April 8, 2016

Bacterial mucin degradation in CF, gastric mucosa vs gastric juice, cockroaches, penguins, estimating post-mortem interval, and effects of sound on growth of E. coli.

Pregnancy and birth

Perinatal microbial exposure may influence aortic intima-media thickness in early infancy – Kate McCloskey – International Journal of Epidemiology

Human skin microbiome

A method for culturing Gram-negative skin microbiota – Ian A. Myles – BMC Microbiology

Human respiratory microbiome

Haemophilus parainfluenzae as a marker of the upper respiratory tract microbiota changes under the influence of preoperative prophylaxis with or without postoperative treatment in patients with lung cancer
Urszula Kosikowska – BMC Microbiology

Evidence and role for bacterial mucin degradation in cystic fibrosis airway disease – Jeffrey M Flynn – BioRxiv

Human oral microbiome

Identification of microorganisms in biofluids of individuals with periodontitis and chronic kidney disease using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry – Levy Anderson César Alves – Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry

Review: Host-Microbiome Cross-talk in Oral Mucositis – RM Vasconcelos – Journal of Dental Research

Human stomach microbiome

Comparison of Gastric Microbiota Between Gastric Juice and Mucosa by Next Generation Sequencing Method – Jihee Sung – Journal of Cancer Prevention

Human gut microbiome

Long-Term Green Tea Supplementation Does Not Change the Human Gut Microbiota – Pilou L. H. R. Janssens – PLOS ONE

Fecal bacterial microbiome diversity in chronic HIV-infected patients in China – Yang Sun – Emerging Microbes & Infections

Review: Gut microbiome and lipid metabolism: from associations to mechanisms – Wang, Zheng – Current Opinion in Lipidology

Review: Mood by microbe: towards clinical translation – Timothy G. Dinan – Genome Medicine

Animal models

Microbial-Derived Metabolites Reflect an Altered Intestinal Microbiota during Catch-Up Growth in Undernourished Neonatal Mice – Geoffrey A Preidis – Journal of Nutrition

Reduced Epithelial Na+/H+ Exchange Drives Gut Microbial Dysbiosis and Promotes Inflammatory Response in T Cell-Mediated Murine Colitis – Daniel Laubitz – PLOS ONE

Animal microbiome

Gut Bacterial Community of the Xylophagous Cockroaches Cryptocercus punctulatus and Parasphaeria boleiriana – Mercedes Berlanga – PLOS ONE

Age-Related Differences in the Gastrointestinal Microbiota of Chinstrap Penguins (Pygoscelis antarctica) – Andrés Barbosa – PLOS ONE

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Functional breadth and home-field advantage generate functional differences among soil microbial decomposers – Nicolas Fanin – Ecology

Greater carbon allocation to mycorrhizal fungi reduces tree nitrogen uptake in a boreal forest – Niles J. Hasselquist – Ecology

Shifts in plant foliar and floral metabolomes in response to the suppression of the associated microbiota – Albert Gargallo-Garriga – BMC Plant Biology

Does arsenic play an important role in the soil microbial community around a typical arsenic mining area? – Fan Wu – Environmental Pollution

Groundwater–surface water mixing shifts ecological assembly processes and stimulates organic carbon turnover – James C. Stegen – Nature Communications

Waste and pollution microbiology

Altitude-scale variation in nitrogen-removal bacterial communities from municipal wastewater treatment plants distributed along a 3600-m altitudinal gradient in China – Lihua Niu – Science of The Total Environment

Performance Assessment of Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plants Based on Seasonal Variability of Microbial Communities via High-Throughput Sequencing – Tang Liu – PLOS ONE

Review: Microbial Ecology and Evolution in the Acid Mine Drainage Model System – Li-Nan Huang – Trends in Microbiology

Forensic microbiology

Potential use of bacterial community succession for estimating post-mortem interval as revealed by high-throughput sequencing – Juanjuan Guo – Scientific Reports

Musical microbes

Effects of sound exposure on the growth and intracellular macromolecular synthesis of E. coli k-12 – Shaobin Gu – PeerJ

Functional foods

Special issue on Pre- and Probiotics in Gastroenterology Practice – Clinical Gastroenterology

Microbes in the news

Saving the Tasmanian devil with microbiome research – Yuanyuan Cheng, Carolyn Hogg & Kathy Belov – BioMedCentral Blog

Bacteria used to extract precious metals from e-waste in NUS study – Straits Times

Fighting Indoor Air Pollution with Plant Root Bacteria – Launch UMD

Latest #spacemicrobes Paper is Out… Built Environment Strains Grown on the ISS – David Coil – MicroBEnet

UChicago and Evelo Biosciences sign licensing deal for microbiome-based cancer immunotherapy – PR Newswire

Journal Club: Crowdfunding Science: all that we learned during our first crowdfunding campaigns – Katherine Dahlhausen – MicroBEnet

Maldonado-Contreras recognized by American Gastroenterological Association for gut microbiome research – Megan Bard – University of Massachusetts

SatirePope Francis To Award Sainthood To All Microbiome Researchers – The Allium HT: Tomer Altman

Microbes and art

Celling point: scientist makes Darwin’s Origin of Species with bacteria. Molecular biologist Dr Simon Park has made a very unusual edition of the classic text, using bacteria to create the cover – The Guardian

The Microverse: Children books about microbes. Cool titles, such as Escher Surfs the Sewer, and Vibri Finds Her Glow.

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