October 14, 2015

Gut microbes and the brain, transgenic goats, Salmonella infection of pigs, viral infection in honey bees, and a catalogue of microbial culture media.

Human gut microbiome

Feature: The tantalizing links between gut microbes and the brain – Peter Andrey Smith – Nature

Animal models

Changes in the Porcine Intestinal Microbiome in Response to Infection with Salmonella enterica and Lawsonia intracellularis – Klaudyna A. Borewicz – PLOS ONE

The Effects of GH Transgenic Goats on the Microflora of the Intestine, Feces and Surrounding Soil – Zekun Bao – PLOS ONE

Research highlight: Culinary traditions—revealing the effect of travel and diet on gut microbiota and motility – Gillian Patman – Nature Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Animal microbiome

No apparent correlation between honey bee forager gut microbiota and honey production – Melissa A. Horton – PeerJ

Four Categories of Viral Infection Describe the Health Status of Honey Bee Colonies – Esmaeil Amiri – PLOS ONE

Variable genetic architectures produce virtually identical molecules in bacterial symbionts of fungus-growing ants – Clarissa S. Sit – PNAS

More microbes

Harnessing the landscape of microbial culture media to predict new organism–media pairings – Matthew A. Oberhardt – Nature Communications

Single-Cell Analysis of RNA Virus Infection Identifies Multiple Genetically Diverse Viral Genomes within Single Infectious Units – Marine Combe – Cell Host & Microbe

Microbes in the news

What does your gut microbiome look like? – Katherine Harmon Courage – Popular Science

Microbiome May Predict Colon Cancer Tumor Mutational Status – Neil Osterweil – Medscape

“Studying sanitation is not always the sexiest topic” Stanford study on the effects of toilet facilities on child health in rural Africa – Stanford News

NDSU researcher, students study how bacteria adapts to survive – North Dakota State University



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