January 31, 2018

Today, research in prediabetes microbiome, bacteriophages in urinary microbiota, several reviews and a good number of papers focused in animal microbiome.


Human Microbiome

Review: Influence of functional food components on gut health – Murphy L.Y. Wan – Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Review: Gut Microbiota and the Neuroendocrine System – Aitak Farzi – Neurotherapeutics

Laxative effect of repeated Daiokanzoto is attributable to decrease in aquaporin-3 expression in the colon – Risako Kon – Journal of Natural Medicines

Aberrant intestinal microbiota in individuals with prediabetes – Kristine H. Allin – Diabetologia

Perspective: The Potential for Topical Probiotic Treatment of Chronic Rhinosinusitis, a Personal Perspective – Anders U. Cervin – Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology

The third tier in treatment: Attending to the growing connection between gut health and emotional well-being – Joseph Verdino – Health psychology open

Bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the gut microbiome of children with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: which strains act as health players? – Valerio Nobili – Archives of medical science

Kynurenic Acid: The Janus-Faced Role of an Immunomodulatory Tryptophan Metabolite and Its Link to Pathological Conditions – Elisa Wirthgen – Frontiers in immunology

Adaptation of commensal proliferating Escherichia coli to the intestinal tract of young children with cystic fibrosis – Susana Matamouros – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Review: Gut as an emerging organ for the treatment of diabetes – Martin Haluzik – The Journal of endocrinology

Bacteriophages Of The Urinary Microbiome – Taylor Miller-Ensminger – Journal of bacteriology

Commensal microbiota modulate gene expression in the skin – Jacquelyn S. Meisel – Microbiome

Host genetic variation and its microbiome interactions within the Human Microbiome Project – Raivo Kolde – Genome medicine


Animal Microbiome

Comparison of Microbial Communities in Swine Manure at Various Temperatures and storage times – Joung-Soo Lim – Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences

Effects of different dietary ratio of metabolizable glucose and metabolizable protein on growth performance, rumen fermentation, blood biochemical indices and ruminal microbiota of 8 to 10-month-old heifers – Jie Sun – Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences

Effects of dietary fiber levels on cecal microbiota composition in geese – Yanpin Li – Asian-Australasian journal of animal sciences

Annotation of gut bacterial taxonomic and functional diversity in Spodoptera litura and Spilosoma obliqua – Kiran G. Bapatla – Journal of Basic Microbiology

Variations in diet cause alterations in microbiota and metabolites that follow changes in disease severity in a multiple sclerosis model – J.E. Libbey – Beneficial Microbes

Impact of beneficial bacteria supplementation on the gut microbiota, colony development and productivity of Apis mellifera L. – D. Alberoni – Beneficial Microbes

Gut microbiota modulates type I interferon and antibody-mediated immune responses in chickens infected with influenza virus subtype H9N2 – A. Yitbarek – Beneficial Microbes

Appropriate dose of Lactobacillus buchneri supplement improves intestinal microbiota and prevents diarrhoea in weaning Rex rabbits – Y. Zhou – Beneficial Microbes

The Inner Workings of the Outer Surface: Skin and Gill Microbiota as Indicators of Changing Gut Health in Yellowtail Kingfish – Thibault P. R. A. Legrand – Frontiers in microbiology


Plant/Soil Microbiome

Integrated multi-omic analysis of host-microbiota interactions in acute oak decline – Martin Broberg – Microbiome

Antibiotics Disturb the Microbiome and Increase the Incidence of Resistance Genes in the Gut of a Common Soil Collembolan – Dong Zhu – Environmental science & technology


Environmental Microbiome

Coordinated gene expression between Trichodesmium and its microbiome over day–night cycles in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre – Kyle R Frischkorn – The ISME Journal


General Microbiome

Cross-regulatory circuit between AHR and microbiota – Jian Ji – Current Drug Metabolism

‘Massilimalia timonensis’ sp. nov., a new bacterium species isolated from human faeces after decontamination with alcohol – P. Afouda – New microbes and new infections

Taxonomy of anaerobic digestion microbiome reveals biases associated with the applied high throughput sequencing strategies – Stefano Campanaro – Scientific Reports

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