April 20, 2015

Happy 4/20! Here is a paper from last June that deserves renewed attention today: 

Understanding Cultivar-Specificity and Soil Determinants of the Cannabis Microbiome – Max E. Winston – PLOS ONE

Human oral microbiome

Review: Ecological Approaches to Oral Biofilms: Control without Killing – Marsh P.D. – Caries Research

Human vaginal microbiome

A multi-platform metabolomics approach identifies novel biomarkers associated with bacterial diversity in the human vagina – Amy McMillan – ArXiv

Comparison of detection methods for vaginal lactobacilli – I. Smidt – Beneficial Microbes

Human gut microbiome

Differences in Gut Microbiota Between Atopic and Healthy Children – Tiina Drell – Current Microbiology

DGGE: Is there interaction between gut microbial profile and cardiovascular risk in chronic kidney disease patients? – Amanda F Barros – Future Medicine

Thesis: Characterization and Investigation of Fungi Inhabiting the Gastrointestinal Tract of Healthy and Diseased Humans – Mallory J Suhr – University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Poster: The MS Microbiome Consortium (MSMC): an academic multi-disciplinary collaborative effort to elucidate the role of the gut microbiota in MS (P2.205)
Ilana Katz Sand – Neurology

Review: Gut microbiota and Ma-Pi 2 macrobiotic diet in the treatment of type 2 diabetes – Francesco Fallucca – World Journal of Diabetes

Animal microbiome

The coral core microbiome identifies rare bacterial taxa as ubiquitous endosymbionts
Tracy D Ainsworth – The ISME Journal

Plant root and soil microbiome

Tree: Genetic Diversity and Functional Traits of Pterocarpus officinalis Jacq. Associated with Symbiotic Microbial Communities in Caribbean Swamp Forests in Relation to Insular Distribution, Salinity and Flooding – Amadou M. Bâ, Elsie Rivera-Ocasio – Wetlands

Plant: Effects of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) root mucilage on microbial community response and capacity for phenanthrene remediation – Ran Sun – Journal of Environmental Sciences

Effect of conventional and organic orchard floor management practices on enzyme activities and microbial counts in a ‘Cripp’s Pink’/M7 apple orchard – André H Meyer – South African Journal of Plant and Soil

Successional and seasonal variations in soil and litter microbial community structure and function during tropical post-agricultural forest regeneration: A multi-year study
A. Peyton Smith – Global Change Biology

Editorial: Increasing diversity – Andrea Du Toit – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Soils naturally suppressive to banana Fusarium wilt disease harbor unique bacterial communities – Zongzhuan Shen – Plant and Soil

Cropping systems modulate the rate and magnitude of soil microbial autotrophic CO2 fixation in soil – Xiao H. Wu – Frontiers in Microbiology

Cave microbiome
Nutrient input influences fungal community composition and size and can stimulate Mn(II) oxidation in caves – SK Carmichael – Environmental Microbiology Reports

Water microbiome

Temporal and spatial constraints on community assembly during microbial colonization of wood in seawater – Dimitri Kalenitchenko – The ISME Journal


In situ expression of eukaryotic ice-binding proteins in microbial communities of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice – Christiane Uhlig – The ISME Journal

Metatranscriptomes reveal functional variation in diatom communities from the Antarctic Peninsula – Gareth A Pearson – The ISME Journal

Venn Diagrams galore: Multi-scale variability analysis reveals the importance of spatial distance in shaping Arctic soil microbial functional communities – Yu Shi – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Microbes of the built environment

Influence of housing characteristics on bacterial and fungal communities in homes of asthmatic children – K. C. Dannemiller – Indoor Air

Microbial diversity in bioaerosol samples causing ODTS compared to reference bioaerosol samples as measured using Illumina sequencing and MALDI-TOF – Anne Mette Madsen – Environmental Research

Molecular characterization of microbial communities and quantification of Mycobacterium immunogenum in metal removal fluids and their associated biofilms
Jianfeng Wu – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Bioreactor and wastewater microbiology

Microbial Mats as a Biological Treatment Approach for Saline Wastewaters: The Case of Produced Water from Hydraulic Fracturing – Benay Akyon – Environmental Science & Technology

Dynamics and distribution of bacterial and archaeal communities in oil-contaminated temperate coastal mudflat mesocosms – Gbemisola O. Sanni – Environmental Science and Pollution Research


Flow cytometry as an auxiliary tool for the selection of probiotic bacteria – D. Mudroňová – Beneficial Microbes

Other microbiology papers

Shattering old beliefsGram’s stain does not cross the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane – Michael J. Wilhelm – ACS Chemical Biology

Dynamic Clustering in Suspension of Motile Bacteria – Xiao Chen – ArXiv

Microbes in the news

Jessica Richman, CEO of uBiome joins for short Toolmaker Talk about microbiome
 – Quantified Self Radio

Top 100 Most Influential People, with Martin Blaser – Almudena Bernabea – Time

VideoDavid Sela, PhD: Probiotics, nutrition & the microbiome – UMass Amherst – YouTube

Can Specks of Dust Help Solve Crimes? – Mandy Oaklander – Time

Bacterial flora of remote tribespeople carries antibiotic resistance genes – Science Daily

In fight against Crohn’s, professor battles bacteria – Scott Goss – USA Today

Are gut bacteria manipulating your mood? – Viviane Richter – Cosmos Magazine

To fight nasty digestive bugs, U-M scientists set out to build a better gut – using stem cells – HealthCanal

Mouth bacteria can tell the status of liver disease – Zee News

How the gut garden affects fat-burning – Sylvia Harral, Michele Stewart – Recorder Online

Maple Syrup Extract May Fight Infection-Causing Bacteria: Study – Joanna Adams – Huffington Post

How Things Work: Phages occupy bacteria to cure infection – Sharon Wu – The Tartan

The Bacteria Will See You Now: How Little Bugs Create Big Problems in Hospitals – Brian Krans – HealthLine

Cytokinins Cannot Be Associated with Plants Only: Being Present in Bacteria, They Also Affect Resistance to TB – Martina Šaradínová

Microbes and art

VideoAnna Dumitriu – “Don’t try this at home” – creating microbial artwork from faecal transplants – YouTube

Now with a Colon and Rectum – but Super Stomach and Tremendous Testicle are cute too. Bladder is on sale! I Heart Guts Plush Organs

Science, publishing, and career

University of Victoria student diving for his master’s – Jeff Bell – Times Colonist (HT: Ed Yong)

Bik’s Picks

Roundup and Risk Assessment – Michael Specter – New Yorker

Vampire Squid Outlast Their Shallower Peers – SindyaN. Bhanoo – New York Times

New species of frog found in Costa Rica looks just like Kermit – Andrea Romano – Mashable



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