April 17, 2019

Today’s Digest contains quite a few news articles. Features for today include a review on the importance of proper controls in microbiome studies, a patent for one method of analyzing microbiome dynamics (really?), and the NASA Twins Study, how can one year in space change your gut microbiota and much more? Enjoy reading!

General microbiology

Guideline: Microbiology Investigation Criteria for Reporting Objectively (MICRO): a framework for the reporting and interpretation of clinical microbiology data – Paul Turner & Andrew Fox-Lewis et al. – BMC Medicine

** Patent: Method of analyzing microbiome – E Segal & E Elinav

Combined deterministic and stochastic processes control microbial succession in replicate granular biofilm reactors – R Liébana et al. – Environmental Science & Technology

** Uncorrected proof: Issues and current standards of controls in microbiome research – Bastian V.H. Hornung et al. – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Pregnancy and early life

Review: Intestinal Microbiota in Early Life and Its Implications on Childhood Health – Lu Zhuang et al. – Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics

Cancer microbiome

PDF: Gastric Microbiota in Helicobacter pylori-Negative and -Positive Gastritis Among High Incidence of Gastric Cancer Area – Boldbaatar Gantuya et al. – Cancers

Human respiratory microbiome

Review: Microbes, metabolites, and the gut–lung axis – Anh Thu Dang & Benjamin J. Marsland – Mucosal Immunology

Microbial contributions to bronchial asthma occurrence in children: A metagenomic study – Man Tian et al. – Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

Human gut microbiome

Review: A Review on Bile Acids: Effects of the Gut Microbiome, Interactions with Dietary Fiber, and Alterations in the Bioaccessibility of Bioactive Compounds – Jashbir Singh et al. – Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

Increased mucosal neutrophil survival is associated with altered microbiota in HIV infection – Tiffany Hensley-McBain et al. – PLoS Pathogens

Review: Thinking bigger: How early life environmental exposures shape the gut microbiome and influence the development of asthma and allergic disease – Hind Sbihi et al. – Allergy

** The NASA Twins Study: A multidimensional analysis of a year-long human spaceflight – Francine E. Garrett-Bakelman et al. – Science


Review: Changes in the Human Metabolome Associated With Alcohol Use: A Review – Taija Voutilainen & Olli Kärkkäinen – Alcohol and Alcoholism

Animal microbiome

Dynamic changes in rumen fermentation and bacterial community following rumen fluid transplantation in a sheep model of rumen acidosis: implications for rumen health in ruminants – Junhua Liu et al. – The FASEB Journal

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) gut microbiota is modulated by insect meal from Hermetia illucens prepupae in the diet – Genciana Terova et al. – Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries

Plant, root and soil microbiome

Effects of mycorrhizae and water conditions on perennial ryegrass growth in rare earth tailings – Qiao Yang et al. – RSC Advance

Niche separation of species of entomopathogenic fungi within the genera Metarhizium and Beauveria in different cropping systems in Mexico – J.A. Cabrera-Mora et al. – Fungal Ecology

Soil abiotic properties and plant functional traits mediate associations between soil microbial and plant communities during a secondary forest succession on the Loess Plateau – Yongfu Chai et al. – Frontiers in Microbiology

Microbial Diversity and Antimicrobial Resistance Profile in Microbiota from Soils of Conventional and Organic Farming Systems – Julija Armalytė et al. – Frontiers in Microbiology

Effects of elevated temperature and elevated CO2 on soil nitrification and ammonia-oxidizing microbial communities in field-grown crop – Linh T.T. Nguyen et al. – Science of The Total Environment

Tropical forest conversion to rubber plantation affects soil micro- & mesofaunal community & diversity – Dharmesh Singh et al. – Scientific Reports

Water and extremophile microbiome

Sulfate reduction by a haloalkaliphilic bench-scale sulfate-reducing bioreactor and its bacterial communities at different depths – Tingzhen Mu et al. – Biochemical Engineering Journal

Extremely acidic environment: Biogeochemical effects on algal biofilms – Ana Teresa Luís et al. – Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety

Proliferation of hydrocarbon-degrading microbes at the bottom of the Mariana Trench – Jiwen Liu & Yanfen Zheng et al. – Microbiome

Metagenomic insights to understand transient influence of Yamuna River on taxonomic and functional aspects of bacterial and archaeal communities of River Ganges – Rachel Samson et al. – Science of The Total Environment

Distribution of microbial communities in metal-contaminated nearshore sediment from Eastern Guangdong, China – Mei Zhuang et al. – Environmental Pollution

Phages and viruses

Diversities and potential biogeochemical impacts of mangrove soil viruses – Min Jin et al. – Microbiome


Explore mediated co-varying dynamics in microbial community using integrated local similarity and liquid association analysis – Dongmei Ai et al. – BMC Genomics

Microbes in the news

Can changing the microbiome reverse lactose intolerance? – PATRICIA L. FOSTER – PhillyVoice

A Look at the Trillions of Microorganisms That Live in and on You – Shayla Love – Vice

Mode of delivery alters infants’ gut microbiota and this may impact respiratory health in first year of life – EurekAlert!

Fecal Transplant Reduces Nearly 50 Percent Of Autism Symptoms In Children – Allan Adamson – Tech Times

Edinburgh Science Festival: from gut bacteria and depression to how rice is risking the planet – Helen McArdle – The Herald

Gut microbiome changes emerge as a potential modulator of age-associated cardiovascular disease risk – Andreu Prados – Gut Microbiota for Health

The Gut Microbiome & Cancer Immunotherapy – Osman, Afaf E. G. & Luke, Jason J. – Oncology Times

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