October 9, 2017

Events and jobs
Postdoctoral Researcher (Experimental or Computational) – Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

The Brito Lab at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY works in the area of systems biology of the human microbiome. We are looking for talented postdocs to fill two open positions for postdoctoral researchers interested in investigating mechanistic linkages between microbes and human health outcomes.

Postdoctoral candidates can have an experimental or computational background, or both. One of the positions will be focused on engineering—any experience with synthetic biology or biomaterials is a plus. There are a range of projects in the lab relating to: clinically relevant populations (i.e. inflammatory bowel and neutropenic patients); environmental transmission of organisms and antibiotic resistance; genetic engineering of bacteria; and international research related to the microbiome. The lab strives on the diverse backgrounds of students and postdocs (e.g. microbiology, biomedical engineering, computational biology and genetics).

Start dates are flexible, but could be as early as this Fall. Interested late-stage graduate students or recently-obtained PhDs, should send Ilana Brito (ibrito (at) cornell.edu) a cover letter and CV. Promising candidates will be invited for an interview. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Pregnancy and early life
Diagnosis and management of diaper dermatitis in infants with emphasis on skin microbiota in the diaper area – Maja Šikić Pogačar – International Journal of Dermatology

Human respiratory microbiome
Upregulation of bacterial-specific Th1 and Th17 responses that are enriched in CXCR5+ CD4+ T cells in non-small cell lung cancer – Qin-Yun Ma – International Immunopharmacology

Human gut microbiome
Review: Microbiome-health interactions in older people – Paul W. O’Toole – Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences

Review: Selected aspects of the human gut microbiota – Marco Ventura – Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences

Review: A comprehensive review of non-enterica subspecies of Salmonella enterica – Alexandre Lamas – Microbiological Research

Animal experiments
Effect of dietary supplements in American bullfrogs reared in low and high stocking densities – Jorgina Juliana Gradisse Freitas – Aquaculture Reports

Animal microbiome
Stenotrophomonas-like bacteria are widespread symbionts in cone snail venom ducts – Joshua P. Torres – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome
Microbial Resistance Mechanisms to the Antibiotic and Phytotoxin Fusaric Acid – Frankie K. Crutcher – Journal of Chemical Ecology

Book: Soil Pollution: From Monitoring to Remediation – Paula Alvarenga, Christian P. Andersen (editors)

Water and extremophile microbiome
Oxic-anoxic regime shifts mediated by feedbacks between biogeochemical processes and microbial community dynamics – Timothy Bush – Nature Communications

Built environment
Impact of carbon monoxide partial pressures on methanogenesis and medium chain fatty acids production during ethanol fermentation – Sofia Esquivel-Elizondo – Biotechnology and Bioengineering

Food microbiology
Volatile Organic Compounds in Feces Associate With Response to Dietary Intervention in Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Megan Rossi – Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Tiny but mighty: bacterial membrane vesicles in food biotechnological applications – Yue Liu – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

10 – Microstructure, constituents, and their relationship with quality and functionality of dietary fibers – Naphaporn Chiewchan – Food Science, Technology and Nutrition

Targeting gut microbiota: Lactobacillus alleviated type 2 diabetes via inhibiting LPS secretion and activating GPR43 pathway – Kai-Kai Li – Journal of Functional Foods

Probiotics / prebiotics
Enhancing the viability of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG after spray drying and during storage – Géraldine Broeckx – International Journal of Pharmaceutics

Review: Challenges and Opportunities of Nontraditional Approaches to Treating Bacterial Infections – Brian N Tse – Clinical Infectious Diseases

Probiotic intervention influences the salivary levels of Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP)-9 and Tissue Inhibitor of metalloproteinases (TIMP)-1 in healthy adults – Heli Jäsberg – Archives of Oral Biology

Detection of complex structural variation from paired-end sequencing data – Joseph G. Arthur – bioRxiv

Codon-Dependent Translational Accuracy Controls Protein Quality in Escherichia coli but not in Saccharomyces cerevisiae – Lyne Jossé – bioRxiv

A simple dilute and shoot approach incorporated with pentafluorophenyl (PFP) column based LC-MS/MS assay for the simultaneous determination of trimethylamine N-oxide and trimethylamine in spot urine samples with high throughput – Xiaoguang (Sunny) Li – Journal of Chromatography B

Microbes in the news
Multiple barriers to ending Madagascar’s plague outbreak – Andrew Masterson – Cosmos Magazine

A daughter’s affliction gives mother’s work ‘meaning and purpose’ – Liora Engel-Smith – The Sentinel

Antibiotic apocalypse’: doctors sound alarm over drug resistance – Robin McKie –
The Guardian

Want to cut your risk of urinary tract infection? Drink water, says study – Zee Media Bureau

Statins have power to help elderly fight off killer superbug – Sarah Westcott – Express

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