August 27, 2016

Gut microbiome in pre-Columbian mummies, spacecraft assembly cleanrooms, smokeless tobacco products, time series data, and a return of the Musical Microbes.

Human skin microbiome

Skin fungal community and its correlation with bacterial community of urban Chinese individuals – Marcus H. Y. Leung – Microbiome

Human oral microbiome

High-throughput quantitative method for assessing coaggregation among oral bacterial species – E. Levin-Sparenberg – Letters in Applied Microbiology

Human gut microbiome

Taxonomic and predicted metabolic profiles of the human gut microbiome in pre-Columbian mummies – Tasha M. Santiago-Rodriguez – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Note: unclear definition of “redemption”; means that a medication prescription was filled. Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic Treatment and Subsequent Childhood Type 1 Diabetes: A Nationwide Danish Cohort Study – Tine D. Clausen – PLOS ONE

Animal experiments

Impact of dietary fibre:starch ratio in shaping caecal archaea revealed in rabbits – Y. Zhu – Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Endolithic microbial diversity in sandstone and granite from the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica – Stephen D. J. Archer – Polar Biology

Dry Season Constrains Bacterial Phylogenetic Diversity in a Semi-Arid Rhizosphere System – Rodrigo Gouvêa Taketani – Microbial Ecology

Review: Bacteria in decomposing wood and their interactions with wood-decay fungi – Sarah R. Johnston – FEMS Microbiology Ecology

Water microbiome

Multitaxon activity profiling reveals differential microbial response to reduced seawater pH and oil pollution – Francisco J. R. C. Coelho – Molecular Ecology

High-throughput metabarcoding of eukaryotic diversity for environmental monitoring of offshore oil-drilling activities – Anders Lanzén – Molecular Ecology

Microbial source tracking in impaired watersheds using PhyloChip and machine-learning classification – Eric A. Dubinsky – Water Research

Spacecraft microbiome

Functional metagenomics of spacecraft assembly cleanrooms: Presence of virulence factors associated with human pathogens – Mina Bashir – Frontiers in Microbiology

Tobacco microbiome

Bacterial Populations Associated with Smokeless Tobacco Products – Jing Han – Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Bacteria in smokeless tobacco products may be a health concern – American Society for Microbiology

Development of an Integrated Pipeline for Profiling Microbial Proteins from Mouse Fecal Samples by LC-MS/MS – Jing Wu – Journal of Proteome Research

Bioinformatics, metagenomics, and statistics

Modeling time-series data from microbial communities – Benjamin J Ridenhour – bioRxiv

Improving ancient DNA genome assembly – Alexander Seitz – PeerJ Preprint

More microbiology

The Musical Microbes are back! Influence of a mono-frequency sound on bacteria can be a function of the sound-level – Vijay Kothari – bioRxiv

Microbes in the news

Focus: California drought reducing beach bacteria: Reduced runoff has meant fewer health advisories, data show – Daniel Wheaton – San Diego Union Tribune
Mystery Solved: How Lyme Disease Bacteria Spread Around the Body – Rachael Rettner – LiveScience

In sub-Saharan Africa, cancer can be an infectious disease – ScienceDaily

#BacteriaHysteria: You Should Never Ask For a Slice Of Lemon In Your Drink – Alice Sholl – Yahoo

Science, publishing, and career

There Was A Huge Outpouring Of Support For This Little Girl Who Got Bullied For Loving Bugs. Let Sophia play with her bugs! – Ishmael N. Daro – BuzzFeed


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