January 13, 2015

Human oral microbiome

The Biofilm Community: Rebels with a Cause – A. Wilson Aruni – Current Oral Health Reports

Human respiratory microbiome

Culture and molecular-based profiles show shifts in bacterial communities of the upper respiratory tract that occur with age – J C Stearns – The ISME Journal

Recombination is a key driver of genomic and phenotypic diversity in a Pseudomonas aeruginosa population during cystic fibrosis infection – Sophie E. Darch – Scientific Reports

Human gut microbiome

Effect of Exclusive Enteral Nutrition on the Microbiota of Children With Newly Diagnosed Crohn’s Disease – Nadeem O. Kaakoush – Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology

The intestinal microbiota: its role in health and disease – Luc Biedermann, Gerhard Rogler – European Journal of Pediatrics

Geographical patterns of the standing and active human gut microbiome in health and IBD – Ateequr Rehman – Gut

Severity of atopic disease inversely correlates with intestinal microbiota diversity and butyrate-producing bacteria – L. Nylund – Allergy

The influence of the microbiota on the immune response to transplantation – Bartman, Caroline – Current Opinion in Organ Transplantation

Animal models of microbiome research

The enduring importance of animal models in understanding periodontal disease – George Hajishengallis – Virulence

Animal microbiome

Similarities and seasonal variations in bacterial communities from the blood of rodents and from their flea vectors – Carmit Cohen – The ISME Journal

Molecular analysis of cecal and tracheal microbiome of heat-stressed broilers supplemented with prebiotic and probiotic – Muhammad U. Sohail – Avian Pathology

Divergence across diet, time and populations rules out parallel evolution in the gut microbiomes of Trinidadian guppies – Karen E Sullam – The ISME Journal

Composition and predicted functional ecology of mussel-associated bacteria in Indonesian marine lakes – Daniel F. R. Cleary – Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Deep down on a Caribbean reef: lower mesophotic depths harbor a specialized coral-endosymbiont community – Pim Bongaerts – Scientific Reports

Soil microbiome

Exploring the dynamics of bacterial community composition in soil: the pan-bacteriome approach – Giovanni Bacci – Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Role of RNase on microbial community analysis in the rice and wheat plants soil by 16S rDNA-DGGE – Md. Mizanur Rahman – Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology

Field-based evidence for consistent responses of bacterial communities to copper contamination in two contrasting agricultural soils – Jing Li – Frontiers in Microbiology

Evident bacterial community changes but only slight degradation when polluted with pyrene in a red soil – Gaidi Ren – Frontiers in Microbiology

Soil bacterial and fungal communities respond differently to various isothiocyanates added for biofumigation – Ping Hu – Frontiers in Microbiology

Seasonal dynamics of bacterial and archaeal methanogenic communities in flooded rice fields and effect of drainage – Björn Breidenbach and Ralf Conrad – Frontiers in Microbiology

Biogeography and biophysicochemical traits link N2O emissions, N2O emission potential and microbial communities across New Zealand pasture soils – Sergio E. Morales – Soil Biology and Biochemistry

Formation of iron-rich shelled structures (IRSS) by microbial communities – David C. Fernández-Remolar – Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences

Effects of alkyl-imidazolium ionic liquid [Omim]Cl on the functional diversity of soil microbial communities – Pengpeng Guo – Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Cyanobacteria drive community composition and functionality in rock-soil interface communities – Angel Valverde – Molecular Ecology

Separation of soil microbial community structure by aggregate size to a large extent under agricultural practices during early pedogenesis of a Mollisol – Na Li – Applied Soil Ecology

Microbial community structure of anoxic-oxic-settling-anaerobic sludge reduction process revealed by 454-pyrosequencing – Zhen Zhou – Chemical Engineering Journal

Conservation tillage positively influences the microflora and microfauna in the black soil of Northeast China – Shixiu Zhang – Soil and Tillage Research

Resuscitation of the rare biosphere contributes to pulses of ecosystem activity – Zach Aanderud – Frontiers in Microbiology

Water microbiome

Drinking water microbiology — from measurement to management – Caitlin R Proctor, Frederik Hammes – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Microbial biogeography of drinking water: patterns in phylogenetic diversity across space and time – Guus Roeselers – Environmental Microbiology

Energy landscapes shape microbial communities in hydrothermal systems on the Arctic Mid-Ocean Ridge – Håkon Dahle – The ISME Journal


Connecting biodiversity and potential functional role in modern euxinic environments by microbial metagenomics – Tomàs Llorens-Marès – The ISME Journal

Environmental Metagenomics: The Data Assembly and Data Analysis Perspectives – Vinay Kumar – Journal of The Institution of Engineers (India): Series A

Metagenome assembly through clustering of next-generation sequencing data using protein sequences – Mikang Sim, Jaebum Kim – Journal of Microbiological Methods

Metagenomic Insights into the Effects of Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) on the Composition of Fecal Microbiota in Mice – Bingyong Mao – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Diagnosis of Neuroinvasive Astrovirus Infection in an Immunocompromised Adult With Encephalitis by Unbiased Next-Generation Sequencing – Samia N. Naccache – Clinical Infectious Diseases

Unbiased Next-Generation Sequencing and New Pathogen Discovery: Undeniable Advantages and Still-Existing Drawbacks – Arianna Calistri and Giorgio Palù – Clinical Infectious Diseases

Identification of diverse circular single-stranded DNA viruses in adult dragonflies and damselflies (Insecta: Odonata) of Arizona and Oklahoma, USA – Anisha Dayaram – Infection, Genetics and Evolution


Multi -omics and metabolic modelling pipelines: challenges and tools for systems microbiology – Marco Fondi and Pietro Liò – BioRxiv


Accounting for uncertainty in DNA sequencing data – Jason A. O’Rawe – Trends in Genetics

More microbes
3D-Printed Microfluidic Device for the Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria Using Size-based Separation in Helical Channel with Trapezoid Cross-Section – Wonjae Lee – Scientific Reports

Microbes in the news

UCSD hires star biologist Rob Knight – Gary Robbins – UT San Diego

Drug developed out of microbiome studies advances in phase I trial – Stephanie M. Lee – SF Gate
Second Genome’s gut check uncovers a possible drug for bowel disease – Ron Leuty – San Francisco Business Times

The Megabiome – It’s not micro anymore – Megabiome.net

Are We Really 10% Human and 90% Bacteria? Exploring The Microbiome… (with Jessica Richman and Jonathan Eisen) – Tim Ferriss Show – Four Hour Workweek

Mounting Research Shows Gut-Brain Connection – Traci Pedersen – Psych Central

Microbiota organization influences colorectal cancers – Nicola Garrett – Family Practice News

“MyNewGut”: New project explores role of gut microbiota in preventing diet- and brain-related diseases – News-Medical.net

Joint Pain, From the Gut – David Kohn – The Atlantic

A Lamp Whose Light Comes From Bioluminescent Bacteria – Liz Stinson – Wired.com

Pieter Dorrestein Recognized by Pharmacology Society – Heather Buschman – UC San Diego

Science, publishing and career

Post publication peer review comes of age – Emma Stoye – Chemistry World

What Tech Conferences Need to Stop for Women to Contribute More – Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman – LinkedIn

Bik’s Picks

Because our lab is close: Jeepers! New Look at ‘Creeping’ San Andreas Fault
by Becky Oskin – LiveScience

These scientists raised bot fly larvae in their own bodies — on purpose – Rachel Feltman – The Washington Post

Today in Adorable Science: Disney Has Created a L’il Turtle Robot to Draw Doodles in the Sand – Carolyn Cox – The Mary Sue



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