January 22, 2017

Events and Jobs

PhD scholarship in Molecular Microbiology– University of Copenhagen-Last Date: February 8, 2017

Quality Control Associate-MicrobiologyUS-CA-Del Mar

General Microbiome

Impacts of chemical gradients on microbial community structure-Jianwei Chen-The ISME Journal

Human Skin

Proteomic and peptidomic analysis of human sweat with emphasis on proteolysis-Yijing Yu-Journal of Proteomics

Human Respiratory Microbiome

Nasopharyngeal Microbiome Diversity Changes over Time in Children with AsthmaMarcos Pérez-Losada-PLOS One

Adherence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to cystic fibrosis buccal epithelial cellsMeike Lingner-ERJ

Human Vaginal Microbiome

The interaction between vaginal microbiota, cervical length, and vaginal progesterone treatment for preterm birth risk-Lindsay M. Kindinger-Microbiome

Human Gut Microbiome

Role of Gastrointestinal Microbiota on Kidney Injury and the Obese Condition-Keerati Wanchai-The American Journal of the Medical Sciences

Review-Altered Molecular Signature of Intestinal Microbiota in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients Compared with Healthy Controls: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis-Hai Ning Liu-Digestive and Liver Disease

Animal Microbiome

Bacterial community composition and fermentation in the rumen of Xinjiang brown cattle (Bos taurus), Tarim red deer (Cervus elaphus yarkandensis), and Karakul sheep (Ovis aries)-Wenxi Qian-Canadian Journal of Microbiology

The Gut Microbiome of the Vector Lutzomyia longipalpis Is Essential for Survival of Leishmania infantumStephen M. Beverley-mBio

The normal vaginal and uterine bacterial microbiome in giant pandas (Ailuropoda melanoleuca)-Xin Yang-Microbiological Research

Pathogen-mediated manipulation of arthropod microbiota to promote infectionNabil M. Abraham-PNAS

The gastrointestinal tract of farmed mink (Neovison vison) maintains a diverse mucosa-associated microbiota following a 3-day fasting period-Martin I. Bahl-Microbiology Open

Ovarian cycling and reproductive state shape the vaginal microbiota in wild baboonsElizabeth A. Miller-BMC Microbiome

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

A decade of irrigation transforms the soil microbiome of a semi-arid pine forest-Martin Hartmann-Molecular Ecology

Methane Emissions and Microbial Communities as Influenced by Dual Cropping of Azolla along with Early Rice-Jingna Liu-Scientific Reports

Differential responses of soil bacterial communities to long-term N and P inputs in a semi-arid steppe-Ning Ling-Geoderma

Mineralization of “non-metabolizable” glucose analogues in soil: potential chemosensory mimics of glucose-Kyle Mason-Jones-Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science

Deciphering composition and function of the root microbiome of a legume plant-Kyle Hartman-BMC Microbiome

Isolation and characterization of Rhizobium sp. strain YS-1r that degrades lignin in plant biomass-Colin A. Jackson-Journal of Applied Microbiology

Metagenomic insights into effects of spent engine oil perturbation on the microbial community composition and function in a tropical agricultural soilLateef B. Salam-Environmental Science and Pollution Research

Biocontrol effects of Brevibacillus laterosporus AMCC100017 on potato common scab and its impact on rhizosphere bacterial communities-Shengfu Chen-Biological Control

Co-inoculation with Enterobacter and Rhizobacteria on Yield and Nutrient Uptake by Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in the Alluvial Soil Under Indo-Gangetic Plain of India-Ashok Kumar-Journal of Plant Growth Regulation

 Ornamental flowers in new light: Artificial lighting shapes the microbial phyllosphere community structure of greenhouse grown sunflowers (Helianthus annuus L.)Beatrix W. AlsaniusScientia Horticulturae


Phylogenomics of Rhodobacteraceae reveals evolutionary adaptation to marine and non-marine habitats-Meinhard Simon-ISME

Review: Marine Bacterioplankton Seasonal Succession Dynamics-Carina Bunse-Trends in Microbiology

Review: Stress response physiology of thermophilesPreeti Ranawat-Archives of Microbiology

The pangenome of (Antarctic) Pseudoalteromonas bacteria: evolutionary and functional insights-Emanuele Bosi-BMC Genomics

Sulfur compound oxidation and carbon co-assimilation in the haloalkaliphilic sulfur oxidizers Thioalkalivibrio versutus and Thioalkalimicrobium aerophilum-Wee Kiong Ang-Research in Microbiology

Geological and Geochemical Controls on Subsurface Microbial Life in the Samail Ophiolite, OmanKaitlin R. Rempfert-Extreme Microbiology

Microbial character related sulfur cycle under dynamic environmental factors based on the microbial population analysis in sewerage system-Qian Dong-Aquatic Microbiology

Similar community assembly mechanisms underlie similar biogeography of rare and abundant bacteria in lakes on Yungui Plateau, China-Jingqiu Liao-Limnology and Oceanography

Unraveling the microbial processes of black band disease in corals through integrated genomics-Yui Sato-Scientific Reports

Preliminary Phylogenetic Analysis of Thermophilic Bacteria Producing Protease isolated from Kuantan Malaysia -Essam A. Makky-JBSR

Identification of a novel fatty acid in the cell membrane of Chryseobacterium frigidisoli PB4T isolated from an East Antarctic glacier forefield-Kai Mangelsdorf-Organic Geochemistry

Phosphorus removal by marine bacterium enhanced with iron in the presence of siliconYanru Wang-Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

 Built Environment Microbiology

Developing Evidence-based Tools for Designing and Evaluating Hospital Inpatient RoomsXiaobo Quan-Journal of Interior Design

Building-related symptoms are linked to the in vitro toxicity of indoor dust and airborne microbial propagules in schools: A cross-sectional study-J T Salin-Environmental Research


Review:  Application of meta-omics techniques to understand greenhouse gas emissions originating from ruminal metabolism-Robert J. Wallace-Genetics Selection Evolution

Balance Trees Reveal Microbial Niche DifferentiationJames T. Morton-Ecological and Evolutionary Science


Review: Virus–host interactions and their roles in coral reef health and diseaseRebecca Vega Thurber-Nature Reviews Microbiology

Virome of US bovine calf serum-Mohammadreza Sadeghi-Biologicals

More Microbes

Bacillus zeae sp. nov. isolated from the rhizosphere of Zea maysPeter Kämpfer-International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology

Microbes in News

Capnophilic Enterobacteriaceae-JM. Sahuquillo Arce-Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease

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