November 14, 2016

Infant gut microbiota, oral microbiota of farmworkers with pesticide exposure, critically ill patients, probiotics and Alzheimer’s, Sutterella is a commensal.


Cheese Cultures & Microbiology Class, December 2, 2016, Petaluma – California Artisan Cheese Guild – Eventbrite

Pregnancy and early life

A comparison of intestinal microbiota in a population of low-risk infants exposed and not exposed to intrapartum antibiotics: The Baby & Microbiota of the Intestine cohort study protocol – Julia Simioni – BMC Pediatrics

Establishment and development of the intestinal microbiota of preterm infants in a Lebanese tertiary hospital – Tarek Itania – Anaerobe

Human oral microbiome

Human Oral Buccal Microbiomes Are Associated with Farmworker Status And Azinphos-methyl Agricultural Pesticide Exposure – Ian B. Stanaway – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

News: Study finds link between pesticide exposure and microbiome changes – Brooks Hays – UPI
Pesticide exposures can cause changes in oral microbiome – ASM

Molecular detection of bacteria associated to caries activity in dentinal lesions – Beatriz Gonçalves Neves – Clinical Oral Investigations

Review: Microbial Profiles and Detection Techniques in Peri-Implant Diseases: a Systematic Review – Miguel Padial-Molina – J Oral Maxillofac Res

Human skin microbiome

A Precision Microbiome Approach Using Sucrose for Selective Augmentation of Staphylococcus epidermidis Fermentation against Propionibacterium acnes – Yanhan Wang – Int J Mol Sci

A novel enzyme with antioxidant capacity produced by the ubiquitous skin colonizer Propionibacterium acnes – Maria Allhorn – Scientific Reports

Skin bacteria could protect against disease – Science Daily

Human vaginal microbiome

Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis are able to incorporate and enhance a pre-formed Gardnerella vaginalis biofilm – Joana Castro – Pathogens and Disease

Human gut microbiome

Critically ill patients demonstrate large interpersonal variation in intestinal microbiota dysregulation: a pilot study – Jacqueline M. Lankelma – Intensive Care Medicine

Mucosal Prevalence and Interactions with the Epithelium Indicate Commensalism of Sutterella spp. – Kaisa Hiippala – Frontiers in Microbiology

Review: Impact of Microbes on the Pathogenesis of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis (PBC) and Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) – Jochen Mattner – Int J Mol Sci

Animal microbiome

Review: Microbiota-host interplay at the gut epithelial level, health and nutrition – Jean-Paul Lallès – Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Root bacterial endophytes alter plant phenotype, but not physiology – Jeremiah A. Henning – Peer J

Cultivation Versus Molecular Analysis of Banana (Musa sp.) Shoot-Tip Tissue Reveals Enormous Diversity of Normally Uncultivable Endophytic Bacteria – Pious Thomas – Microbial Ecology

Water microbiome

Unraveling the microbial community of a cold groundwater catchment system – Burga Braun – Water Research

Built environment microbiome

Size-related bacterial diversity and tetracycline resistance gene abundance in the air of concentrated poultry feeding operations – Min Gao – Environmental Pollution


Review: Emerging roles of xenobiotic detoxification enzymes in metabolic diseases – Michael C. Petriello – Reviews on Environmental Health


Effect of probiotic supplementation on cognitive function and metabolic status in Alzheimer’s disease: a randomized, double-blind, and controlled trial – Elmira Akbari -Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience

News: Probiotics improve cognition in Alzheimer’s patients – Medical Xpress

More microbiology

tRNA-mediated codon-biased translation in mycobacterial hypoxic persistence – Yok Hian Chionh – Nature Communications

Cracking the code for dormant bacteria. Newly discovered genetic code controls bacterial survival during infections – Anne Trafton – MIT News Office

Microbes in the news

Monitoring in Real Time the Formation and Removal of Biofilms From Clinically Relevant Pathogens – PR Web

From the American College of Rheumatology Annual Scientific Meeting: Gut bacteria may be a trigger for antiphospholipid syndrome – EurekAlert

Three University of Maryland students are sending bacteria samples into space – Rachel Kuipers – the Diamondback

University of Texas at Dallas named “Milestones in Microbiology” – Joanna Urban – ASM

Bethany professor Matthew Swearingen receives research grant – Weirton Daily Times

Scientists try bacteria to halt invasive cheatgrass overwhelming the West – Keith Ridler – LA Times


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