October 10, 2017

Effects of amino acid supplements on metabolic health, a discussion of the broader risks and benefits of microbiome research, a book chapter evaluating microbiome statistical analysis tools.

Events and jobs

Assistant Professor in Microbiology, Tenure Track – Department of Microbiology & Immunology, University of British Columbia

General microbiome

Communicating the promise, risks, and ethics of large-scale, open space microbiome and metagenome research – Daria Shamarina – Microbiome

Pregnancy and early life

Review: Early microbiota, antibiotics and health – Alicja M Nogacka – Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences

Human gut microbiome

Amino acid supplements and metabolic health: a potential interplay between intestinal microbiota and systems control – Francesco Bifari – Genes & Nutrition

Microbial dysbiosis in spouses of ulcerative colitis patients: Any clues to disease pathogenesis? – Dario Sorrentino – World Journal of Gastroenterology

Phages and viruses

Pre-print: Nasty Prophages and the Dynamics of Antibiotic-Tolerant Persister Cells – Alexander Harms – bioRxiv


Book Chapter: Processing and Analyzing Human Microbiome Data – Xuan Zhu – Statistical Human Genetics

Interpretation of microbiota-based diagnostics by explaining individual classifier decisions – A Eck – BMC Bioinformatics


Pre-print: Umbilical cord blood diagnostics for early onset sepsis in premature infants: detection of bacterial DNA and systemic inflammatory response – Leena B Mithal – bioRxiv

Pre-print: Accuracy of microbial community diversity estimated by closed- and open-reference OTUs – Robert C Edgar – PeerJ

Microbes in the news

Bacteria with synthetic gene circuit self-assemble to build working device with gold nanoparticles – Phys Org

New test identifies antibiotic-resistant bacteria in 30 minutes – The Statesman

Microbes on the market

Summit Highlights Microbiome Preservation During Ridinilazole Treatment in Exploratory Phase 2 Clinical Trial at ID Week 2017 – Globe Newswire

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