July 5, 2016

Circadian rhythm, resistant starch, mock communities, sea turtle microbiome, tea rhizosphere.

General microbiome

Review: The Metronome of Symbiosis: Interactions Between Microbes and the Host Circadian Clock – Elizabeth A. C. Heath-Heckman – Integrative & Comparative Biology

Human oral microbiome

Microbial Ecosystem Analysis in Root Canal Infections Refractory to Endodontic Treatment – Luiz Carlos Feitosa Henriques – Journal of Endodontics

Human gut microbiome

Impact of dietary resistant starch type 4 on human gut microbiota and immunometabolic functions – Bijaya Upadhyaya – Scientific Reports

Press: Essential Science: Taking on metabolic disorders with starch – Tim Sandle – Digital Journal

Editorial: serologic microbial-associated markers to predict Crohn’s disease behaviour – A. G. Fraser – Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Review: Microbiota and Liver – Kazumichi Abe – The Liver in Systemic Diseases

Animal experiments

A Role for Timp3 in Microbiota-Driven Hepatic Steatosis and Metabolic Dysfunction – Maria Mavilio – Cell Reports

Animal microbiome

A first insight into the gut microbiota of the sea turtle Caretta caretta – Khaled F. Abdelrhman – Frontiers in Microbiology

News and views: Co-evolution of marine worms and their chemoautotrophic bacterial symbionts: unexpected host switches explained by ecological fitting? – A. Brune – Molecular Ecology

Bacterial communities of oceanic sea star (Asteroidea: Echinodermata) larvae – Madeline R. Galac – Marine Biology

Gut bacteria differentially affect egg production in the anautogenous mosquito Aedes aegypti and facultatively autogenous mosquito Aedes atropalpus (Diptera: Culicidae) – Kerri L. Coon – Parasites & Vectors

Review: Better with your parasites? Lessons for behavioural ecology from evolved dependence and conditionally helpful parasites – Kelly L. Weinersmith – Animal Behaviour

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Response of soil properties and microbial communities to agriculture: Implications for primary productivity and soil health indicators – Pankaj Trivedi – Frontiers in Plant Science

Variations of rhizosphere bacterial communities in tea (Camellia sinensis L.) continuous cropping soil by high-throughput pyrosequencing approach – Yanchun Li – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Water and extremophile microbiome

Oil sands tailings ponds harbour a small core prokaryotic microbiome and diverse accessory communities – S.L. Wilson – Journal of Biotechnology

The Ocean Microbiome: Metabolic Engine of the Marine Carbon Cycle – Elizabeth B. Kujawinski – Microbe


Relevant for Cystic Fibrosis: Temperate phages both mediate and drive adaptive evolution in pathogen biofilms – Emily V. Davies – PNAS

Press: Tiny viruses speed-up evolution of bacteria causing infections in cystic fibrosis patients – News Medical


Droplet barcoding for massively parallel single-molecule deep sequencing
Freeman Lan – Nature Communications


Comparative transcriptomics across the prokaryotic tree of life – Ofir Cohen – Nucleic Acids Research

Bioinformatics and metagenomics

PhyloToAST: Bioinformatics tools for species-level analysis and visualization of complex microbial datasets – Shareef M. Dabdoub – Scientific Reports

Optimization of 16S amplicon analysis using mock communities: implications for
estimating community diversity – Andrew Krohn – PeerJ

Benchmarking of methods for identification of antimicrobial resistance genes in bacterial whole genome data – Philip T. L. C. Clausen – Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy

A De-Novo Genome Analysis Pipeline (DeNoGAP) for large-scale comparative prokaryotic genomics studies – Shalabh Thakur – BMC Bioinformatics

Editorial: Nucleic Acids Research annual Web Server Issue in 2016 – Nucleic Acids Research


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