August 12, 2015

Drug metabolism by gut microbiota, nature vs. nurture in inbred strains of mice, gnotobiotic Drosophila, bat virome, and influence of protist predation on marine microbiomes.

General microbiome

Short-chain fatty acids in control of body weight and insulin sensitivity – Emanuel E. Canfora – Nature Reviews Endocrinology

Pregnancy and birth microbiome

Streptococcal Diversity of Human Milk and Comparison of Different Methods for the Taxonomic Identification of Streptococci – Virginia Martín – Journal of Human Lactation

Human gut microbiome

Editorial: Drug Metabolism by the Host and Gut Microbiota: A Partnership or Rivalry?
Hollie I Swanson – Drug Metabolism and Disposition
Review: Mechanisms of How the Intestinal Microbiota Alters the Effects of Drugs and Bile Acids – Curtis D. Klaassen – Drug Metabolism and Disposition

Comparison of the gut microbiota composition between obese and non-obese individuals in a Japanese population, as analyzed by terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism and next-generation sequencing – Chika Kasai – BMC Gastroenterology

Animal and other models

Microbiota in 110 diverse inbred strains of miceGenetic and environmental control of host-gut microbiota interactions – Elin Org – Genome Research

Co-culturing Escherichia coli O157:H7 with a non-pathogenic E. coli strain increases toxin production and virulence in a germ-free mouse model – Kakolie Goswami – Infection and Immunity

Ovariectomy results in differential shifts in gut microbiota in low versus high aerobic capacity rats – Kimberly A. Cox-York – Physiological Reports

Studying host-microbiota mutualism in Drosophila: Harnessing the power of gnotobiotic flies – Dali Ma – Biomedical Journal

MyD88 Signaling Regulates Steady-State Migration of Intestinal CD103+ Dendritic Cells Independently of TNF-α and the Gut Microbiota – Karin Hägerbrand – The Journal of Immunology

Animal microbiome

Deciphering the bat virome catalog to better understand the ecological diversity of bat viruses and the bat origin of emerging infectious diseases – Zhiqiang Wu – ISME Journal

Plant, root, and soil microbiome

Host promiscuity in symbiont associations can influence exotic legume establishment and colonization of novel ranges – Metha M. Klock – Diversity and Distributions

Temporal and spatial influences incur reconfiguration of Arctic heathland soil bacterial community structure – Richard Hill – Environmental Microbiology

Water microbiome

Marine bacterial community structure resilience to changes in protist predation under phytoplankton bloom conditions – Federico Baltar – ISME Journal

Waste and water treatment microbiology

The activated sludge ecosystem contains a core community of abundant organisms – Aaron M Saunders – ISME Journal

Core-satellite populations and seasonality of water meter biofilms in a metropolitan drinking water distribution system – Fangqiong Ling – ISME Journal

More microbes

Levels and limits in artificial selection of communities – Manuel Blouin – Ecology Letters

EditorialOrigin of the Yeast Whole-Genome Duplication – Kenneth H. Wolfe – PLOS Biology
Beyond the Whole-Genome Duplication: Phylogenetic Evidence for an Ancient Interspecies Hybridization in the Baker’s Yeast Lineage – Marina Marcet-Houben – PLOS Biology

Microbes in the news

Global Human Microbiome Market: Asia is expected to show high growth rates by 2020 – MedGadget

Things I Tell My Mom: Five ways for you to participate in science – Cathy Seiler – Ahwatukee Foothills News

Why making and taking fermented drinks is becoming popular again – John McKenna – The Irish Times

Protein Goes Green: Can Algae Become The Next Soy? – Jessie Rack – NPR

Cultured Coffee offers the flavor of poop-brewed coffee without the crap – TJ Dietsch – Geek

Making kefir at home is easy, healthy – Kit Waskom Pollard – Baltimore Sun

‘Genomic Archaeology’ Reveals That Lager Yeast Was Born More Than Once – Andrea Alfano -Tech Times

Researchers resurrect extinct virus to use for gene therapy: Evolutionary ancestors remade based on current viruses – Ars Technica

Science, publishing, and career

Make Peer Review Public: How to make science faster and more robust – Adam Marcus and Ivan Oransky – Slate

Despite concerted effort, barriers to women in science remain – Jennifer Ann Thomson – The Conversation

Outreach: Primary School outreach – inspiring young minds with science – Mariya Lobanovska – SGM

Physics: She did it all: Val Gibson enjoys the autobiography of Mary K. Gaillard, the first female physics professor at Berkeley – Val Gibson – Nature

Bik’s Picks

Octopus Genome Offers Insights Into One Of Ocean’s Cleverest Oddballs – Nell Greenfieldboyce – NPR

Meteor time! How to watch the big Perseid shower – Paul Rogers – San Jose Mercury News

MIT tackling more serious science: they program beer-delivering robots – ZME Science



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