December 15, 2014

Pregnancy and birth microbiome

Antibiotics in early life and obesity – Laura M. Cox & Martin J. Blaser – Nature Reviews Endocrinology

Is there a role for probiotics in the prevention of preterm birth? – Siwen Yang – Frontiers in Immunology

Human oral microbiome

A new era in palaeomicrobiology: prospects for ancient dental calculus as a long-term record of the human oral microbiome – Christina Warinner – Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B

Commensal Streptococcus mitis is a unique vector for oral mucosal vaccination – Nada Daifalla- Microbes and Infection

Human respiratory microbiome

Correlation Between Nasal Microbiome Composition and Remote Purulent Skin and Soft-Tissue Infections – Ryan C. Johnson – Infection and Immunity

Human gut microbiome

The fungal microbiota of de-novo paediatric inflammatory bowel disease – I. Mukhopadhya – Microbes and Infection

Microbiome changes in healthy volunteers treated with GSK1322322, a novel antibiotic targeting bacterial peptide deformylase – Seda Arat – Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy

Impact of commensal microbiota on the host pathophysiology: focusing on immunity and inflammation – Hiroshi Ohno – Seminars in Immunopathology

Human vaginal microbiome

Trichomonas vaginalis origins, molecular pathobiology and clinical considerations.
Hirt, Robert P – Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases,_molecular.99539.aspx

Animal microbiome

Impact of a Complex Food Microbiota on Energy Metabolism in the Model Organism Caenorhabditis elegans – Elena Zanni – BioMed Research International

Plant microbiome

The bacterial rhizobiome of hyperaccumulators: future perspectives based on omics analysis and advanced microscopy – Giovanna Visioli – Frontiers in Plant Science

Soil microbiome

Effect of 25-year fertilization on soil microbial biomass and community structure in a
continuous corn cropping system – Peng Shi – Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science

Microbial regulation of nitrogen dynamics along the hillslope of a natural forest – Kazuo Isobe – Frontiers in Environmental Science

Ancient and modern environmental DNA – Mikkel Winther Pedersen – Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B

Protocols for Investigating the Microbiology of Oil Sands Deposits – Christina Ridley – Springer Protocols Handbooks 2014

Water microbiome

Spatially resolved sampling reveals dynamic microbial communities in rising hydrothermal plumes across a back-arc basin – Cody S Sheik – ISME Journal

Protocols for Investigating the Microbiology of Coal-Bed-Produced Waters – Amy V. Callaghan – Springer Protocols Handbooks 2014

The shift of microbial population composition accompanying the injected water flowing in the water-flooding petroleum reservoirs – P. K. Gao – BioGeosciences Discussions

Air microbiome

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and identification of new bacteria species in air
samples from Makkah, Saudi Arabia – Emmanouil Angelakis – BMC Research Notes

Bioreactor microbiology
Spatial heterogeneity in degradation characteristics and microbial community composition of pesticide biopurification systems – Pieter Verhagen – Journal of Applied Microbiology


Development of High-Performance Chemical Isotope Labeling LC-MS for Profiling the Human Fecal Metabolome – Wei Xu – Analytical Chemistry

A straightforward and efficient analytical pipeline for metaproteome characterization – Alessandro Tanca – Microbiome

Microbes in the News

Healthier Soils Will Give Us – and the Planet — a Healthier Century – Robert T. Fraley – Huffington Post

These Crazy Bacteria-Filled Spacesuits May Be What Let Us Survive On Other Planets – Adele Peters – FastCoexist

Parkinson’s Disease Associated With Altered Intestinal Bacteria: Interview with Filip Scheperjans – Medical Research

New Imaging Technique Reveals Bacterial Biofilms in Colon Cancer Patients – Catherine Griffin – Science World Report

450 bacteria on a plastic giraffe vs. 80 million in a kiss is not bad at all! #BacteriaHysteria:
Is your child playing with a germ-infested toy? Here’s how to reduce the risks – Tracy Frank – InForum

Origin Of Eukaryotic Cells Gets A New Hypothesis – Science 2.0

Science, publishing, and career
Retraction Watch is growing, thanks to a $400,000 grant from the MacArthur Foundation – Ivan Oransky – Retraction Watch

Bik’s Picks

The Innovative Chemistry of Tinsel – Francie Diep – Popular Science

The Math And Science Of Latkes – Tania Lombrozo – NPR

Northern white rhino dies at San Diego zoo; only 5 left worldwide – Faith Karimi and Joe Sutton – CNN

Why this computer science professor bakes 1,400 cookies for his students during finals week – John Cook – GeekWire



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