! I actually lost a large number of followers (the list had ~700 followers, and now only has 150).

I tried to figure out how to fix this but could not find an easy solution. For now, it’s probably the best to sign up again. Since I am now on a different server, the “Follow” box is now at the bottom right.

It looks like this: Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 05.42PM, Apr 06

Click on it and enter your email, and you should get a confirmation email.

If you don’t see it, that means you are already logged in. Sometimes, signing in in Incognito mode might help to sign up again.

Again, my apologies! Let me know if you still are having troubles.



7 thoughts on “Some followers will need to sign up again

      • Glad you found it! Once you are signed up, the button should disappear. Since I am the Admin, I had actually trouble signing up again; it required me to first unsubscribe, log in in an Incognito window, and sign up again. Multiple times.


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