October 30, 2015

Cave microbiome, vaginal bacteria in cute minipigs, and “disordered” home dust microbiome, and an update on the Beard Microbiome.

Human gut microbiome

Oatmeal porridge: impact on microflora-associated characteristics in healthy subjects – Jørgen Valeur – British Journal of Nutrition

Animal models

The vaginal microbiome is stable in prepubertal and sexually mature Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs throughout an estrous cycle – Emma Lorenzen – Veterinary Research

Biofilm-associated bacterial amyloids dampen inflammation in the gut: oral treatment with curli fibres reduces the severity of hapten-induced colitis in mice – Gertrude O Oppong – NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes

Disease tolerance mediated by microbiome E. coli involves inflammasome and IGF-1 signaling – Alexandria M. Palaferri Schieber – Science

Cave microbiome

Microbial mediation of complex subterranean mineral structures – Nicola Tisato – Scientific Reports

Built environment microbiome

Home dust microbiota is disordered in homes of low-income asthmatic children – Christina E. Ciaccio – Journal of Asthma

Food microbiology

A Large Set of Newly Created Interspecific Saccharomyces Hybrids Increases Aromatic Diversity in Lager Beers – Stijn Mertens – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

T-RFLP: Bacterial community and proteome analysis of fresh-cut lettuce as affected by packaging – Mariasole Di Carli – FEMS Microbiology Letters

Viruses and phages

Virus Satellites Drive Viral Evolution and Ecology – Belén Frígols – PLOS Genetics

Bioinformatics and metagenomics

Detection of low-abundance bacterial strains in metagenomic datasets by eigengenome partitioning – Brian Cleary – Nature Biotechnology

Multi-view Clustering of Microbiome Samples by Robust Similarity Network Fusion and Spectral Clustering – Y. Zhang – Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, IEEE/ACM Transactions

Bacteria in the news

The strain in metagenomics: Two computational tools extract strain-level information from reams of microbial sequence data. – Tal Nawy – Nature Methods

Bacteria found to play role in cow’s milk intolerance – SunCoast news

‘Superhero’ microbiome bacteria protect against deadly symptoms during infection – Salk Institute – EurekAlert

Can changes in the brain affect your microbiome? UB researchers are investigating – Ellen Goldbaum – University at Buffalo


Not news at all: I-Team: Everyday items we touch are loaded with bacteria – Ryan Walsh – WWLP

Beard microbiome

This was actually funny:  Will Forte (actor from “The Last Man on Earth”) has beard swabbed for bacteria test, fails, at Jimmy Fallon show – Yahoo Video




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