June 21, 2016

An invertebrate gets its amino acids from microbial symbionts, microbiota and allograft rejection, high-altitude Andes lakes, and determining absolute microbiota abundances by spiking-in bacteria.

Jobs and events

Postdoctoral Researcher Microbial Ecology & Bioinformatics – NIOO-KNAW, WUR, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Report from the Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum, April 11–12, 2016, London, UK – Duc H. Le – EBioMedicine

General microbiome

Review: Diversity at low abundance: The phenomenon of the rare bacterial biosphere – M. Yu. Skopina – Microbiology

Workshop report: Culture-Independent Diagnostics for Health Security – Doggett Norman A.- Health Security

Viewpoint: Addressing Infectious Disease Challenges by Investigating Microbiomes – Emily P. Balskus – ACS Infectious Diseases

Human oral microbiome

Molecular analysis of fungal populations in patients with oral candidiasis using next-generation sequencing – Yumi Imabayashi – Scientific Reports

Human reproductive tract microbiome

Review: Chlamydia trachomatis Genital Tract Infections: When Host Immune Response and the Microbiome Collide – Noa Ziklo – Trends in Microbiology

Human gut microbiome

Review: Microbes, Immunity and Behaviour: Psychoneuroimmunology Meets the Microbiome – Timothy G Dinan – Neuropsychopharmacology

Review: Emerging roles for antigen presentation in establishing host–microbiome symbiosis – Nicholas J. Bessman – Immunological Reviews

Book Chapter: The Effect of H. pylori Infection on the Gastric Microbiota – Hyun Jin Jo – Helicobacter Pylori (Springer book)

Animal and in vitro experiments

The composition of the microbiota modulates allograft rejection – Yuk Man Lei – The Journal of Clinical Investigation

Press: Microbiota affect the rate of transplant acceptance and rejection – MedicalXpress

Maternal Metabolic Syndrome Programs Mitochondrial Dysfunction via Germline Changes across Three Generations – Jessica L. Saben – Cell Reports

Press, extrapolated conclusion: Obese Pregnant Women With Poor Diets May Worsen The Childhood Obesity Epidemic: Study – Samantha Olson – Medical Daily

Diet-dependent, microbiota-independent regulation of IL-10-producing lamina propria macrophages in the small intestine – Takanori Ochi – Scientific Reports

Characterization of Cimex lectularius (bedbug) defensin peptide and its antimicrobial activity against human skin microflora – Akanksha Kaushal – Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Variability of arsenic bioaccessibility and metabolism in soils by human gut microbiota using different in vitro methods combined with SHIME – Naiyi Yin – Science of The Total Environment

Transient activation of mucosal effector immune responses by resident intestinal bacteria in normal hosts is regulated by interleukin-10 signalling – Cong Wu – Immunology

Mining of hemicellulose and lignin degrading genes from differentially enriched methane producing microbial community – Prabhakar D. Pandit – Bioresource Technology

ReviewStrategies to modulate the intestinal microbiota of Tilapia (Oreochromis sp.) in aquaculture: a review – Alyssa M. Haygood – Reviews in Aquaculture

Animal microbiome

Seasonality and Locality Affect the Diversity of Anopheles gambiae and Anopheles coluzzii Midgut Microbiota from Ghana – Jewelna Akorli – PLOS ONE

A Nightmare for Males? A Maternally Transmitted Male-Killing Bacterium and Strong Female Bias in a Green Lacewing Population – Masayuki Hayashi – PLOS ONE

Testosterone levels are positively correlated with cloacal bacterial diversity and the relative abundance of Chlamydiae in breeding male rufous-collared sparrows
– Camilo Escallón – Functional Ecology

The dominant detritus-feeding invertebrate in arctic peat soils derives its essential amino acids from gut symbionts – Thomas Larsen – Journal of Animal Ecology

Genomic characterization of symbiotic mycoplasmas from the stomach of deep-sea isopod Bathynomus sp – Yong Wang – Environmental Microbiology

Review: Is gastrointestinal microbiota relevant for endogenous mercury methylation in terrestrial animals? – R.C. Rodríguez Martín-Doimeadios – Environmental Research

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Multi-targeted metagenetic analysis of the influence of climate and environmental parameters on soil microbial communities along an elevational gradient – Anders Lanzén – Scientific Reports

Integrated analysis of root microbiomes of soybean and wheat from agricultural fields – Nicolás Rascovan – Scientific Reports

Dark stains on rock surfaces in Driny Cave (Little Carpathian Mountains, Slovakia)
Rafał Ogórek – Extremophiles

Water and extremophile microbiome

Diversity of extremophilic bacteria in the sediment of high-altitude lakes located in the mountain desert of Ojos del Salado volcano, Dry-Andes – Júlia Margit Aszalós – Extremophiles

Microbial interactions lead to rapid micro-scale successions on model marine particles –
Manoshi S. Datta – Nature Communications

Bacteriophages in Arctic and Antarctic low-temperature systems – S. N. Filippova – Microbiology

Diversity of methanogenic archaea from the 2012 terrestrial hot spring (Valley of Geysers, Kamchatka) – A. Y. Merkel – Microbiology

Comparative analysis of prokaryotic diversity in solar salterns in eastern Anatolia (Turkey) – Seval Çınar – Extremophiles


Adjusting microbiome profiles for differences in microbial load by spike-in bacteria – 
Frank Stämmler – Microbiome

Metagenomics and bioinformatics

Data Labours: How the Sequence Databases GenBank and EMBL-Bank Make Data – Tahani Nadima – Science as Culture

Principle, analysis, application and challenges of next-generation sequencing: a review – Khalid Raza – arXIv

Microbes in the news

Does a pipette work in space? with NASA Astronaut Dr Kate Rubins – Microbe Talk – Microbe Post

An Antarctic sponge offers new hope against deadly MRSA infection – Matt Windsor – UAB

Dental Microbes Not All in the Family. Kids often acquire cavity-causing bacteria from non-family members, researchers report at the American Society for Microbiology annual meeting – Tanya Lewis – The Scientist

Never-Before Human-Detected, Potentially Pathogenic Bacterium Found in Children With Acute Leukemia Human Microbiology Institute investigates potential role of previously unknown bacteria – PR Newswire

Geisinger’s Donna Wolk recognized for work in microbiology – Daily Item

Microbial mass extinctions were kicked off by human evolution – Andy Coghlan – New Scientist

Global Microbiome Initiative Explores Subways for Drug-Resistance Markers:
MetaSUB Consortium will collect DNA and RNA samples from high-traffic areas in subway systems, buses, and parks in 54 cities worldwide – GenEngNews

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