February 15, 2018

An especially interesting article on engineered bacteria in the treatment of colon cancer today: Chun Loong Ho and colleagues engineered an E. coli strain to bind to colon cancer cells and constitutively secrete an enzyme that can turn dietary derived glucosinolates (from cruciferous vegetables) into cancer fighting isothiocynates. Mice exposed to carcinogens and fed both the engineered bacteria and broccoli developed fewer and smaller colorectal tumors than exposed mice who were fed 1) neither bacteria or brocoli, 2) only bacteria, or 3) only broccoli.  Engineered probiotics anyone?

Also : A cultured community developed from wastewater that can reduce the greenhouse gas N2O to Nand help mitigate global warming; the majority of Daphnia microbiomes are not passed from parent to offspring but absorbed from the surrounding environment; and the impacts of CRISPR-Cas9 selection pressure on phage evolution.

Events and jobs

Postdoctoral Scholars of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences – University of Nevada Las Vegas


General microbiome

Review: The genome, microbiome and evolutionary medicine – Robert C. Brunham – cmaj

Pregnancy and early life

Survey of Staphylococcus aureus in a general pediatric population and focus on isolates with three clinically relevant toxin-encoding genes – Anne Filleron – World Journal of Pediatrics

Human skin microbiome

Review: Impact of Skin Microbiome on Attractiveness to Arthropod Vectors and Pathogen Transmission – Niels O. Verhulst – Skin and Arthropod Vectors

Human gut microbiome

Intestinal Microbial Community Differs between Acute Pancreatitis Patients and Healthy Volunteers – Xi Mei Zhang – Biomedical and Environmental Sciences

The microbiome in chronic kidney disease patients undergoing hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis – Liliana Simões-Silva – Pharmacological Research

Review: Intestinal Microbiome Shifts, Dysbiosis, Inflammation, and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – Emma T. Saltzman – Frontiers in Microbiology

Does Low-Protein Diet Influence the Uremic Toxin Serum Levels From the Gut Microbiota in Nondialysis Chronic Kidney Disease Patients? – Ana Paula Black – Journal of Renal Nutrition

The Effect of Oligofructose-Enriched Inulin on Faecal Bacterial Counts and Microbiota-Associated Characteristics in Celiac Disease Children Following a Gluten-Free Diet: Results of a Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial – Natalia Drabińska – Nutrients

Preprint: Spatial variation of the native colon microbiota in healthy adults – Kaitlin J Flynn – bioRxiv

Preprint: The intestinal microbiota predisposes to traveller’s diarrhoea and to the carriage of multidrug-resistant Enterobacteriaceae after travelling to tropical regions – Stefano Leo – bioRxiv


Animal experiments

Influence of Eimeria falciformis Infection on Gut Microbiota and Metabolic Pathways in Mice – Guangping Huang – Infection and Immunity

The Antimicrobial Peptide CRAMP Is Essential for Colon Homeostasis by Maintaining Microbiota Balance – Teizo Yoshimura – The Journal of Immunology

Animal microbiome

*Good Daphnia parents do not control the offspring microbiome – Angela E. Douglas – Journal of Animal Ecology

Effect of antibiotic withdrawal in feed on chicken gut microbial dynamics, immunity, growth performance and prevalence of foodborne pathogens – Sanjay Kumar – PLOSone

Review: The Microbial Zoo in the C. elegans Intestine: Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses – Hongbing Jiang – Viruses

Effects of parental care on resource allocation into immune defense and buccal microbiota in mouthbrooding cichlid fishes – Isabel S. Keller – Evolution

Inter-domain microbial diversity within the coral holobiont Siderastrea siderea from two depth habitats – Guido Bonthond – PeerJ

Effect of ginkgo extract supplementation on in vitro rumen fermentation and bacterial profiles under different dietary conditions – Seongjin Oh – Animal Science Journal

Review: Animal host–microbe interactions – Bethany J. Hoye – Journal of Animal Ecology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Oilseed rape cultivation increases the microbial richness and diversity in soils contaminated with cadmium – Xin Wang – Journal of Soils and Sediments

Comparison of Rumen and Manure Microbiomes and Implications for the Inoculation of Anaerobic Digesters – Emine Gozde Ozbayram – Microorganisms

Bacterial Microbiota of Rice Roots: 16S-Based Taxonomic Profiling of Endophytic and Rhizospheric Diversity, Endophytes Isolation and Simplified Endophytic Community – Felix Moronta-Barrios – Microorganisms

Water and extremophile microbiome

Small eukaryotic phytoplankton communities in tropical waters off Brazil are dominated by symbioses between Haptophyta and nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria – Catherine Gérikas Ribeiro – The ISME Journal

Distribution Patterns of Microbial Community Structure Along a 7000-Mile Latitudinal Transect from the Mediterranean Sea Across the Atlantic Ocean to the Brazilian Coastal Sea – Jin Zhou – Microbial Ecology

The vertical distribution of prokaryotes in the surface sediment of Jiaolong cold seep at the northern South China Sea – Yuzhi Wu – Extremophiles

A comparative hierarchical analysis of bacterioplankton and biofilm metacommunity structure in an interconnected pond system – Caroline Souffreau – Environmental Microbiology

Chemical and Microbial Quality of Groundwater in Siloam Village, Implications to Human Health and Sources of Contamination – John Ogony Odiyo – International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Microbial Ecology

Host genetic variation strongly influences the microbiome structure and function in fungal fruiting-bodies – Mari Pent – Environmental Microbiology

Fungus-associated bacteriome in charge of their host behavior – Kristin Schulz-Bohm – Fungal Genetics and Biology


Antibiotic-mediated changes in the fecal microbiome of broiler chickens define the incidence of antibiotic resistance genes – Wenguang Xiong – BMC Microbiome


Probiotics / prebiotics

Effect of VSL#3 Probiotic in a Patient with Glycogen Storage Disease Type Ia and Irritable Bowel Disease-like Disease – Miguel Carnero-Gregorio – Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins

New Insight into Biofilm Formation Ability, the Presence of Virulence Genes and Probiotic Potential of Enterococcus sp. Dairy Isolates – Nikola Popović – Frontiers in Microbiology

Effectiveness and Safety of a Probiotic-Mixture for the Treatment of Infantile Colic: A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial with Fecal Real-Time PCR and NMR-Based Metabolomics Analysis – Maria Elisabetta Baldassarre – Nutrients

Fecal Microbiome Transplants

Long-term follow-up of the effects of fecal microbiota transplantation in combination with soluble dietary fiber as a therapeutic regimen in slow transit constipation – Xueying Zhang – Science China Life Sciences


Identification of fungi in shotgun metagenomics datasets – Paul D. Donovan – PLOSone

MetaLonDA: a flexible R package for identifying time intervals of differentially abundant features in metagenomic longitudinal studies – Ahmed A. Metwally – BMC Microbiome


*Engineered commensal microbes for diet-mediated colorectal-cancer chemoprevention – Chun Loong Ho – Nature Biomedical Engineering

*Unexpected evolutionary benefit to phages imparted by bacterial CRISPR-Cas9 – Pan Tao – Science Advances

Waste and Pollution

*Life on N2O: deciphering the ecophysiology of N2O respiring bacterial communities in a continuous culture – Monica Conthe – The ISME Journal

Metagenomic analysis of microbial community and function involved in cd-contaminated soil – Gang Feng – BMC Microbiology


Microbes in the news

Humpback microbiome linked to seasonal, environmental changes – Phys.org


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