Poll: display full posts or not?

Recently, I started to use the “Continue Reading” button here, which will only display the top part of a post, so that posts won’t show at full length at the home page. If you click on the post link, or the button, it will display the full post. A reader commented, however, that it was less easy to search for keywords from the home page. I’m very open for changing it back to the full-post display, but let’s do a poll first. My first poll here!


Update July 14: Alright, the audience has spoken! The majority of voters so far does not like the Continue Reading feature, so I have removed it from the recent blog posts, and I will go back to showing full-length posts on the home page.


4 thoughts on “Poll: display full posts or not?

  1. Either, don’t care. I rarely visit the homepage. I’m subscribed to the blog via Feed but because I only see a summary I often miss news or can’t be bothered clicking through unless I see something interesting in the summary. My vote is if you have the option in Settings >> Reading >> For each article in feed show: Full text.


  2. Aww come on guys… How are you going to find anything that was posted previously? You can’t use “ctrl+f” to search keywords at all anymore. You can’t sort by categories or months and scroll through those either. You have to click on every single daily post to see its full contents.


  3. Well, that is how I personally like to read posts. I will quickly scroll through the main page of my favorite non-microbiology blog, and preload all the blog posts by clicking on the headers, thus loading multiple tags to read. I have not seen any other thoughts, and although initially the Yeah were winning, the No’s have made a surprising leap forward. But the poll is still open!
    Also, please realize that this is a one-person blog, and that I put a lot of love and work into it. As I said, I am open for changing it back, after the poll closes.

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