June 8, 2018

A short Digest today with primarily preprints. A policy piece on diabetic patient care in the UK, Wolbachia strains never found before in Anopheles mosquitoes, and fecal pollution contributing to antibiotic resistant genes in waste water.


Postdoctoral Fellowship in Microbiome Data Science – Johns Hopkins University

General microbiology

Preprint: DivIVA concentrates mycobacterial cell envelope assembly for initiation and stabilization of polar growth – Emily Sarah Melzer et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: Genome-wide fitness assessment during diurnal growth reveals an expanded role of the cyanobacterial circadian clock protein KaiA – David G Welkie et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: The fungal-specific Hda2 and Hda3 proteins regulate morphological switches in the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans – Misty Peterson et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: Chance and pleiotropy dominate genetic diversity in complex bacterial environments – Lianet Noda-Garcia et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: Molecular basis for the evolution of species-specific hemoglobin capture by pathogenic Staphylococcus – Jacob E Choby et al. – bioRxiv

Antibiotic resistance

Preprint: Comparison of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole versus ciprofloxacin monotherapy in Stenotrophomonas maltophilia bloodstream infections in children – Ahu Aksay et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: The reduced prevalence of macrolide resistance in Mycoplasma pneumoniae clinical isolates from pediatric patients in Beijing in 2016 – Xiu jun Tian et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: The key lethal effect existed in the antibacterial behavior of short, medium, and long chain fatty acid monoglycerides on Escherichia coli – Song Zhang et al. – bioRxiv

Human oral microbiome

Preprint: The stress hormone cortisol induces virulence in the oral microbiome – Ana Emilia Duran-Pinedo et al. – bioRxiv

Human gut microbiome

** Policy: Diabetes UK nutrition guidelines: reinforcing the foundations of diabetes care – Mark Greener – Practical Diabetes

Animal microbiome

** Preprint: Novel Wolbachia strains in Anopheles malaria vectors from Sub-Saharan Africa – Claire L Jeffries et al. – bioRxiv

Plant, root and soil microbiome

Preprint: The effect of susceptible and resistant potato cultivars on bacterial communities in the tuberosphere of potato in soil suppressive or conducive to common scab disease – Marketa Sagova-Mareckova et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: Re-programming of Pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae gene expression during early stages of infection of kiwifruit – Peter McAtee et al. – bioRxiv

Water and extremophile microbiome

** Preprint: Fecal pollution explains antibiotic resistance gene abundances in anthropogenically impacted environments – Antti Karkman et al. – bioRxiv

Phages and viruses

Preprint: Adomaviruses: an emerging virus family provides insights into DNA virus evolution – Nicole L Welch et al. – bioRxiv

Preprint: Epstein-Barr Virus May Contribute to Central Nervous System Involvement in HIV-positive Individuals – Tommaso Lupia et al. – bioRxiv


Preprint: PorSignDB: a database of in vivo perturbation signatures for dissecting clinical outcome of PCV2 infection – Nicolaas Van Renne et al. – bioRxiv


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