June 28, 2016

A fundraiser to study the turtle microbiome, multiple sclerosis, generalists inside specialist, and visualizing translational activity.


IndieGoGo campaign: TurtleTracts: Study Microbes to Save Sea Turtles – Aubrey Tauer

Also see this blog post: Sneak Peak at our Sea Turtle Microbiome Initiative – Aubrey Tauer

Pregnancy and birth

Gut bacteria and late-onset neonatal bloodstream infections in preterm infants – Phillip I. Tarr – Seminars in Fetal and Neonatal Medicine

Human respiratory microbiome

Commentary: Mode of delivery to the brave new (microbial) world: a defining moment for the respiratory microbiome? – Georgios D. Kitsios – EBioMedicine

Human gut microbiome

Multiple sclerosis patients have a distinct gut microbiota compared to healthy controls – Jun Chen – Scientific Reports

Press: Link between gut bacteria, MS discovered. MS patients show lower levels of good bacteria – Science Daily

Review: Microbiota as Therapeutic Targets – Xavier R.J. – Digestive Diseases

Animal microbiome
The Generalist Inside the Specialist: Gut Bacterial Communities of Two Insect Species Feeding on Toxic Plants Are Dominated by Enterococcus sp. – Cristina Vilanova – Frontiers in Microbiology

Review: The gut microbiome as a virtual endocrine organ with implications for farm and domestic animal endocrinology – T.F. O’Callaghan – Domestic Animal Endocrinology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
Systemic enrichment of antifungal traits in the rhizosphere microbiome after pathogen attack – Jan-Hendrik Dudenhöffer – Journal of Ecology

A multi-biological assay approach to assess microbial diversity in arsenic (As) contaminated soils – S.R. Stazi – Geomicrobiology Journal

Effects of two fungicide formulations on microbial and macroinvertebrate leaf decomposition under laboratory conditions – Adria A. Elskus – Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

Book: Plant, Soil and Microbes – Editors: Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Mohd Sayeed Akhtar – Springer

Water and extremophile microbiome

Metagenomics-Guided Mining of Commercially Useful Biocatalysts from Marine Microorganisms – A.R. Uria – Advances in Food and Nutrition Research

Lessons learned from thirty years of geomicrobiological studies of Río Tinto – Ricardo Amils – Research in Microbiology

Metabolic diversity and adaptive mechanisms of iron- and/or sulfur-oxidizing autotrophic acidophiles in extremely acidic environments – Xian Zhang – Environmental Microbiology Reports

Reconstructing metabolic pathways of hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill – Nina Dombrowski – Nature Microbiology

News and views: Marine microbiology: Community clean up – Rachel Mackelprang – Nature Microbiology

Assessing viral taxonomic composition in benthic marine ecosystems: reliability and efficiency of different bioinformatic tools for viral metagenomic analyses – M. Tangherlini – Scientific Reports

Marine phage genomics: the tip of the iceberg – Blanca Perez Sepulveda – Microbiology Letters

Metabolic networks and proteomics

MetaPro-IQ: a universal metaproteomic approach to studying human and mouse gut microbiota – Xu Zhang – Microbiome

The use of propidium monoazide in conjunction with qPCR and Illumina sequencing to identify and quantify live yeasts and bacteria – Mansak Tantikachornkiata – International Journal of Food Microbiology

Protocol: Constructing and Analyzing Metabolic Flux Models of Microbial Communities – José P. Faria – Springer Protocols

Viruses and phages

Opinion: The Janus-Face of Bacteriophages across Human Body Habitats – Adam Wahida – PLOS Pathogens

Review: Research on the human virome: where are we and what is next – Shimian Zou – Microbiome

Microbial ecology and techniques

Visualizing in situ translational activity for identifying and sorting slow-growing archaeal−bacterial consortia – Roland Hatzenpichler – PNAS

Press: See and sort: Developing novel techniques to visualize uncultured microbial cell activity – Science Daily

High functional diversity stimulates diversification in experimental microbial communities – Alexandre Jousset – Science Advances

Measuring the biodiversity of microbial communities by flow cytometry – Ruben Props – Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Highlight: A timely reminder of technical limitations – James I. Prosser – Microbial Biotechnology

Species-sorting and mass-transfer paradigms control managed natural metacommunities – Susanne Günther – Environmental Microbiology

Microbes in the news

Slimy clumps of bacteria kill thousands. Scientists are fighting back – Usha Lee McFarling – STAT News

Why everyone’s suddenly talking about gut bacteria – Laura Entis – Fortune

Scientists find link between makeup of individual’s microbiome and head and neck cancer – News Medical


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