December 23, 2015

Dental plaque microbiota shifts during mechanic ventilation, different antibiotics have different effects in mice gut, the Tasmanian devil microbiome, supraglacial communities, and FISH visualization of bacteria.

Microbial detection from almost sterile sites

Absence of Bacteria on Coronary Angioplasty Balloons from Unselected Patients: Results with Use of a High Sensitivity Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay – Gorm Mørk Hansen – PLOS ONE

Pregnancy and birth microbiome

Editorial: Is there a link between viruses and necrotising enterocolitis? – Masako Shimamura – Acta Paediatrica

Human oral microbiome

Microbial profiling of dental plaque from mechanically ventilated patients – Kirsty M Sands – Journal of Medical Microbiology

Discovery and validation of potential bacterial biomarkers for lung cancer – Xinmin Yan – American Journal of Cancer Research

Human gut microbiome

Gut Microbiota Alterations can predict Hospitalizations in Cirrhosis Independent of Diabetes Mellitus – Jasmohan S. Bajaj – Scientific Reports

Editorial: Diarrhoea risk study underlines the difficulties in carrying out research in day care centre settings – Margareta Söderström – Acta Paediatrica

Review: Micromanagement in the gut: microenvironmental factors govern colon mucosal biofilm structure and functionality – Rosemarie De Weirdt – NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes

Microbiome models

Antibiotic Treatment Affects Intestinal Permeability and Gut Microbial Composition in Wistar Rats Dependent on Antibiotic Class – Monica Vera-Lise Tulstrup – PLOS ONE

Spatial disturbances in altered mucosal and luminal gut viromes of diet-induced obese mice – Min-Soo Kim – Environmental Microbiology

Interaction of mouse splenocytes and macrophages with bacterial strains in vitro: the effect of age in the immune response – A.A. Van Beek – Beneficial Microbes

DGGE: Oral administration of kefiran exerts a bifidogenic effect on BALB/c mice intestinal microbiota – M.F. Hamet – Beneficial Microbes

A Spatially Continuous Model of Carbohydrate Digestion and Transport Processes in the Colon – Arun S. Moorthy – PLOS ONE

Beneficial metabolic effects of selected probiotics on diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance in mice are associated with improvement of dysbiotic gut microbiota – Jeanne Alard – Environmental Microbiology

Editorial: Gutsy Microbes Fly High in the Antiviral War – Javier Robalino – Trends in Microbiology

Animal microbiome

The Tasmanian devil microbiome—implications for conservation and management – Yuanyuan Cheng – Microbiome

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Rock geochemistry induces stress and starvation responses in the bacterial proteome – Casey C. Bryce – Environmental Microbiology

Isolation, selection and evaluation of antagonistic yeasts and lactic acid bacteria against ochratoxigenic fungus Aspergillus westerdijkiae on coffee beans – G.V. de Melo Pereira – Letters in Applied Microbiology

Low multifunctional redundancy of soil fungal diversity at multiple scales – Akira S. Mori – Ecology Letters

Phosphorus depletion in forest soils shapes bacterial communities towards phosphorus recycling systems – Fabian Bergkemper – Environmental Microbiology

Comparison of bacterial and archaeal communities in depth-resolved zones in an LNAPL body – Maria Irianni-Renno – Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Water and extremophile microbiome

Supraglacial bacterial community structures vary across the Greenland ice sheet
Karen A. Cameron – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Identification of subannual patterns in microbial community signatures from individual sedimentary laminae using a freeze-coring approach – B. K. Harrison – Limnology and Oceanography

Respiratory quinones in Archaea: phylogenetic distribution and application as biomarkers in the marine environment – Felix J. Elling – Environmental Microbiology

Built environment microbiome

Review: Sources of airborne microorganisms in the built environment – Aaron J. Prussin II – Microbiome

Food microbiology

Abiotic Stress and Phyllosphere Bacteria Influence the Survival of Human Norovirus and Its Surrogates on Preharvest Leafy Greens – Malak A. Esseili – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Microbiome of death

Microbial ecology of the salmon necrobiome: Evidence salmon carrion decomposition influences aquatic and terrestrial insect microbiomes – Jennifer L. Pechal – Environmental Microbiology

Metagenomics and bioinformatics

Identification and Resolution of Microdiversity through Metagenomic Sequencing of Parallel Consortia – William C. Nelson – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Microbial Community Analysis with Ribosomal Gene Fragments from Shotgun Metagenomes – Jiarong Guo – Applied and Environmental Microbiology


MiL-FISH: Multilabeled Oligonucleotides for Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Improve Visualization of Bacterial Cells – Mario P. Schimak – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Microbes in the news

Salmonella traced to pet turtles is spreading once again – Helen Branswell – STAT news

Bacteria resistant to a “last resort” antibiotic have been found in the UK – Frida Garza – Quartz

Gene behavior distinguishes viral from bacterial infections – Laura Sanders – Science News

Near perfect balance in a microbiome paper – hopeful yet no hype – Jonathan Eisen – MicroBEnet

Beneficial bacteria in Hawaiian squid attracted to fatty acids –

Conference update: Advances in Human Microbiome Science: Intestinal Diseases – The New York Academy of Sciences

Microbiology and art

Microbiology and Creative Extra Credit – Mark O. Martin – Microbes Rule
Science, publishing, and career

Diversity in Clinical and Biomedical Research: A Promise Yet to Be Fulfilled – Sam S. Oh – PLOS Medicine

Genome-editing revolution: My whirlwind year with CRISPR – Jennifer Doudna – Nature

Science and gender: Scientists must work harder on equality – Meg Urry – Nature

End of year lists

365 days: The science events that shaped 2015. Gene-editing, climate change and Pluto are among the year’s top stories – Monya Baker – Nature

The Coolest Science Stories You May Have Missed in 2015 – Jennifer Ouellette – Gizmodo


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