January 28, 2022

Human and General Microbiome

Diet leaves a genetic signature in a keystone member of the gut microbiota – Tanja Dapa – Cell Host & Microbe

Multi-omics investigation of Clostridioides difficile-colonized patients reveals pathogen and commensal correlates of C. difficile pathogenesis – Skye Rs Fishbein – eLife

Large-scale characterization of the macrolide resistome reveals high diversity and several new pathogen-associated genes – David Lund – Microbial Genomics

The small bowel microbiome changes significantly with age and aspects of the ageing process – Gabriela Leite – Microbial Cell

Intestinal microbiota profiles in a genetic model of colon tumorigenesis correlates with colon cancer biomarkers – Francesco Vitali – Scientific Reports

Skin microbiome profile of healthy Cameroonians and Japanese – Kazuhiro Ogai – Scientific Reports

Interactions between human milk oligosaccharides, microbiota and immune factors in milk of women with and without mastitis – Irma Castro – Scientific Reports

Microbiota of the prostate tumor environment investigated by whole-transcriptome profiling – Paul Vinu Salachan – Genome Medicine

Preview: Microbiome engineering: Taming the untractable – James W Marsh – Cell

Review: Microbiomes in physiology: Insights into 21(st) century global medical challenges – Emad Shehata – Experimental Physiology

Respiratory Tract Microbiome – Highlights

Gut microbiota dynamics in a prospective cohort of patients with post-acute COVID-19 syndrome – Qin Liu – Gut

Characteristics of Lung Microbiota in Children’s Refractory Mycoplasma pneumoniae Pneumonia Coinfected with Human Adenovirus B – Wenxiang Zhou – The Canadian Journal of Infectious Diseases & Medical Microbiology

The lung microbiota in children with cystic fibrosis captured by induced sputum sampling – Rebecca Weiser – Journal of Cystic Fibrosis 

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12 Has Effect Against Obesity by Regulating Gut Microbiota in Two Phases in Human Microbiota-Associated Rats – Kemin Mao – Frontiers in Nutrition

Effects of a 10-Strain Oral Probiotic on Parameters of Vaginal Health and Microbial Community: A Pilot Clinical Study – Christopher J Martoni – International Journal of Women’s Health

A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of Bifidobacterium bifidum CCFM16 for manipulation of the gut microbiota and relief from chronic constipation – Luyao Wang – Food & Function

Vaginal states: detection of conversion processes in women using contraception and characterization of vaginal Lactobacillus species – Sonia Elena María Fosch – Infectious Disorders Drug Targets

The probiotic properties and potential of vaginal Lactobacilli spp. isolated from healthy women against some vaginal pathogens – Arezoo Asadi – Letters in Applied Microbiology

Review: Protective Effects of Natural Polysaccharides on Intestinal Barrier Injury: A Review – Jiaying Huo – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Animal Microbiome

Nitrogen recycling via gut symbionts increases in ground squirrels over the hibernation season – Matthew D Regan – Science

Robust host source tracking building on the divergent and non-stochastic assembly of gut microbiomes in wild and farmed large yellow croaker – Jun Zhu – Microbiome

Evaluation of three Bacillus spp. isolated from the gut of giant freshwater prawn as potential probiotics against pathogens causing Vibriosis and Aeromonosis – Muhamad Firdaus Syahmi Sam-On – Microbial Pathogenesis

Gut Microbial Trimethylamine is Elevated in Alcohol-Associated Hepatitis and Contributes to Ethanol-Induced Liver Injury in Mice – Robert N Helsley – eLife

Intestinal gluconeogenesis shapes gut microbiota, fecal and urine metabolome in mice with gastric bypass surgery – Justine Vily-Petit – Scientific Reports

Food Microbiome

To culture or not to culture: careful assessment of metabarcoding data is necessary when evaluating the microbiota of a modified-atmosphere-packaged vegetarian meat alternative throughout its shelf-life period – E Duthoo – BMC Microbiology

Plant Microbiome

Root Morphogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana Tuned by Plant Growth-Promoting Streptomyces Isolated From Root-Associated Soil of Artemisia annua – Wenbo Fu – Frontiers in Plant Science

Environmental Microbiome

Soil microbial community development across a 32-year coastal wetland restoration time series and the relative importance of environmental factors – Katherine M Abbott – The Science of the Total Environment

Emerging frontiers in microbe mediated pesticide remediation: Unveiling role of omics and In silico approaches in engineered environment – Muneer Ahmad Malla – Environmental Pollution 

Review: Emerging investigator series: microplastic sources, fate, toxicity, detection, and interactions with micropollutants in aquatic ecosystems – a review of reviews – Mohamed Ateia – Environmental Science. Processes & Impacts


Alternating Dual-Collision Energy Scanning Mass Spectrometry Approach: Discovery of Novel Microbial Bile-Acid Conjugates – Quan-Fei Zhu – Analytical Chemistry

Genetic tools for the redirection of the central carbon flow towards the production of lactate in the human gut bacterium Phocaeicola (Bacteroides) vulgatus – Rebecca Lück – Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Lipidomics Analysis of Outer Membrane Vesicles and Elucidation of the Inositol Phosphoceramide Biosynthetic Pathway in Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron – Mariana G Sartorio – Microbiology Spectrum

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