December 11, 2014

The Bay Area is getting drenched with rain right now, and several leaks in our roof kept me busy with buckets and towels, but the power is still on, so here we go:

Human microbiome general

* Review: The demographic determinants of human microbiome health – Sylvie Estrela – Trends in Microbiology

Human oral microbiome

Salivary Mucins Protect Surfaces from Colonization by Cariogenic Bacteria – Erica Shapiro Frenkel – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Human gut microbiome

* Effects of the gut microbiota on bone mass – Claes Ohlsson, Klara Sjögren – Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism

Discovery of a Conjugative Megaplasmid in Bifidobacterium breve – Francesca Bottacini – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Microbiome of pregnancy and birth

Microbiome of the placenta in pre-eclampsia supports the role of bacteria in the multifactorial cause of pre-eclampsia – Ranmalee Amarasekara – Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Research
Animal and bioreactor models

Optimization of a rapid and efficient analytical pipeline for in-depth metaproteome characterization: evaluation on mock microbial mixtures and application to the mouse gut microbiome – Alessandro Tanca – Microbiome

* Microbial shifts in the aging mouse gut – Morgan GI Langille – Microbiome

Development of human colonic microbiota in the computer-controlled dynamic SIMulator of the GastroIntestinal tract SIMGI – Elvira Barroso – LWT – Food Science and Technology

Protocols for Microcosms for Growing Biofilms on Hydrophobic Substrates: A Polyphasic Approach to Study Biodiversity, Metabolic Activity, and Biofilm Architecture – Wolf-Rainer Abraham – Springer Protocols Handbooks 2014

Animal microbiome

Acidobacteria appear to dominate the microbiome of two sympatric Caribbean Sponges and one Zoanthid – Aileen O¿Connor-Sánchez – Biological Research

Plant microbiome

The impact of systemic and copper pesticide applications on the phyllosphere microflora of tomatoes – Andrea R Ottesen – Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture

Soil and sediment microbiome

Linkages between the soil organic matter fractions and the microbial metabolic functional diversity within a broad-leaved Korean pine forest – Jing Tian – European Journal of Soil Biology

Carbon sequestration is related to mycorrhizal fungal community shifts during long-term succession in boreal forests – Karina E. Clemmensen – New Phytologist

Comparison of bacterial succession in green waste composts amended with inorganic fertiliser and wastewater treatment plant sludge – Sean Storey – Bioresource Technology

Water microbiome

Initial community and environment determine the response of bacterial communities to dispersant and oil contamination – Alice C. Ortmann – Marine Pollution Bulletin

Initial community and environment determine the response of bacterial communities to dispersant and oil contamination – Alice C. Ortmann, YueHan Lu – Marine Pollution Bulletin

Protistan diversity in a permanently stratified meromictic lake (Lake Alatsee, SW Germany) – Andreas Oikonomou – Environmental Microbiology

Exploration of Microbial Diversity of Taptapani (India) Hot Spring Through Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis – Sudip Kumar Sen – Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering

Food microbiology

Selection of Autochthonous Strains as Starter Cultures for Fermented Fish Products – Barbara Speranza – Journal of Food Science

Microbes in the news

Pregnancy Germs: Friend Or Foe? – How The Maternal Microbiome Influences Pregnancy Health – PR NewsWire / March of Dimes

Study Hints Gut Microbiome Plays A Role in Multiple Sclerosis
Kate O’Rourke – Gastroenterology and Endoscopy News

“The Great Plate Count Anomaly” that is no more – Gemma Reguera – Small Things Considered ASM

Google Science Fair – Bacteria boosting cereal crop yields – Brett Worthington – ABC Net Australia

Guts of obese dogs look similar to those of obese people – Agata Blaszczak-Boxe – Science Magazine

Baby infected in birthing pool died of Legionnaire’s disease – Bahar Gholipour – CBS News

Science, publishing, and career

Scientists Often Skip A Simple Test That Could Verify Their Work – NPR Morning Edition

Study of massive preprint archive hints at the geography of plagiarism – John Bohannon – Science Insider

Bik’s Picks

Deep Neural Networks are Easily Fooled: High Confidence Predictions for Unrecognizable Images – Anh Nguyen – Arxiv

Three-in-one drug cuts body weight by a third – Nsikan Akpan – Science Magazine

Water vapor on Rosetta’s target comet significantly different from that found on Earth – Science Daily



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