July 9, 2016

Bacteroidales from homeothermic animals, 136 microbial genomes from the Red Sea, corrosion of concrete sewers, and the microbiology lab in 2050 (still sexist!).

Pregnancy and birth

Integrated network-diversity analyses suggest suppressive effect of Hodgkin’s lymphoma and slightly relieving effect of chemotherapy on human milk microbiome – Zhanshan (Sam) Ma – Scientific Reports

ReviewThe Microbiome, Antibiotics, and Health of the Pediatric Population – Ravi S Misra- EC Microbiology

Human oral microbiome

Metagenomic Analysis of Sputum Microbiome as a Tool Towards Culture-independent Pathogen Detection of Patients with Ventilator-associated Pneumonia – Qiulong Yan – American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

Human respiratory microbiome

Smoking Cessation and the Microbiome in Induced Sputum Samples from Cigarette Smoking Asthma Patients – Christian Munck – PLOS ONE

Association of sputum microbiota profiles with severity of community-acquired pneumonia in children – Melinda M. Pettigrew – BMC Infectious Diseases

Human gut microbiome

Review: Polysaccharide degradation by the intestinal microbiota and its influence on human health and disease – Darrell W. Cockburn – Journal of Molecular Biology

Review: Microbiota at the crossroads of autoimmunity – Oded Shamriz – Autoimmunity Reviews

EditorialA Role for Chemists in Microbiome Research – Courtney C. Aldrich – ACD Infectious Diseases

Animal experiments

Longitudinal analysis of the lung microbiota of cynomolgous macaques during long-term SHIV infection – Alison Morris – Microbiome

Animal microbiome

Genomic characterization of the uncultured Bacteroidales family S24-7 inhabiting the guts of homeothermic animals – Kate L. Ormerod – Microbiome

Biodiversity and Activity of the Gut Microbiota across the Life History of the Insect Herbivore Spodoptera littoralis – Bosheng Chen – Scientific Reports

Long-term effect of heavy-metal pollution on diversity of gastrointestinal microbial community of Bufo raddei – Wenya Zhang – Toxicology Letters

Plants, roots, and soil microbiome

Multiscale assemblage of an ectomycorrhizal fungal community: The influence of host functional traits and soil properties in a 10-ha miombo forest – David Bauman – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Impact of Soil Salinity on the Structure of the Bacterial Endophytic Community Identified from the Roots of Caliph Medic (Medicago truncatula) – Mahmoud W. Yaish – PLOS ONE

Diversity of fungal endophytes in recent and ancient wheat ancestors Triticum dicoccoides and Aegilops sharonensis – Maya Ofek-Lalzar – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

The effect of bullet removal and vegetation on mobility of Pb in shooting range soils – Abioye O. Fayiga – Chemosphere

Water and extremophile microbiome

A catalogue of 136 microbial draft genomes from Red Sea metagenomes – Mohamed F. Haroon – Scientific Data

A comprehensive method for amplicon-based and metagenomic characterization of viruses, bacteria, and eukaryotes in freshwater samples – Miguel I. Uyaguari-Diaz – Microbiome

Hydrocarbon biodegradation by Arctic sea-ice and sub-ice microbial communities during microcosm experiments, Northwest Passage (Nunavut, Canada) – Marie-Ève Garneau – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Built environment microbiome

Wastewater Enhanced Microbial Corrosion of Concrete Sewers – Guangming Jiang – Environmental Science & Technology


The bioleaching potential of a bacterial consortium – Mauricio Latorre – Bioresource Technology


DGGE: Representative sampling of natural biofilms: influence of substratum type on the bacterial and fungal communities structure – Jennifer Hellal – SpringerPlus

Bioinformatics and metagenomics

GUTSS: An Alignment-Free Sequence Comparison Method for Use in Human Intestinal Microbiome and Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Analysis – Mitchell J. Brittnacher – PLOS ONE

Icarus: visualizer for de novo assembly evaluation – Alla Mikheenko – Bioinformatics

deBGA: read alignment with de Bruijn Graph-based seed and extension – Bo Liu – Bioinformatics

ConsPred – a rule-based (re-)annotation framework for prokaryotic genomes – Thomas Weinmaier – Bioinformatics


Review: Metaproteomic data analysis at a glance: advances in computational microbial community proteomics – Expert Review of Proteomics

Bik’s Picks

A typical day working in a laboratory in 2050: Are microbiologists becoming chemists and serene workers? – Daniele Sohier – Current Opinion in Food Science

Napa native on space mission showed early signs of promise – Jonathan Bloom – ABC News




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