March 3, 2015

Human microbiome general

Manuscript: Humans as Superorganisms: How Microbes, Viruses, Imprinted Genes and Other Selfish Entities Shape Our Behavior – Peter Kramer and Paola Bressan

Microbiome of pregnancy and birth

Gut bacteria are rarely shared by co-hospitalized premature infants, regardless of necrotizing enterocolitis development – Tali Raveh-Sadka – eLIFE

Human respiratory microbiome

Analysis of the Upper Respiratory Tract Microbiotas as the Source of the Lung and Gastric Microbiotas in Healthy Individuals – Christine M. Bassis – mBio

Human gut microbiome

The relevance of intestinal dysbiosis in liver transplant candidates – M. Grąt – Transplant Infectious Disease

Fecal Microbial Transplant Effect on Clinical Outcomes and Fecal Microbiome in Active Crohn’s Disease – Suskind, David L. – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Review: The Guts of Obesity: Progress and Challenges in Linking Gut Microbes to Obesity  – Gabriel A. Al-Ghalith – Discovery Medicine

Animal models of microbiome research

Thesis: Exercise is more effective at producing robust, lasting changes in gut microbial composition in juvenile than in adult male F344 rats – Agnieszka Mika – University of Colorado at Boulder

The gut microbiome restores intrinsic and extrinsic nerve function in germ-free mice accompanied by changes in calbindin – K. A. McVey Neufeld – Neurogastroenterology & Motility

Cystic fibrosis mouse model-dependent intestinal structure and gut microbiome – Mark Bazett – Mammalian Genome

Use of bacteriocin-producing, probiotic strain Enterococcus faecium AL41 to control intestinal microbiota in farm ostriches – Andrea Lauková – Letters in Applied Microbiology

Animal microbiome

Deciphering chicken gut microbial dynamics based on high-throughput 16S rRNA metagenomics analyses – Shaufi M Mohd Asrore – Gut Pathogens

Antifungal isolates database of amphibian skin-associated bacteria and function against emerging fungal pathogens – Douglas C. Woodhams – Ecological Archives

Diet shapes the gut microbiota of the omnivorous cockroach Blatella germanica – Ana Elena Pérez-Cobas – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Characterization of the honey bee microbiome throughout the queen-rearing process – David R. Tarpy – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Bacterial community composition and predicted functional ecology of sponges, sediment and seawater from the thousand-islands reef complex, West-Java, Indonesia – Nicole J. de Voogd – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Symbiodinium thermophilum sp. nov., a thermotolerant symbiotic alga prevalent in corals of the world’s hottest sea, the Persian/Arabian Gulf – B. C. C. Hume – Scientific Reports

Plant microbiome

Grazing livestock are exposed to terrestrial cyanobacteria – Bruce C McGorum – Veterinary Research

Soil and root microbiome

Nitrogen fertilizer dose alters fungal communities in sugarcane soil and rhizosphere
Chanyarat Paungfoo-Lonhienne – Scientific Reports

Changes in soil microbial community structure and activity in a cedar plantation invaded by moso bamboo – Ed-Haun Chang, Chih-Yu Chiu – Applied Soil Ecology

Wild plant species growing closely connected in a subalpine meadow host distinct root-associated bacterial communities – Kristin Aleklett – PeerJ

Stable isotope probing reveals the importance of Comamonas and Pseudomonadaceae in RDX degradation in samples from a Navy detonation site – Indumathy Jayamani, Alison M. Cupples – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Impact of metal pollution on fungal diversity and community structures – Michiel Op De Beeck – Environmental Microbiology

Water microbiome

Diverse uncultivated ultra-small bacterial cells in groundwater – Birgit Luef – Nature Communications

Impacts of the Three Gorges Dam on microbial structure and potential function – Qingyun Yan – Scientific Reports

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria associated with copepods in coastal waters of the North Atlantic Ocean – Rosemary E. Scavotto – Environmental Microbiology

