March 31, 2022

General microbiome

Whole genome sequencing and gene sharing network analysis powered by machine learning identifies antibiotic resistance sharing between animals, humans and environment in livestock farming – Peng et al. – PLOS Computational Biology

[PREPRINT]Superfast Evolution of Multi-drug Antibiotic Resistance – Zhang et al. – bioRxiv

Pregnancy and early life

Identification of the specific microbial community compositions in saliva associated with periodontitis during pregnancy – Narita & Kodama – Clinical Oral Investigations

Vaginal microbiome

Impact of Topical Interventions on the Vaginal Microbiota and Metabolome in Postmenopausal Women – Srinivasan et al. – JAMA Network Open

Human gut microbiome

[REVIEW]The interplay between anticancer challenges and the microbial communities from the gut – Hobson et al. – European Journal of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases

[EDITORIAL]Unraveling disease pathways involving the gut microbiota: the need for deep phenotyping and longitudinal data – Meyer et al. – The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Animal experiments (mouse/rat experiments, chickens/pigs on different diets)

The Effects of Stevia Consumption on Gut Bacteria: Friend or Foe? – Kasti et al. – Microorganisms

Jejunoileal mucosal growth in mice with a limited microbiome – Shaughnessy – PLOS One

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Reproducible Propagation of Species-Rich Soil Bacterial Communities Suggests Robust Underlying Deterministic Principles of Community Formation – Causevic et al. – mSystems

Built environment (subways, indoor surfaces)

A quantitative microbial risk assessment for touchscreen user interfaces using an asymmetric transfer gradient transmission mode – di Battista – PLOS One


Postmortem Skeletal Microbial Community Composition and Function in Buried Human Remains – Emmons et al. – mSystems


Microbial Identification Using rRNA Operon Region: Database and Tool for Metataxonomics with Long-Read Sequence – Seol et al. – Microbiology Spectrum


Long-Term Incubation of Lake Water Enables Genomic Sampling of Consortia Involving Planctomycetes and Candidate Phyla Radiation Bacteria – Jaffe et al. – mSystems

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