March 25, 2015

General microbiome

Introducing npj Biofilms and Microbiomes – Staffan Normark – NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes – includes:

Clinical Implications of Basic Science Discoveries: Immune Homeostasis and the Microbiome—Dietary and Therapeutic Modulation and Implications for Transplantation – J. A. Fishman, and A. W. Thomson – American Journal of Transplantation

Human respiratory microbiome

Clinical Outcomes and Microbiological Characteristics of Severe Pneumonia in Cancer Patients: A Prospective Cohort Study – Ligia S. C. F. Rabello – PLOS ONE

Human gut microbiome

Subsistence strategies in traditional societies distinguish gut microbiomes – Alexandra J. Obregon-Tito – Nature Communications

Variation in rural African gut microbiomes is strongly shaped by parasitism and diet – Elise R Morton – BioRxiv

Some problems with JAMA website, not sure if link works: Association of Gastrointestinal Symptoms With Autism – JAMA Psychiatry

Contrasting effects of fresh and fermented kimchi consumption on gut microbiota composition and gene expression related to metabolic syndrome in obese Korean women – Kyungsun Han – Molecular Nutrition & Food Research

Review: Alcohol and gut microbiota – the possible role of gut microbiota modulation in the treatment of alcoholic liver disease – G. Vassallo – Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Perspective: Studies of the Gut: Overhyped or Underappreciated? – Tom Bartlett – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Review: Microbial biofilms and the human intestinal microbiome – Willem M de Vos – NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes

Review: Microbial endocrinology: host-bacteria communication within the gut microbiome – Sara Sandrini – Journal of Endocrinology

Dead body microbiome

Potential Use of Bacterial Community Succession in Decaying Human Bone for Estimating Postmortem Interval – Franklin E. Damann – Journal of Forensic Sciences

Life after death: shallow-water Mediterranean invertebrate communities associated with mammal bones – Sergi Taboada – Marine Ecology

Animal microbiome

Monkeys: Adenovirus and Herpesvirus Diversity in Free-Ranging Great Apes in the Sangha Region of the Republic of Congo – Tracie A. Seimon – PLOS ONE

Birds (not birds and bees): Pathogenic bacteria and timing of laying – Anders Pape Møller – Ecology and Evolution

Arthropods: Metagenomic Profile of the Viral Communities in Rhipicephalus spp. Ticks from Yunnan, China – Han Xia – PLOS ONE

Nematodes: Associated bacteria of different life stages of Meloidogyne incognita using pyrosequencing-based analysis – Yi Cao – Journal of Basic Microbiology

Corals: Microbial Communities Associated with Healthy and White Syndrome-Affected Echinopora lamellosa in Aquaria and Experimental Treatment with the Antibiotic Ampicillin – David Smith – PLOS ONE

Water microbiome

Plant pathogenic bacteria in open irrigation systems: what risk for crop health? – J. R. Lamichhane and C. Bartoli – Plant Pathology

Elements of metacommunity structure and community-environment relationships in stream organisms – Jani Heino – Freshwater Biology

Opportunistic Pathogens and Elements of the Resistome that Are Common in Bottled Mineral Water Support the Need for Continuous Surveillance – Maria Fernanda Falcone-Dias – PLOS ONE


MUSiCC: a marker genes based framework for metagenomic normalization and accurate profiling of gene abundances in the microbiome – Ohad Manor and Elhanan Borenstein – Genome Biology

Average genome size estimation improves comparative metagenomics and sheds light on the functional ecology of the human microbiome – Stephen Nayfach and Katherine S Pollard – Genome Biology

Novel R Pipeline for Analyzing Biolog Phenotypic Microarray Data – Minna Vehkala – PLOS ONE


Probabilistic Models to Describe the Dynamics of Migrating Microbial Communities – Joanna L Schroeder – PLOS ONE

Scanning the Landscape of Genome Architecture of Non-O1 and Non-O139 Vibrio cholerae by Whole Genome Mapping Reveals Extensive Population Genetic Diversity – Carol Chapman – PLOS ONE


Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Archaea: A Comparison of the Whole-Genome-Based CVTree Approach with 16S rRNA Sequence Analysis – Guanghong Zuo – Life


Open Labware: 3-D Printing Your Own Lab Equipment – Tom Baden – PLOS Biology

Microbes in the news

Treponema are not “ancient” but absence from some human’s guts is very interesting – Jonathan Eisen – Tree of Life
Refers to:
Ancient bacteria found in hunter-gatherer guts – Ann Gibbons – Science

With recipes: Upcoming book by Justin and Erica Sonnenburg: “The Good Gut” – Amazon

The ‘intraterrestrials’: New viruses discovered in ocean depths – National Science Foundation

Martian Microbes Could Be Eating Carbon Monoxide From the Atmosphere – Popular Mechanics

Kids with Autism Are More Likely to Have Gastrointestinal Problems – Rachael Rettner – LiveScience

Examining the connection between infant gut bacteria and food allergies – HealthCanal

Repeated Use of Antibiotics May Raise Diabetes Risk – Agata Blaszczak-Boxe – LiveScience

Bacteria in bud prompts B.C. medical marijuana firm to recall product – Canadian Press

Twin astronauts provide Earth-bound control for orbital health study –

Baylor College of Medicine: Certain makeup can cause bacterial infections – John Brannen – Click2Houston

The Bathroom Blast Radius (And Your Toothbrush) – Dollar Shave Club

The Antibiotics Problem in Meat – Olga Khazan – The Atlantic

Satire: Biotechnology pressure group calls for an end to Saccharomyces abuse – The Allium

Science, publishing, and career

The 2015 Salary Survey Is Here – The Scientist

Women still find it tough to reach the top in science – Sharon Bell – The Conversation

Bik’s Picks

Ancient Egyptian skeleton shows signs of breast cancer – Elahe Izadi – Washington Post

Unravelling the hidden ancestry of American admixed populations – Francesco Montinaro – Nature Communications

Short Circuit in Magnets Postpone Re-Launch of CERN Collider – InsightTicker

Why the world needs biodiversity – Scientists have engineered the food that will help save a starving, warming planet – Jack Aldwinckle – Quartz


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