February 25, 2015

Nature and Scientific American have a joint Microbiome special: “Innovations in the Microbiome” with several overview papers from Rob Knight, Ruth Ley,  Justin Sonnenburg et al. Articles include:

The Microbes Within – David Grogan
Why Microbiome Treatments Could Pay Off Soon – Rob Knight
Your Microbes at Work: Fiber Fermenters Keep Us Healthy
Mental Health: Thinking from the Gut – Charles Schmidt
Gut Microbiome: The Peacekeepers – Moises Velasquez-Manoff
The Gene–Microbe Link – Ruth E. Ley
Microbiome Engineering – Justin L. Sonnenburg
The Diverse Microbiome of the Hunter-Gatherer – Stephanie L. Schnorr

Human oral microbiome

Environment and Colonisation Sequence Are Key Parameters Driving Cooperation and Competition between Pseudomonas aeruginosa Cystic Fibrosis Strains and Oral Commensal Streptococci – Robert A. Whiley – PLOS ONE

Human skin microbiome

Malassezia Intra-Specific Diversity and Potentially New Species in the Skin Microbiota from Brazilian Healthy Subjects and Seborrheic Dermatitis Patients – Renan Cardoso Soares – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

From the Gordon lab: Functional characterization of IgA-targeted bacterial taxa from undernourished Malawian children that produce diet-dependent enteropathy – Andrew L. Kau – Science Translational Medicine

Complementary Amplicon-Based Genomic Approaches for the Study of Fungal Communities in Humans – Timothy Heisel – PLOS ONE

Animal models of microbiome research

Dietary emulsifiers impact the mouse gut microbiota promoting colitis and metabolic syndrome – Benoit Chassaing – Nature

Animal microbiome

Heritable symbiosis: The advantages and perils of an evolutionary rabbit hole – Gordon M. Bennett and Nancy A. Moran

Endosymbiont Dominated Bacterial Communities in a Dwarf Spider – Bram Vanthournout, Frederik Hendrickx – PLOS ONE

Phylogenetic diversity of Archaea in the intestinal tract of termites from different lineages – Yu Shi – Journal of Basic Microbiology

Plant microbiome

Intercropped Silviculture Systems, a Key to Achieving Soil Fungal Community Management in Eucalyptus Plantations – Caio T. C. C. Rachid – PLOS ONE

Soil microbiome

Microbial dynamics in glacier forefield soils show succession is not just skin deep – Arwyn Edwards and Sophie Cook – Molecular Ecology

Microbial deposits in the aftermath of the end-Permian mass extinction: A diverging case from the Mineral Mountains (Utah, USA) – Emmanuelle Vennin – Sedimentology

Water microbiome

Characterizing variability in marine protist communities via ARISA fingerprints—a method evaluation – E.S. Kilias – Limnology and Oceanography: Methods

Characterisation of the Physical Composition and Microbial Community Structure of Biofilms within a Model Full-Scale Drinking Water Distribution System – Katherine E. Fish – PLOS ONE

Microbiome of the built environment

Sewage Reflects the Microbiomes of Human Populations – Ryan J. Newton – mBio

Phages and viruses

The targeted recognition of Lactococcus lactis phages to their polysaccharide receptors – Orla McCabe – Molecular Microbiology


Tools for Bacterial Comparative Genomics – Kat Holt – Holt Lab


Comparison of different methods for the recovery of DNA from spores of mycotoxin producing moulds in spiked food samples – Sabrina Grube – Letters in Applied Microbiology


Nutritional stress induces exchange of cell material and energetic coupling between bacterial species – Saida Benomar – Nature Communications

Other papers of interest

Climate-driven introduction of the Black Death and successive plague reintroductions into Europe – Boris V. Schmid – PNAS USA

Analysis of 13 cell types reveals evidence for the expression of numerous novel primate- and tissue-specific microRNAs – Eric Londin – PNAS USA

Microbes in the news

Fishing For the Microbes Behind Malnutrition – Ed Yong – National Geographic

4th World Summit ‘Gut Microbiota For Health’ to be held in Barcelona – Phys.org

Indian scientist awarded 1.5 million euros grant to investigate the role of gut microbiota in autoimmune diseases – Economic Times India

Johnson & Johnson Bets On Alzheimer’s Vaccine, Disease Prediction, Human ‘Microbiome’ – Amy Nordrum – International Business Times

Altered microbiome may lead to liver disease in patients with cystic fibrosis – Healio

Cystic Fibrosis Liver Cirrhosis Associated with Intestinal Microbiome – Maureen Newmn – LungDiseaseNews

Linoleic acid role balanced by changes to gut microbiota: Study – Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn – NutraIngredients

My Microbiome Experience from Start to Results – Alexandra Carmichael – uBiome Blog

Session Report: Citizen Microbiology at Citizen Science 2015 – David Coil – MicroBEnet

Bacteria pipe food to each other using tiny tubes – Francie Diep – Popular Science

CSU study finds that Leprosy bacteria can survive in unusual environments – Emily Vavra – Collegian

Science, publishing and career

Scientists are cautious about public outreach – Chris Woolston – Nature

It’s Time for More Racial Diversity in STEM Toys – Maia Weinstock – Scientific American

Science and art

Science and Culture: Data visualization nurtures an artistic movement – J. D. Talasek – PNAS USA

Bik’s Picks

Wanted: 80,000 British babies for massive study – Helen Pearson – Nature

28.8 million tons of Sahara desert fertilize the Amazon – Deborah Netburn – LA Times

Your Eyelashes Should Be This Long, Science Says – Megan Gannon – Scientific American [hr]

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