July 10, 2015

Hacking B-theta’s genome, oral bacteria recycle nitrate, crustacean hemolymph microbiota, and extracting protist DNA from soil. Happy weekend!


3rd Microbiome R&D and Business Collaboration Forum, San Diego, 10 and 11 September 2015


Microbiome and NRI Faculty Scientist – UNC Nutrition Research Institute – North Carolina Research Campus

Human gut microbiome

Significant Differences in Fecal Microbiota are Associated With Various Stages of Glucose Tolerance in African-American Male Veterans – Irina Ciubotaru – Translational Research

Fecal microbiota transplantation restores dysbiosis in patients with methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus enterocolitis – Yao Wei – BMC Infectious Diseases

Perspective: Foodomics for personalized nutrition: how far are we? – Karani S Vimaleswaran – Current Opinion in Food Science

Animal models

Programming a Human Commensal Bacterium, Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, to Sense and Respond to Stimuli in the Murine Gut Microbiota – Mark Mimee – Cell Systems

The Gut Microbiota Regulates Intestinal CD4 T Cells Expressing RORγt and Controls Metabolic Disease – Lucile Garidou – Cell Metabolism

Got Worms? Perinatal Exposure to Helminths Prevents Persistent Immune Sensitization and Cognitive Dysfunction Induced by Early-Life Infection – Lauren L. Williamson –
Brain, Behavior, and Immunity

Dietary saponins from four popular herbal tea exert prebiotic-like effects on gut microbiota in C57BL/6 mice – Lei Chen – Journal of Functional Foods

Physiological recycling of endogenous nitrate by oral bacteria regulates gastric mucus thickness – Joel Petersson – Free Radical Biology and Medicine

Animal microbiome

Exceptionally low daily energy expenditure in the bamboo-eating giant panda – Yonggang Nie – Science

Review: Crustacean hemolymph microbiota: Endemic, tightly controlled, and utilization expectable – Xian-Wei Wang – Molecular Immunology

Food microbiology

Understanding the bacterial communities of hard cheese with blowing defect – Daniela Bassi – Food Microbiology

Biodiversity of refrigerated raw milk microbiota and their enzymatic spoilage potential – Mario von Neubeck – International Journal of Food Microbiology


FCMM: A comparative metagenomic approach for functional characterization of multiple metagenome samples – Jongin Lee – Journal of Microbiological Methods

Metabolic networks

Thermodynamics and H2 Transfer in a Methanogenic, Syntrophic Community – Joshua J. Hamilton – PLOS Computational Biology


Comparison of three DNA extraction methods for recovery of soil protist DNA – Susana S. Santos – Journal of Microbiological Methods

MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for early identification of bacteria grown in blood culture bottles – Jean-Benoît Zabbe – Journal of Microbiological Methods

Assessment of four protocols for rapid bacterial identification from positive blood culture pellets by matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization-time of flight mass spectrometry (Vitek® MS) – Jean Thomin – Journal of Microbiological Methods

Microbial rRNA:rDNA gene ratios may be unexpectedly low due to extracellular DNA preservation in soils – Glade Dlott – Journal of Microbiological Methods

Microbes in the news

How to Program One of the Gut’s Most Common Microbes – Ed Yong – National Geographic

Researchers develop basic computing elements for bacteria: Sensors, memory switches, and circuits can be encoded in a common gut bacterium – Helen Knight – MIT News

Pow! Bam! Seq! Uncovering the genomic secrets of superpowers – Illumina

TV One, International Gut Microbiome expert Dr Kathy McCoy returns to Malaghan Institute – Live News

Bacteria use DNA replication to time key decision – Phys.org

The Baby-Associated Built Environment (BABE) Microbiome Project – Zac Lewis – MicroBe.net

Microbial Communications and Mosquitoes: Changing the Message – Catherine Arnold – Nature World News

Science, publishing, and career

Controversial piece: Getting noticed is half the battle – Eleftherios P. Diamandis – Science

Book review: The Safety Dance. Book review of: The Ethics Police? The Struggle to Make Human Research Safe – Lainie Friedman Ross – Science

Bik’s Picks

Here’s What it Takes to Study Dolphin Vaginas – Diane Kelly – Throb Gizmodo

Giant Pandas’ Lazy Lifestyle Justified by Science – Laura Geggel – Discovery

With Sonar-Reflecting Leaves, Plant Lures Bats to Poo in it – Ed Yong – National Geographic



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