February 12, 2018

A rich Digest to start your work week. Highlights include a review in Lancet cautionary about precision nutrition, an NIH metagenome FTP site, and a sampling of songbirds that reveals high prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria.


Intellectual Property x The Microbiome – SF Bay Area Microbiome Meetup

General microbiology

Expanding our Understanding of the Role of the Microbiome in Health and Disease – Rob Knight – Archives of Medical Research

* NIH Metagnome FTP site

* The Ecosystem Services of Animal Microbiomes – E.A. McKenney et al. – Molecular Ecology

Preprint: Experimental Evolution of Cell Shape in Bacteria – Paul Richard Yulo et al. – bioRxiv

Human skin microbiome

In vitro: Yeasts from skin colonization are able to cross the acellular dermal matrix – Isabele Carrilho Jarros et al. – Microbial Pathogenesis

Human vaginal microbiome

Review: Immunology of the Uterine and Vaginal Mucosae – Jordan Z. Zhou et al. – Trends in Immunology

Human gut microbiome

The Role of Diet in the Treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome : A Systematic Review – Rajdeep Singh et al. – Gastroenterology Clinics of North America

Review: Metabolic Surgery : Weight Loss, Diabetes, and Beyond – Manan Pareek et al. – Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Review: Environmental Noise and the Cardiovascular System – Thomas Münzel et al. – Journal of the American College of Cardiology

The effects of synbiotic supplementation on insulin resistance/sensitivity, lipid profile and total antioxidant capacity in women with gestational diabetes mellitus: a randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical trial – Zohoor Nabhani et al. – Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice

* Precision nutrition for prevention and management of type 2 diabetes – Dong D Wang and Frank B Hu – The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology

The Small Intestine Converts Dietary Fructose into Glucose and Organic Acids – Cholsoon Jang et al. – Cell Metabolism

Review: Therapeutic implications of the gastrointestinal microbiome – Purna C Kayshap and Eamonn MM Quigley – Current Opinion in Pharmacology

Risk factors for Clostridium difficile infection in intestinal transplant recipients during the first year post transplant – Luis Guzman et al. – Transplant Infectious Disease


Review: Advances in computational metabolomics and databases deepen the understanding of metabolisms – Hiroshi Tsugawa – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Animal experiments

Rat: Onion quercetin monoglycosides alter microbial activity and increase antioxidant capacity – Katarzyna Grzelak-Błaszczyk et al. – The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry

Preview: Cultivating a Relationship with Gut Bacteria – Catherine E. Schretter and Sarkis K. Mazmanian – Cell Metabolism

Effect of two seaweed polysaccharides on intestinal microbiota in mice evaluated by illumina PE250 sequencing – Zhongshan Zhang et al. – International Journal of Biological Macromolecules

Green Tea Polyphenols Modulate Colonic Microbiota Diversity and Lipid Metabolism in High-Fat Diet Treated HFA Mice – Li Wang et al. – Journal of Food Science

Animal microbiome

* Antibiotic resistant bacteria are widespread in songbirds across rural and urban environments – Diana L. Carter et al. – Science of The Total Environment

Effects of chlorogenic acids-enriched extract from Eucommia ulmoides leaves on growth performance, stress response, antioxidant status and meat quality of lambs subjected or not to transport stress – H.W. Liu et al. – Animal Feed Science and Technology

Characterisation of Bergeyella spp. isolated from the nasal cavities of piglets – M. Lorenzo de Arriba et al. – The Veterinary Journal

Horse: The relationships between faecal egg counts and gut microbial composition in UK Thoroughbreds infected by cyathostomins – L.E. Peachey et al. – International Journal for Parasitology

The effects singular or combined administration of fermentable fiber and probiotic on mucosal immune parameters, digestive enzyme activity, gut microbiota and growth performance of Caspian white fish (Rutilus frisii kutum) fingerlings – Ali Taheri Mirghaed et al. – Fish & Shellfish Immunology

Diagnostics and Treatments in Chronic Diarrhea and Weight Loss in Horses – Olimpo Oliver-Espinosa – Veterinary Clinics: Equine Practice

Plant, root and soil microbiome

Diversifying crop rotation increased metabolic soil diversity and activity of the microbial community – Luciana D’Acunto et al. – Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

The impact of reconstructed soils following oil sands exploitation on aspen and its associated belowground microbiome – Franck Stefani et al. – Scientific Reports

Water and extremophile microbiome

Antibiotic resistome in landfill leachate from different cities of China deciphered by metagenomic analysis – Renxin Zhao et al. – Water Research

Microbiomes in extremely acidic environments: functionalities and interactions that allow survival and growth of prokaryotes at low pH – Raquel Quatrini and D Barrie Johnson – Current Opinion in Microbiology

Effect of heat shock on hot water plumbing microbiota and Legionella pneumophila control – Pan Ji et al. – Microbiome

Food microbiology

Variability within the dominant microbiota of sliced cooked poultry products at expiration date in the Belgian retail – Wim Geeraerts et al. – Food Microbiology

Modelling the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in Mediterranean fish species from aquaculture production – Araceli Bolívar et al. – International Journal of Food Microbiology

Prebiotic in fruit juice: processing challenges, advances, and perspectives – Thatyane Vidal Fonteles and Sueli Rodrigues – Current Opinion in Food Science


Multi-omics approach to elucidate the gut microbiota activity. Metaproteomics and metagenomics connection – Maria Guirro et al. – Electrophoresis

Microbes in the news

Can Your Gut Protect You Against Cancer? – Michelle Schoffro Cook – Care2

Millions of Mosquitoes to Be Released in Florida for Good Cause – Inside Edition

Using Special UV Light in Public Spaces Could Kill Flu Viruses, Bacteria – Jakob Nielson – Apex Tribune


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