December 12, 2014

Human oral microbiome

Periodontal microbiology in Latin America – Adolfo Contreras – Periodontology 2000

Current perspective of the impact of smoking on the progression and treatment of periodontitis – Francisco H. Nociti Jr – Periodontology 2000

Effect of periodontal treatment on preterm birth rate: a systematic review of meta-analyses – Néstor J. López, Sergio Uribe and Benjamín Martinez – Periodontology 2000

Pregnancy and birth

* The Infant Microbiome Development: Mom Matters – Noel T. Mueller – Trends in Molecular Medicine

(see also above) Effect of periodontal treatment on preterm birth rate: a systematic review of meta-analyses – Néstor J. López, Sergio Uribe and Benjamín Martinez – Periodontology 2000

Pre- and probiotics, functional foods

Repeated cooking and freezing of whole wheat flour increases resistant starch with beneficial impacts on in vitro fecal fermentation properties – Jennifer A. Arcila, Devin J. Rose – Journal of Functional Foods

Potential of cereal grains and grain legumes in modulating pigs’ intestinal microbiota – A review – Tobias Aumiller – Livestock Science

Significance of Inulin Fructans in the Human Diet – Gertjan Schaafsma and Joanne L. Slavin – Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety

Effects of targeted delivery of propionate to the human colon on appetite regulation, body weight maintenance and adiposity in overweight adults – Edward S Chambers – Gut

Animal models

P47 – A dietary-driven redox modulation of gut microbiome-host interactions: the rescue of epithelial barrier and mucus production during dysbiosis by dietary nitrate – Bárbara Rocha – Free Radical Biology and Medicine

Dietary Pectin–Derived Acidic Oligosaccharides Improve the Pulmonary Bacterial Clearance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lung Infection in Mice by Modulating Intestinal Microbiota and Immunity – Henry Bernard – The Journal of Infectious Diseases

Soil microbiome

Response of autochthonous microbiota of diesel polluted soils to land-farming treatments – Gloria Andrea Silva-Castro – Environmental Research

Are there links between responses of soil microbes and ecosystem functioning to elevated CO2, N deposition and warming? A global perspective – Pablo García-Palacios – Global Change Biology

Experimental evaluation of CO2 percolation effects on subsurface soil microbiota –
Patricia Österreicher-Cunha – International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control

Water microbiome

In situ grazing experiments apply new technology to gain insights into deep-sea microbial food webs – Maria G. Pachiadaki – Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography


Microbial Urease in Health and Disease – Diego Mora, Stefania Arioli – PLOS Pathogens


“Bioinformatics: Introduction and Methods,” a Bilingual Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) as a New Example for Global Bioinformatics Education – Yang Ding – PLOS Computational Biology

Effect of Two Different Commercial DNA Extraction Kits on the Bacterial 16S rRNA gene Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis Profile of Arabian Gelding Feces – Megan L. Shepherd – Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

More microbiology papers

mBio Addresses the Pause in Gain-of-Function (GOF) Experiments Involving Pathogens with Pandemic Potential (PPP) – Arturo Casadevall – mBio

The battle for iron – Andrew E. Armitage, Hal Drakesmith – Science

Bacteriophage exclusion, a new defense system – Rodolphe Barrangou and John van der Oost – The EMBO Journal

Microbes in the news

Poo And You: A Journey Into The Guts Of A Microbiome – Katherine Harmon Courage – NPR Health

The Gut and Arthritis: The Evidence Grows – Nancy Walsh and Diana Swift – MedPageToday

Gross! Apparently Your Bacteria Is What Makes or Breaks a Relationship? – Zahra Barnes – (who knew?)

A Powder Made From Bacteria Waste Could Curb Overeating – Sarah Zhang – Gizmodo

Science, publishing, career

Scientific Elevator Pitches: A number of competitions around the world are challenging young scientists to describe their research in mere minutes – Rina Shaikh-Lesko – The Scientist

More science doctorates, fewer postdoctorate science jobs – Beryl Lieff Benderly – Science Careers

Making science a desirable career – Jessica K. Polka, Kristin A. Krukenberg – Science Magazine

Tips for Talking to Politicians: Members of an American Society for Cell Biology panel urge their colleagues to consider science advocacy – Tracy Vence – The Scientist

What Should High School Students Learn About Science? – Ria Misra – Space io9

Faculty member leads development of webinars that improve science education – Samantha Schwartz – PennState News

In defamation case, PubPeer moves to quash subpoena to unmask anonymous commenters – Kelly Servick – Science Magazine

Scientific American’s Top 10 Science Stories of 2014 – Scientific American

Bik’s Picks

Why whale poo matters – George Monbiot – The Guardian

Introduction to special Science Issue on bird genomes: A flock of genomes – Guojie Zhang – Science

The Darwin Awards: sex differences in idiotic behaviour – Ben Alexander Daniel Lendrem – British Medical Journal



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