May 9, 2018

Have a good Wednesday! Today, we have an interesting set of papers about the effect of different compounds on microbiota, as well the effect of some probiotics. We have also a paper about the use binding of  immunoglobulin A by gut microbiota commensals as a potential mechanism for stabilization; we have also papers about virome from urinary and female reproductive tracts, a study a multi-site study of maternal microbiota.

Gut and General Microbiome

Introduction: The host-associated microbiome: Pattern, process and function – Laura Wegener Parfrey – Molecular Ecology (Special Issue: The host-associated microbiome: Pattern, process and function)

Gut microbiota utilize immunoglobulin A for mucosal colonization – G. P. Donaldson – Science

Low Maternal Microbiota Sharing across Gut, Breast Milk and Vagina, as Revealed by 16S rRNA Gene and Reduced Metagenomic Sequencing – Ekaterina Avershina – Genes

Editorial: Bacteria in the ageing gut: Did the taming of fire promote a long human lifespan?Antoine Danchin – Environmental Microbiology

Commentary: Insights into the role of gut microbiota in obesity: pathogenesis, mechanisms, and therapeutic perspectives – Lijuan Sun – Protein & Cell

Review: Gut microbiota derived metabolites in cardiovascular health and disease – Zeneng Wang – Protein & Cell

Treating Clostridium difficile infections: Should fecal microbiota transplantation be reclassified from investigational drug to human tissue?Mark StuntzContemporary Clinical Trials Communications

Effects of intestinal colonization by Clostridium difficile and Staphylococcus aureus on microbiota diversity in healthy individuals in China – Danfeng Dong – BMC Infectious Diseases

BaiCD gene cluster abundance is negatively correlated with Clostridium difficile infection – Philipp Solbach – PLoS ONE

Microbiome Responses to an Uncontrolled Short-Term Diet Intervention in the Frame of the Citizen Science ProjectNatalia S. Klimenko – Nutrients

Respiratory Tract Microbiome

Relation between lower respiratory tract microbiota and type of immune response against tuberculosis – Maede Nakhaee – Microbial Pathogenesis

Microbiome characteristics of induced sputum compared to bronchial fluid and upper airway samples – Shi‐qi An – Pediatric Pulmonology

The association between inflammation, the microbiome and urethane-induced pulmonary adenocarcinoma – Zenghua Deng – Oncology Letters

Urinary/Reproductive Tract Microbiome

Urinary Virome Perturbations in Kidney Transplantation – Tara K. Sigdel – Frontiers in Medicine

The Vaginal Eukaryotic DNA Virome and Preterm Birth – Kristine M. Wylie – American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Beneficial Microbes and Compounds

Walnut Consumption Alters the Gastrointestinal Microbiota, Microbially Derived Secondary Bile Acids, and Health Markers in Healthy Adults: A Randomized Controlled TrialHannah D Holscher – The Journal of Nutrition

The effect of vitamin D on intestinal inflammation and faecal microbiota in patients with ulcerative colitis – Mayur Garg – Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis

Exopolysaccharide from Bifidobacterium longum subsp. longum 35624™ modulates murine allergic airway responses – E. Schiavi – Beneficial Microbes

Modulatory effect of three probiotic strains on infants’ gut microbial composition and immunological parameters on a placebo-controlled, double-blind, randomised study – J. De Andrés – Beneficial Microbes

Review: Role of Lactobacillus reuteri in Human Health and Diseases – Qinghui Mu – Frontiers in Microbiology

Intake of phytic acid and myo-inositol lowers hepatic lipogenic gene expression and modulates gut microbiota in rats fed a high-sucrose diet – Yukako Okazaki – Biomedical Reports

Animal Microbiome

Feminizing Wolbachia influence microbiota composition in the terrestrial isopod Armadillidium vulgare – Jessica Dittmer – Scientific Reports

Gut microbiomes of wild great apes fluctuate seasonally in response to diet – Allison L. Hicks – Nature Communications

Endophytic Fungi in Species of Artemisia – Andreea Cosoveanu – Journal of Fungi

Tributyltin exposure induces gut microbiome dysbiosis with increased body weight gain and dyslipidemia in mice – Hao Guo – Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology

Food Microbiome

Unravelling the contribution of lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria to cocoa fermentation using inoculated organisms – Van Thi Thuy Ho – International Journal of Food Microbiology

Validation of standard method EN ISO 22964:2017 – Microbiology of the food chain – Horizontal method for the detection of Cronobacter sppAmparo de Benito – International Journal of Food Microbiology

Plant and Soil Microbiome

Mycobiome analysis of asymptomatic and symptomatic Norway spruce trees naturally infected by the conifer pathogens Heterobasidion spp. – Andriy Kovalchuk – Environmental Microbiology Reports

Perspective: Core microbiomes for sustainable agroecosystems – Hirokazu Toju – Nature Plants

Meetings: Holobiont: a conceptual framework to explore the eco-evolutionary and functional implications of host-microbiota interactions in all ecosystemsDenis Faure – New Phytologist


Marker microbiome clusters are determined by operational parameters and specific key taxa combinations in anaerobic digestion – Susanne Theuerl – Bioresource Technology


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