February 2, 2016


Note: website was working yesterday, but not this morning. I hope to fix this soon. SCDA Workshop on Statistical and Algorithmic Challenges in Microbiome Data Analysis, Feb 25-26, New York

Pregnancy and birth microbiome

Not carefully worded, and not novel: New Insight into the Analysis of Amniotic Fluid Microflora using 16S rRNA Sequencing – Young-Ah You – JMM Case Reports

Human oral microbiome

Perspective: What Are We Learning and What Can We Learn from the Human Oral Microbiome Project? – Benjamin Cross – Current Oral Health Reports

Animal microbiome

Increasing the Richness of Culturable Arsenic-Tolerant Bacteria from Theonella swinhoei by Addition of Sponge Skeleton to the Growth Medium – Keren Ray – Microbial Ecology

Comparative studies of the composition of bacterial microbiota associated with the ruminal content, ruminal epithelium and in the faeces of lactating dairy cows
Jun-hua Liu – Microbial Biotechnology

Experimental exposure to trace metals affects plumage bacterial community in the feral pigeon – M. Chatelain – Journal of Avian Biology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Effects of biogas and raw slurries on grass growth and soil microbial indices – Stefanie Wentzel – Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science

Impact of soil heat on reassembly of bacterial communities in the rhizosphere microbiome and plant disease suppression – Menno van der Voor – Ecology Letters

Impact of grassland management regimes on bacterial endophyte diversity differs with grass species – Franziska Wemheuer – Letters in Applied Microbiology

Novel soil fumigation method for suppressing cucumber Fusarium wilt disease associated with soil microflora alterations – Rong Li – Applied Soil Ecology

Water and extremophile microbiome

‘Candidatus Kryptonia’: Global metagenomic survey reveals a new bacterial candidate phylum in geothermal springs – Emiley A. Eloe-Fadrosh – Nature Communications

Novel Virophages Discovered in a Freshwater Lake in China – Chaowen Gong – Frontiers in Microbiology

Metagenomics and bioinformatics

Studying long 16S rDNA sequences with ultrafast-metagenomic sequence classification using exact alignments (Kraken) – Fabiola Valenzuela-González – Journal of Microbiological Methods

Opinion: From barcodes to genomes: extending the concept of DNA barcoding – Eric Coissac – Molecular Ecology

More microbes

Streptomyces thermoautotrophicus does not fix nitrogen – Drew MacKellar – Scientific Reports

Microbes in the news

How to (not) write a microbiome grant, Part I by David Baltrus

Does Having a C-Section Alter Baby’s First Microbiome? – Brian Handwerk – Smithsonian

Vaginal Microbes Can Be Partially Restored to C-Section Babies – Heather Buschman – UC San Diego Health

George Weinstock Discusses the Human Microbiome at Eastern – Michael Rouleau – Connecticut State University

‘Holy grail’ bacteria for crop farming debunked by scientists – Hayley Dunning – Imperial College London

Orange slime confirmed to be iron bacteria: Crenothrix polyspora – Herald Net

Iranian Researchers: Extraction of gold, copper from e-waste by two types of bacteria – The Iran Project

Microbes in an ancient mummy : We spoke to study author and microbiologist Dr Frank Maixner about the significance of this new research – MicrobePost


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