September 1, 2015

General microbiome

Perspective: Better together: engineering and application of microbial symbioses – Stephanie G Hays – Current Opinion in Biotechnology

Pregnancy and birth

Maternal use of probiotics during pregnancy and effects on their offspring’s health in an unselected population – Nicole Rutten – European Journal of Pediatrics

Impact of maternal bifidobacteria and the mode of delivery on Bifidobacterium microbiota in infants – S. Sirilun – Beneficial Microbes

Human Milk Oligosaccharides in Premature Infants: Absorption, Excretion and Influence on the Intestinal Microbiota – Mark A. Underwood – Pediatric Research

The influence of impact delivery mode, lactation time, infant gender, maternal age and rural or urban life on total number of Lactobacillus in breast milk Isfahan – Iran – Mansoureh Taghizadeh – Advanced Biomedical Research

Review: Maternal Microbiome and Pregnancy Outcomes That Impact Infant Health: A Review – Anne L Dunlop – Advances in Neonatal Care

Human gut microbiome

Characterization of the gut microbiota of Kawasaki disease patients by metagenomic analysis – Akiko Kinumaki – Frontiers in Microbiology

Review: Microbiome Disturbances and Autism Spectrum Disorders – Cheryl S. Rosenfeld – Drug Metabolism & Disposition

Review: Investigation of Host–Gut Microbiota Modulation of Therapeutic Outcome – Lian Yee Yip – Drug Metabolism & Disposition

Perspective: Could gut microbiota protect against sclerosing cholangitis? – Hanns-Ulrich Marschall – Hepatology

Models of microbiome research

Probiotic Bifidobacterium longum alters gut luminal metabolism through modification of the gut microbial community – Hirosuke Sugahara – Scientific Reports

Microbial community profiles of the colon from steers differing in feed efficiency – Phillip R Myer – Springer Plus

Distinct Shifts in Microbiota Composition during Drosophila Aging Impair Intestinal Function and Drive Mortality – Rebecca I. Clark – Cell Reports

Impact of Fishmeal Replacement in Diets for Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus aurata) on the Gastrointestinal Microbiota Determined by Pyrosequencing the 16S rRNA Gene – G. Estruch – PLOS ONE

Lean rats gained more body weight than obese ones from a high-fibre diet – Shaoting Li – British Journal of Nutrition

Microbiota RORgulates intestinal suppressor T cells – Ahmed N. Hegazy – Science

Review: Heterogeneity of the gut microbiome in mice: guidelines for optimizing experimental design – Debby Laukens – FEMS Microbiology Reviews

Animal microbiome

Temporal variation selects for diet–microbe co-metabolic traits in the gut of Gorilla spp – Andres Gomez – The ISME Journal

Domestication and cereal feeding developed domestic pig-type intestinal microbiota in animals of suidae – Kazunari Ushida – Animal Science Journal

Rapid Change of Microbiota Diversity in the Gut but Not the Hepatopancreas During Gonadal Development of the New Shrimp Model Neocaridina denticulata – Man Kit Cheung – Marine Biotechnology

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

The Effect of Long-Term Continuous Cropping of Black Pepper on Soil Bacterial Communities as Determined by 454 Pyrosequencing – Wu Xiong – PLOS ONE

A metagenomic window into carbon metabolism at 3 km depth in Precambrian continental crust – Cara Magnabosco – The ISME Journal

A review: What is the spermosphere and how can it be studied? – Séverine Schiltz – Journal of Applied Microbiology

Metagenomics and bioinformatics

glmgraph: An R Package for Variable Selection and Predictive Modeling of Structured Genomic Data – Li Chen – Bioinformatics

Discovery of phosphonic acid natural products by mining the genomes of 10,000 actinomycetes – Kou-San Ju – PNAS


Mass Spectrometry-based PhyloProteomics (MSPP): A novel microbial typing Method – Andreas Erich Zautner – Scientific Reports

Microbes and art

Made of Bacteria, This Living Type Morphs Into New Letterforms: Ori Elisar’s project Living Language blurs the lines between designer and mad scientist with his Hebrew symbols grown in petridishes – Meg Miller – FastcoDesign

Microbes in the news

Unusual throat (and mouth) germs linked to schizophrenia, says two new studies – Amy Ellis Nutt – Washington Post

Some Sexually Transmitted Microbes Might Be Good for You – Marissa Fessenden – Smithsonian

How Does Your Microbiome Grow? The reproduction rates of the bacteria in one’s gut may be a good indicator of health or disease – Health Canal

How Do We Build Our Microbiomes? Exhibition “The Secret World Inside You” opens November 7 – American Museum of Natural History

New Yeast And Bacterial Starters Developed For Truly Wild European Wines – Eurasia Review

Bacteria Hysteria

Are your kid’s backpacks a magnet for bacteria? – Anna Zook –

Bik’s Picks

Acoustic shadows help gleaning bats find prey, but may be defeated by prey acoustic camouflage on rough surfaces – Elizabeth L Clare – eLIFE


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