Bacterial diversity in relatively pristine and anthropogenically-influenced mangrove ecosystems (Goa, India) – Sheryl Oliveira Fernandes – Brazilian Journal of Microbiology

Bioreactor microbiology

Start-up strategies in manure-fed biogas reactors: Process parameters and methanogenic communities – M. Goberna – Biomass and Bioenergy

Microbiome of the built environment

Characterization, Microbial Community Structure, and Pathogen Occurrence in Urban Faucet Biofilms in South China – Huirong Lin – BioMed Research International

Observational scores of dampness and mold associated with measurements of microbial agents and moisture in three public schools – S. J. Cho – Indoor Air

Food microbiology

Biotic Stress Shifted Structure and Abundance of Enterobacteriaceae in the Lettuce Microbiome – Armin Erlacher – PLOS ONE

Phages and viruses

‘Ménage à trois’: a selfish genetic element uses a virus to propagate within Thermotogales – Julien Lossouarn – Environmental Microbiology

Microbial Ecology

Disentangling mechanisms that mediate the balance between stochastic and deterministic processes in microbial succession – Francisco Dini-Andreote – PNAS USA

The community ecology of pathogens: coinfection, coexistence and community composition – Eric W. Seabloom – Ecology Letters

Tuberculosis: Fighting an old disease with next-generation sequencing – Anzaan Dippenaar, Robin M. Warren – eLIFE

Horizontal gene transfer and gene dosage drives adaptation to wood colonization in a tree pathogen – Braham Dhillon – PNAS USA

A tortoise-infecting picornavirus expands the host range of the family Picornaviridae
Terry Fei Fan Ng – Archives of Virology

Metagenomics and bioinformatics

Review: Insights from 20 years of bacterial genome sequencing – Miriam Land – Functional & Integrative Genomics

Review: The Current Status and Challenges in Computational Analysis of Genomic Big Data – Yiming Qin – Big Data Research


Impact of storage conditions on metabolite profiles of sputum samples from persons with cystic fibrosis – Jiangchao Zhao – Journal of Cystic Fibrosis

Microbes in the news

Enter the Vaginome: Meet the Microbes that Live in Our Vaginas – A.V. Flox – Motherboard

New paper on diseased vs healthy infants in a NICU, possible impacts for future hospital microbiome work – Bubba Brooks – MicroBEnet

ArchaeaMysterious microbes hold big possibilities for Sloan Research Fellow Alyson Santoro – EurekaAlert

Genes & cells: Jet lag disrupts microbes in the gut: Mice with time-shifted bacteria develop metabolic problems – Tina Hesman Saey – Science News

The environment may change, but the microbiome of queen bees does not – Matt Shipman

Cheesey Microbial Communities – Daniel P. Haeusser – Small Things Considered

150,000 of these bacteria could fit on the tip of a hair (and that’s about as small as life can get) – Rachel Feltman – Washington Post

Unusual Bacteria Discovered In Deepest Ocean Trench – Ocean Leadership

Link Identified Between Virus Recognition, Destruction in Bacterial Immune System – Infection Control Today
Researchers Discover How Bacteria ‘Steal’ Genetic Information – Jim Algar – Tech Times

Science, publishing, and career

Different personal propensities among scientists relate to deeper vs. broader knowledge contributions – Thomas S. Bateman, and Andrew M. Hess – PNAS USA
Attention, All Scientists: Do Improv, With Alan Alda’s Help – Kenneth Chang – New York Times

Bik’s Picks

Hippos stem from the longest sequence of terrestrial cetartiodactyl evolution in Africa
Fabrice Lihoreau – Nature Communications

Termites: Guardians of the Soil – Natalie Angier – New York Times

A social chemosignaling function for human handshaking – Idan Frumin – eLIFE

Snip, Snap, Slurp: Misophonia Makes Them Unbearable – What sound most grates on your nerves? – Karen Barrow – New York Times


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