February 1, 2016

Vaginal microbiota transplant, temporal sampling of lung microbiota, skin microbiota of a cute frog, extreme CO2 exposure in soil, and microbial mats.

General human microbiome

Human Microbiota of the Argentine Population- A Pilot Study – Belén Carbonetto – Frontiers in Microbiology

Now officially published: Are We Really Vastly Outnumbered? Revisiting the Ratio of Bacterial to Host Cells in Humans – Ron Sender – Cell

Pregnancy and birth

Partial restoration of the microbiota of cesarean-born infants via vaginal microbial transfer – Maria G Dominguez-Bello – Nature Medicine

Chiba study of Mother and Children’s Health (C-MACH): cohort study with omics analyses – Kenichi Sakurai – BMJ Open

Human respiratory microbiome

Prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of Staphylococcus aureus nasal carriage among pre-clinical and clinical medical students in a Tanzanian University
Benard Okamo – BMC Research Notes

A case report demonstrating the utility of next generation sequencing in analyzing serial samples from the lung following an infection with influenza A (H7N9) virus
Yongfeng Hu – Journal of Clinical Virology

Human gut microbiome

Genomic analysis of the human gut microbiome suggests novel enzymes involved in quinone biosynthesis – Dmitry A. Ravcheev – Frontiers in Microbiology

Animal models of microbiome research

Research Highlight: Transgenerational missing taxa – Naomi Attar – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Ingestion of Milk Containing Very Low Concentration of Antimicrobials: Longitudinal Effect on Fecal Microbiota Composition in Preweaned Calves – Richard Van Vleck Pereira – PLOS ONE

Animal microbiome

Molecular evidence of vector-borne pathogens in dogs and cats and their ectoparasites in Algiers, Algeria – Amina Bessas – Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases

Manatees: Antifungal Resistance and Virulence Among Candida spp. from Captive Amazonian manatees and West Indian Manatees: Potential Impacts on Animal and Environmental Health – José Júlio Costa Sidrim – EcoHealth

Very cute frog: Assessing Antibacterial Potential of Components of Phyllomedusa distincta Skin and its Associated Dermal Microbiota – Ananda Brito de Assis – Journal of Chemical Ecology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Altered carbon turnover processes and microbiomes in soils under long-term extremely high CO2 exposure – Felix Beulig – Nature Microbiology

Precipitation regime drives warming responses of microbial biomass and activity in temperate steppe soils – Weixing Liu- Biology and Fertility of Soils

The diversity of iron reducing bacteria communities in subtropical paddy soils of China – Qi-an Peng – Applied Soil Ecology

Water and extremophile microbiome

Editorial: Systems biology and ecology of microbial mat communities – Martin G. Klotz – Frontiers in Microbiology

Bioreactor microbiology

Microbial communities from 20 different hydrogen-producing reactors studied by 454 pyrosequencing – Claudia Etchebehere – Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology

Impact of Organic Carbon Electron Donors on Microbial Community Development under Iron- and Sulfate-Reducing Conditions – Man Jae Kwon – PLOS ONE

Performance and microbial community variations in thermophilic anaerobic digesters treating OTC medicated cow manure under different operational conditions – Çağrı Akyol – Bioresource Technology

More microbiology

Acanthamoeba and mimivirus interactions: the role of amoebal encystment and the expansion of the ‘Cheshire Cat’ theory – Ludmila Karen dos Santos Silva – Current Opinion in Microbiology

Gene flow in microbial communities could explain unexpected patterns of synonymous variation in the Escherichia coli core genome – Rohan Maddamsetti – Mobile Genetic Elements

Microbes in the news

The Bacterium Disappearing From Our Stomachs – H. pylori is losing its foothold – Chau Tu – Science Friday

The Mycobiome: The largely overlooked resident fungal community plays a critical role in human health and disease – Mahmoud Ghannoum – The Scientist

Opportunities for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Studying Microbiomes – Paul S Weiss – ACS Nano

“Seeding” The Newborn’s Microbiome – Can We Do It? Should We Be Doing It? – Anne M. Estes – Science & Sensibility

Icy Worlds and their Analog Sites.Fieldwork on Earth provides insight into life’s potential on icy bodies – Keith Cooper – NASA Astrobiology

Bilingual Exhibition Explores the Human Microbiome – Alexandra Mendoza – La Prensa San Diego

Stalin May Have Studied Mao’s Poop in a Secret Lab – Erin Blakemore – Smithsonian

Mapping the Mouth Microbiome – GenEngNews

CosmosID raises $6M to advance microbiome bioinformatics offering – Nick Paul Taylor – Fierce BiotechIt

Science, publishing, and career

The Scientific 23 with Ed Yong: “Science takes us… to the entire natural world, to space, to molecules – things related to humans but not about us.”

How quality control could save your science. It may not be sexy, but quality assurance is becoming a crucial part of lab life – Monya Baker – Nature


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