October 13, 2015

Tongue coating microbiota, fecal microbiota in Tibetan and Chinese Han, the gut mycobiome in obesity, and the Hoopoe’s uropygial gland.

Pregnancy and birth

Review: Neonatal Gut Microbiota and Human Milk Glycans Cooperate to Attenuate Infection and Inflammation – David S Newburg – Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology

Research highlight: Early life dysbiosis increases asthma risk – Naomi Attar – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Review: Gut Microbiome and the Development of Food Allergy and Allergic Disease – Benjamin T. Prince – Pediatric Clinics of North America

Human oral microbiome

Variations of Tongue Coating Microbiota in Patients with Gastric Cancer – Jie Hu – BioMed Research International

Review: Microbial Nucleic Acid Sensing in Oral and Systemic Diseases – K.E. Crump – Journal of Dental Research

Human respiratory microbiome

Review: The microbiome at the pulmonary alveolar niche and its role in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection – Alexander J. Adami – Tuberculosis

Human gut microbiome

Comparative analyses of fecal microbiota in Tibetan and Chinese Han living at low or high altitude by barcoded 454 pyrosequencing – Long Li & Xin Zhao – Scientific Reports

Obesity changes the human gut mycobiome – M. Mar Rodríguez – Scientific Reports

Review: Understanding Luminal Microorganisms and Their Potential Effectiveness in Treating Intestinal Inflammation – Ince, M. Nedim – Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Review: Brain-gut-microbiota axis in Parkinson’s disease – Agata Mulak, Bruno Bonaz – World Journal of Gastroenterology

Research Highlight: In transit – Denise Waldron – Nature Reviews Microbiology

Review: Gut microbiota and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease [PDF]-  Paraskevas Gkolfakis – Hepatobiliary Pancreat Dis Int

Animal microbiome

The Hoopoe’s Uropygial Gland Hosts a Bacterial Community Influenced by the Living Conditions of the Bird – Sonia M. Rodríguez-Ruano – PLOS ONE

Assessment of a 16S rRNA amplicon Illumina sequencing procedure for studying the microbiome of a symbiont-rich aphid genus – E. Jousselin – Molecular Ecology Resources

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Molecular Analysis of Methanogen Richness in Landfill and Marshland Targeting 16S rDNA Sequences – Shailendra Yadav – Archaea

Waste treatment microbiology

The Relationship between Microbial Community Evenness and Function in Slow Sand Filters – Sarah-Jane Haig – mBio

Metagenomics and bioinformatics

Microbial metabolic networks in a complex electrogenic biofilm recovered from a stimulus-induced metatranscriptomics approach – Shun’ichi Ishii – Scientific Reports

Exact approaches for scaffolding – Mathias Welle – BMC Bioinformatics

Comprehensive Meta-analysis of Ontology Annotated 16S rRNA Profiles Identifies Beta Diversity Clusters of Environmental Bacterial Communities – Andreas Henschel – PLOS Computational Biology

Viruses and phages

A classification system for virophages and satellite viruses – Mart Krupovic – Virology Division News

Microbial Ecology

Research Highlight: Single-locus changes perturb community structure – Denise Waldron – Nature Review Genetics
Single gene locus changes perturb complex microbial communities as much as apex predator loss – Deirdre McClean – Nature Communications

Microbes in the news

New intro biology lab tests for germs on campus – Sydney Schaedel – The Daily Pennsylvanian

A Whale of a Tale: Gut microbiome of right whales and other baleen species shares characteristics with those of both cows and meat-eating predators – Bioscience Technology

Science and art

Artist Jennifer Angus Covers the Smithsonian’s Walls With Bugs – Lauren Palmer – ArtNet



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