June 5, 2015

A new test that reveals past viral infections using one drop of blood, subgingival microbiota in HIV-infected adults, and influencing horse behavior through diet.

Human oral microbiome

The oral mucosal and salivary microbial community of Behçet’s syndrome and recurrent aphthous stomatitis – Seoudi N – J Oral Microbiology

Subgingival bacterial community profiles in HIV-infected Brazilian adults with chronic periodontitis – D. C. Ferreira – Journal of Periodontal Research

Human bladder microbiome

Decreased microbiota diversity associated with urinary tract infection in a trial of bacterial interference – Deborah Horwitz – Journal of Infection

Human gut microbiome

Use of T-RFLP and seven restriction enzymes to compare the faecal microbiota of obese and lean Japanese healthy men – T. Kobayashi – Beneficial Microbes

The Gut Microbiome and Childhood Obesity: Connecting the Dots – An interview with Mueller Noel Theodore – Childhood Obesity

Review: Metagenomics of the Human Intestinal tract: From who is there to what is done there – Antonietta Cultrone – Current Opinion in Food Science

Editorial: On the Gut Microbiome-Brain Axis and Altruism – Theoharis C. Theoharides – Clinical Therapeutics

Review: Potential Etiologic Factors of Microbiome Disruption in Autism – Timothy Buie – Clinical Therapeutics

Conference abstract: Dietary supplementation with a type 3 resistant starch induces butyrate producing bacteria within the gut microbiota of human volunteers – J. Kelly – Appetite

Review: Immunogenetic control of the intestinal microbiota – Eric Marietta – Immunology

Book chapter: Fecal Microbiota Transplantation for Clostridium Difficile Infection: A Systematic Review of the Evidence – Dimitri Drekonja – Department of Veterans Affairs

Review: Gut bacteria and cancer – Susan E. Erdman – Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) – Reviews on Cancer

Review: The Gut Microbiota and Type 1 Diabetes – Elke Gülden – Clinical Immunology

Animal models of microbiome research

Transmissible microbial and metabolomic remodeling by soluble dietary fiber improves metabolic homeostasis – Baokun He – Scientific Reports

Antibiotics promote inflammation through the translocation of native commensal colonic bacteria – Kathryn A Knoop – Gut

Pyrosequencing reveals shifts in the bacterial epimural community relative to dietary concentrate amount in goats – S.U. Wetzels – Journal of Dairy Science

Programming rumen bacterial communities in newborn Merino lambs – I. De Barbieri – Small Ruminant Research

Changes of the hindgut microbiota due to high-starch diet can be associated with behavioral stress response in horses – Alexandra Destrez – Physiology & Behavior

Animal microbiome

Bats: Phyllostomid bat microbiome composition is associated to host phylogeny and feeding strategies – Mario Carrillo-Araujo – Frontiers in Microbiology

Squirrels: An Invasive Mammal (the Gray Squirrel, Sciurus carolinensis) Commonly Hosts Diverse and Atypical Genotypes of the Zoonotic Pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi Sensu Lato
Caroline Millins – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Fish: High diversity of skin-associated bacterial communities of marine fishes is promoted by their high variability among body parts, individuals and species – Marlène Chiarello

Snakes: Phylogenetic Analysis of Bacterial Communities in Different Regions of the Gastrointestinal Tract of Agkistrodon piscivorus, the Cottonmouth Snake – Timothy J. Colston – PLOS ONE

Insects: Leaf-Cutter Ant Fungus Gardens Are Biphasic Mixed Microbial Bioreactors That Convert Plant Biomass to Polyols with Biotechnological Applications – Alexandre F. Somera – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Nematodes: Xenorhabdus bovienii Strain Diversity Impacts Coevolution and Symbiotic Maintenance with Steinernema spp. Nematode Hosts – Kristen E. Murfin – mBio

Coral: Microbial invasion of the Caribbean by an Indo-Pacific coral zooxanthella – D. Tye Pettay – PNAS

Plant root and soil microbiome

Linking jasmonic acid signalling, root exudates and rhizosphere microbiomes – Lilia C Carvalhais – Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions

Changes in microbial communities along redox gradients in polygonized Arctic wet tundra soils – David A. Lipson – Environmental Microbiology Reports

Two decades of warming increases diversity of a potentially lignolytic bacterial community  – Grace Pold – Frontiers in Microbiology

Water microbiome

Patterns and Determinants of Halophilic Archaea (Class Halobacteria) Diversity in Tunisian Endorheic Salt Lakes and Sebkhet Systems – Afef Najjari – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Microbial community structure and function on sinking particles in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre – Kristina M. Fontanez – Frontiers in Microbiology

Metagenomic resolution of microbial functions in deep-sea hydrothermal plumes across the Eastern Lau Spreading Center – Karthik Anantharaman – The ISME Journal

Built environment microbiome

Inflammatory potential in relation to the microbial content of settled dust samples collected from moisture-damaged and reference schools: results of HITEA study – K. Huttunen

Pyrosequencing analysis of bacterial diversity in dental unit waterlines – Damien Costa – Water Research

Viruses and phages

Comprehensive serological profiling of human populations using a synthetic human virome – George J. Xu – Science

Metagenomics and 16S rRNA sequencing

Viewpoint: Improving the quality of genome, protein sequence, and taxonomy databases: a prerequisite for microbiome meta-omics 2.0 – Olivier Pible and Jean Armengaud – Proteomics

Opinion: Confusion about the species richness of human gut microbiota – E. Avershina, K. Rudi – Beneficial Microbes


Microbial secondary metabolites in homes in association with moisture damage and asthma – P. V. Kirjavainen – Indoor Air

In Silico Analysis of the Metabolic Potential and Niche Specialization of Candidate Phylum “Latescibacteria” (WS3) – Noha H. Youssef – PLOS ONE


BEMOVI, software for extracting behavior and morphology from videos, illustrated with analyses of microbes – Frank Pennekamp – Ecology and Evolution


Evaluation of the Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine for Gene-Targeted Studies Using Amplicons of the Nitrogenase Gene nifH – Bangzhou Zhang – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Revisiting the Dilution Procedure Used To Manipulate Microbial Biodiversity in Terrestrial Systems – Yan Yan – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Microbes in the news

How Many Viruses Have Infected You? – Nell GreenfieldBoyce – NPR

A Lifetime of Viruses: Scientists devise an antibody-based test that can generate a person’s complete “viral history” with just one drop of blood. – Amanda B. Keener – The Scientist

Single Test for All Virus Exposure Opens Doors for Researchers – Denise Grady – New York Times

Shielded Microbes Could Spread Life Far Beyond Earth – Elizabeth Howell – Discovery

Unregulated faecal transplants could squander gut-bug promise – New Scientist

Antibiotics affect piglets’ immune system – All About Feed

Good, good, good, good bacteria – Elisabeth Winkler – Sustainable Food Trust

#ASM2015: Many Skin Bacteria Are Dead or Inactive, Study Finds – Health.com

Invasive microbe protects corals from global warming, but at a cost – A’ndrea Elyse Messer, Penn State – Steam Register

Bik’s Picks

India is building millions of toilets. Getting people to use them is a bigger task. – Rama Lakshmi – Washington Post

There Is No Global Warming Hiatus After All – Sarah Zielinski – Smithsonian

New ‘Hellboy’ Dinosaur Unveiled In Scientific Paper With A Romantic Twist – Hilary Hanson – The Huffington Post

Two Newfound Marsupials Do It to Death – Laura Geggel – Discovery



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